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Oppem started a wonderful birthday RABCK thread in 2012 and in her memory each year we continued with great success and it is now time to sign up for the 2019 Birthday Group.

Once the signup list closes ****NO**** new players will be added so don't delay.
Everyone, new & old has to email me with details if they wish to be included.

If you want to join this INTERNATIONAL Birthday RABCK -

1. Current players just pm me or post here if you are in or out. I have the address list saved. (Unless your address has changed/you are moving(see #3)

2. New players pm me your name, birthday, and current address. INTERNATIONAL players please tell me your complete address including city, territory/province/federal state, country. A lot of people order books from Better World Books/Thrift Books for the group and they need city/state and province for more accurate shipping.

3. If you are planning to move this coming year(2019) make a note in your pm so I can note it on the master list to check before sending.

4.******** It would be very nice for you to put on your profile page things that you like and wouldn't mind getting for your birthday-for example postcards new or used, bookmarks, BC labels, stickers, chocolate, tea, calendars, used stamps, things you collect, or types of books you would be ok with even though they are not on your wishlist.
Also take a few minutes to update your wishlist as you may be getting several books from it and a big selection is a plus. It really helps to find something to send if you don't happen to have a wishlist book available.*******

Once you have the list for 2019 start sending birthday cards and/or books/presents. (I'll pm you the address list when the thread closes for the year) it's always awesome to find a card or present from another country in your mailbox on your birthday!

Everyone should participate as much as they can by sending something to as many people on the birthday list as possible. Many members might only send birthday cards or you can send gifts/books to all, it's up to each person what they send. The 2018 participation has been awesome with the majority of Birthday's lasting a month or more with gifts coming in!

PLEASE -*** ONLY JOIN THIS RABCK IF YOU ARE PREPARED TO SEND GIFTS/ BOOKS / CARDS TO MOST PEOPLE ON THE LIST AND ALSO WHEN YOU RECEIVED A BOOK / CARD / GIFT PLEASE THANK THE KIND PERSON WHO SENT YOU SOMETHING AND POST ON THE THANK YOU PAGE SO EVERYONE CAN SHARE IN THE FUN. ***. I have kept track of people who are signed up but don't seem to want to send out items. This is NOT the place to sign up for free gifts if you are not going to send out somethings as well.

The signup's will close November 17th

Be Sure to use the updated list sent 12/7/2018

9-Erishkigal (USA)
31-bethieb (USA)

3-OPPEM (send a random RABCK to someone/wild release a book in her memory)
11-LadyIndigo (Australia)
18-Viviennemarch (USA)

1-havelblume (Germany)
2-rubyrebel (USA)
4-TCOTN (Canada)
26-MargaridaPires (Portugal)

2-Fifna (The Netherlands)
19-LittleWhiteBird (USA)

24-Thecajungirl (USA)
27-NatalieC7 (England)

8-Barbieq233 (USA)
25-heartthumper (USA)
30-thegoaliegirl (USA)

3-Brookler (Canada)
18-bamaforever (USA)
20-HI77 (USA)
28-Cfreckle (UK)

2-nmugirl (USA)
27-T02S03B11D20 (USA)
28-etherea (USA)

24-bookstogive (USA)
29-kiwiinengland (NZ)

3-Meg72 (Portugal)
5-carelaisa (Canada)
24-tomato68 (USA)
26-Meekachu07 (USA)

21-over-the-moon (Switzerland)
29-tabby-cat-owner (USA)
30-hyphen8 (USA)

13-Southernfryed (USA)


Thanks for organising the Birthday Group!


wingHI77wing 3 mos ago

I would like to join please.


wingLamillawing 4 mos ago
I'm in again


mcsar 4 mos ago
I'm in again.
It's been fun. 8)


Now that my health seems to be on the mend, I would love to take part in this again. Will PM my mailing info.


I'd like to join again,


Thanks for setting this up... always fun!
And I like your last paragraph; I couldn't agree more! :)


Thank you!


Ah-Ha! As it will be my third year I have already been thinking ahead to next year and if I have seen something that I know is on someones list, I've got it and have put it in a big plastic stacking birthday box in my bedroom!



bamaforever 4 mos ago
I'm in



carelaisa 4 mos ago
I’m in!
Thank you for organizing once again :)


It's always fun! Thank you!


Got everyone to this point


nmugirl 4 mos ago
Me too.
My pleasure to sign up again.


It's the most birthday fun I've had since I was a kid! :-)


got you both


Thank you


Not moving, address is staying the same.


I am January 15th.


got you both!


I am January 29th -
pm'ing you my details now!

thanks for organizing this again!


it looks lonely there ))


Thank you for organizing this...Every year this group makes my birthday super special!


I want to send and get birthday cards.
1. March is my day.


no change in my details


Thanks so much for organizing this.


ty, got everyone to this point


wingbookstogivewing 3 mos ago


No change in my details


got you, thanks!


Tell your BC friends that it is last call for signups


seeing as tabby-cat-owner is looking lonely in November ;-)
I've never joined these birthday RABCKs before... will send cards to all, probably books to, for people in Europe, and more, depending on finances.



this group is such a joyous part of my year
even though this year i have (again) been inconsistenly random in my sending - i can only improve in my performance, right :)



I have made numerous attempts to send contact info via pm and receive an error message each time; Perhaps there is a way I may resolve error? Advice?

Thank you for your time.


I have made numerous attempts to send contact info via pm and receive an error message each time; Perhaps there is a way I may resolve error? Advice?

Thank you for your time.

I think there is a restriction on new members sending Private Messages due to problems with spam. Try contacting Support to see if they can unblock you.


I sent you a pm with my contact info to send your birthday address!


I have made numerous attempts to send contact info via pm and receive an error message each time; Perhaps there is a way I may resolve error? Advice?
Thank you for your time.

I believe this to be because your account was not verified.
Sometimes our verification emails get swallowed by spam-filters and don't reach the intended recipient. This has been a known bug for a while, and something Reno is currently working on a fix for.

Regardless, I have manually verified your account for you.
Please use your email address and the password that you chose when signing up in order to log on, and you should be good to go!


Thanks so much for continuing this, and for reminding me!



PM has been sent :-)


wingFifnawing 3 mos ago
Yes please!
I'd like to take part this year. PMing you my details.


Signups closing tonight


All pm's have gone out. Please double check that your info is correct and if you see a issue please let me know. I will be available tomorrow (Sunday Nov 18) but will then be out of town till December 5th.

Thanks for playing and have a great Thanksgiving!


list received, thank you.


I accidentally put her old address as she has moved! Please pm me for the new address before sending any items, thanks


TCOTN 3 mos ago
List received.
Thank you for setting this up. I have my list, and I'm excited :)


and resent to all players on 12/7


Just noticed a very minor mistake about my entry on the PM. The nickname should be mcsar, as it is spelled correctly here in the opening post.


Are you sure you want to delete this item? It cannot be undone.