[CLOSED] Christmas Cards Exchange 2018

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havelblume has no time this year so I will organise that:
If you would like to send and receive some Christmas Cards from other countries, post here and PM me your real name and mailing address. Last day to join is Nov. 18.
For any questions, feel free to send me a pm.


PM on the way. Thanks for taking this on


Thanks for organizing this Penthesilia. PM'ing you my addy now..


Thanks for organizing, I do want to participate.


nmugirl 8 mos ago
me too.
I would like to join too. PM on the way.


winginkenwing 8 mos ago
Juhu! I'm in!
Greetings from Berlin!


I would like to join too. I'll pm my addr.


to bring some cheer to what has been a very hard year. Sending you my mailing info now


participated a few years ago and really enjoyed it


Please include me! I enjoy sending and receiving holiday cards. Pm on the way.


I am willing to post your suggested three cards. PMing you.


I would like to join, PM on the way.


Sending pm now.


Sounds like fun. I like sending and receiving Christmas cards. Sending you a pm.


Thanks for organizing! I will be happy to get Christmas Cards from other bookcrossers. You got pm with address.


PM coming soon


Thank you for organizing this!!! PM on the way.


It is always great to get cards :)

PM on the way...


I'm in aswell. PM is coming.


PMing you.


Thanks so much for organizing this.


Sending you a PM. Thanks for organizing this exchange.


Hello! I haven't received your mail yet.. Of course you might have changed your mind or be very busy!
If you are still interested could you please resend/send me a pm? :)
Thank you in advance!! :)


One of my favourite seasonal exchanges! Please count me in!


Penthesilia 8 mos ago


I've never done anything like this before!


and send you a pm ...
Thank you for organizing!


PM is coming.


Will pm you


Last day to join is Nov. 18. I really cannot accept late entries because I want to be sure everyone has her/his cards before Christmas! Thank you for understanding! For any questions feel free to PM me whenever you want :)
πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΎπŸŽπŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΎπŸŽ πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΎπŸŽ πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΎπŸŽ πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΎπŸŽ πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΎπŸŽ πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΎπŸŽ πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΎπŸŽ


I'll join!


Sending pm as well; Thank you.


Will send pm with contact info as well;
Thank you.


I attempted to send contact info and receive error message; Please pm me. Thank you.


Haven't heard anything yet


It is! Don't worry! I'm trying my best to send the addresses as soon as possible..Some people have already received it :)


Got my 3 addresses, thank you Penthesilia!


I finally sent all the mails! There were 63 participants from 16 different countries! Please try to send the cards before Christmas if possible :)


Yes, received the names, thanks. But as Bookgirrl says below, we are in the middle of a postal strike at the moment. I will still send the cards, drop them in the mailbox and hope for the best. They will arrive when they arrive! :-)


Of course! Don't worry!


My cards have all been sent from Canada


Well...once again, the union folks with Canada Post are holding us hostage. These guys have just about the best benefits, mat leaves, job security, pensions, and salaries going! OK, enough ranting..... just to let you know, there are rotating strikes, and over 1 million pieces of mail being held in storage (so far). The backlog of plain old mail, and packages is awful. By this Friday, the strike may be country-wide, but we Bookcrosser Canucks in the Xmas Card Exchange will soldier on, and mail our cards with our fingers crossed.


Waldkus 8 mos ago
for the addresses!


....for the addresses


Thank you Penthesilia for the addresses and I' m going to send them as soon as possible
so they arrive on time!!!!!!


Thank you very much!


for the christmas card!


Short distance, quick delivery☺


Sorry, I couldn't read your nickname. Amsterdam seems to be a place to go in winter too.


I recieved your (second😊) card today. With nice smelling tea! Thank you!
Have you got mine yet?


Your welcome. Have not received yours yet.


Oh😑posted 3 weeks ago or so!


for the christmas card with two tea bags.

My cards are on the way.


Your welcome :)


Got your advent train card. Thanks so much...not sure if I want to open the windows or not. The card looks great :)


Got your advent train card. Thanks so much...not sure if I want to open the windows or not. The card looks great :)

Oh dear, I hoped it would arrive a little bit earlier. Open or not that's the question. If you will open the windows I think you will get some more trains. If not, you only look at the card and then you can store it away for next year to begin just in time.


for the card and the wonderful smelling tea.


Your welcome :)


what a surprise. ;)) The first Christmas card has reached us. And she comes from the USA. !! !! "Many Thanks" . And we also wish a super happy christmas season. Thanks again, from Prague :-)



Ahoj, today I have the opportunity to send the card to action, to send me to Germany, Spain and USA. I hope you come along sn. Report t. "dear cards", after that arrive...."thx " , greet " , + A great action.πŸ‘


Ahoj, today I have the opportunity to send the card to action, to send me to Germany/ D, and England / GB and USA. I hope you come along sn. Report t. "dear cards", after that arrive...."thx "& "Díky" , greet " , + A great action.πŸ‘


for the nice card from London UK


Did I get missed? Please send if possible.


I'm really sorry but I never received your PM!!



What a lovely card. I do like old, Victorian images on a Xmas card.


Your lovely christmas card arrived today!


great thanks to:

Samingo & Olli-V: (30.11.) "Waldkrippe" and some usefull stickers
Leseschaf: (12.12.) dancing penguins (from helpcards)


great thanks to:

Samingo & Olli-V: (30.11.) "Waldkrippe" and some usefull stickers
Leseschaf: (12.12.) dancing penguins (from helpcards)

Thank you again for these two cards. (Ididn't got a third one. Was I suposed to?)

I sent three and got a feedback here in the forum from one person. (I'm glad, Lilliane, you liked the booklet.☺) I hope the others two did arrive as well.

A very mery Christmas to you all !


My first christmas card has arrived. The recipe on the back will be tried. :-)


You are most welcome. Happy New Year!


(1) A Christmas card from Greece with a beautiful stamp, which was unfortunately torn by the stamp machine. Thank you very much, aigliZ, for your wishes. She will get a nice place in the gallery.

(2) Many thanks 5kania7. Such a nice card with a recipe for anisherz (Springerle are our names) and a matching advent calendar by Pierre Stutz, whose texts I especially love. So I will stay connected with you daily until 6 January 2019. Thanks again!


I just received your amazing postcard-advent calendar- candlelight, Waldkus! It is one of the most unique Christmas Card that I have ever seen. Thank you so much!!


Your beautiful card has arrived. It hangs on the string above the door.


I'm so glad you like it. Merry Christmas!


your card was a nice surprise after 8 days of work in a row!

PS. my cards only went out yesterday, hope they'll arrive on time.


your winter-themed card made it safely to snow-free Helsinki.
Made my day after 8 days of work as Christmas-aid (tonttu in Finnish) in a bookshop.


for your card from Canada and the stickers, the bookmark (and the other things, I didn't know the english word...) :-)


Your card arrived today.


I love the Cat bookmarks and the tea. The tiny card is so cute!!!


Glad that it arrived. Yours is the first of the cards I sent to arrive. I have not yet received any but the postal issues here in Canada are clearly not sorted out yet and things still seem sporadic to me. Anyhow, glad it reached you and that you liked it.


Your beautiful Christmas card arrived today 😊.


for your beautiful card from Greece (such cute stamp!) and kind wishes.
Happy holidays to you, your family and friends, and all the best for 2019!


for your card and kind wishes. I love the Peanuts stamp!
Likewise, all the best to you, your family and friends, for a great Christmas and a wonderful 2019!


your card with the snowed village arrived me yesterday. I've never seen a round stamp before, thanks for it too.


I forgot to post here, but they have been sent.


Your cards from Germany and Canada respectivly have arrived here in Spain during last week.


Your card, label and stickers arrived yesterday - the first! Thanks


Your card arrived together with a cute little book, which is well known in our family, too :-)


...for the card and tea !


From vaga-bonde in the USA. Thanks!


I enjoy reading about your country.


2 beautiful pocket books and lots of sweet and very nice christmas card. thank you


Thank you for the vintage-like Christmas card. One Christmas, I took a similar photo with my family. I also remember my father taking a picture of me and my siblings sitting on steps at Christmas. Thank you also for the bookmarks, I like the drawings on the bookmarks.


Thank you for the lovely Christmas card and the bookcrossing label. I always release Christmas books at Christmastime, so these bookcrossing labels will be perfect for the next Christmas books that I register.


I received a lovely Christmas card with some tea bags and homemade gift tags made from recycled Christmas cards. :)


Thank you so much


Your card arrived yesterday.


You're welcome! Xx


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