[CLOSED] TexasWren’s Annual Ornament Exchange 2018

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Greetings to all on the last day of Sept 2018!
I am once again honoured to host TexasWren’s Annual Ornament Exchange. Can you believe how early that I am this year? I want to thank all of you for joining us over the past years and I really hope to receive an email again from you this year at ornamentsbc@gmail.com.
In a nutshell, please email your Bookcrossing name, your real name and mailing address and your mailing preference to me before November 15, 2018. Of course the closing date is flexible and there is always room for a late comer or two.
I will do my best to match you up with your exchange partner. Now the fun stuff.
When you get your partner’s address, you will send them a Christmas, Yule, or what have you...an ornament. What you send is totally up to you. Send it out as soon as possible and watch your mailbox for a package sent from somewhere in the world. This exchange is International, but again, that is your choice and what you send is up to you.
My apologies. TexasWren always managed to start a folder of the ornaments received every year, and the last couple years I didn’t follow through with her tradition, but I still have the pictures, so let’s see if I can get my act together this year.
I will be editing this as I go, please feel free to share this post!
May I be the first to say, Merry Christmas and Happy Yule to all!


Also, re: pictures. Maybe we can each post our own photo here in this thread when we receive our package.

Just a head's up, though - I'm saving mine to open on Christmas!!!! <Big Smile Icon would go here.>


PMing you now


PM is send.


PM is following.






wingHI77wing 2 yrs ago

I wasn't able to join last year. So I'm in this year! ;)


wingherchellewing 2 yrs ago
RE: :)


PM being sent.


I participated in this for several years but have been away from Bookcrossing for a while. I’m back and looking forward to my favorite exchange again. PM on the way.


I don't remember if I took part in this last year, but if not, well... it'd be great to get back into it again - now I have a 6ft tree :D


Last year´s exchange was so much fun. I´m in again!


I am so happy to see you all again!!


It just wouldn’t be Christmas without this exchange😉


Sending and also receiving are much fun, thank you for organisation.

I can send to the whole world.


Checking my list and getting partners paired up.


wingBrooklerwing 2 yrs ago
I'm in
Thanks for organizing this. Email on the way.


Thank you!


will pm with my address. I can send internationally this year. have now PM'd you


of this exchange and of course I'm again this year!
PM's on the way.


I am getting ready to send my first batch of addresses out for TexasWren’s 2018 Ornament Exchange. This is why I love doing this exchange every year, so far the Bookcrossers involved are from Germany, UK, USA, Canada, France, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Portugal, Ireland and Austria.
I have no intention of shutting this down yet and there is always room for more folks to join.
It is very simple...
Send me your Bookcrossing name, your name and Mailing address, as well as your mailing preference to ornamentsbc at gmail dot com.
I will do my best to match you up with a partner and the rest is up to you. What you send is up to you...big, small, sentimental or glitzy. All that is asked is that you remember the deadlines for mailing parcels in your area. You do not need to send a book, if you do not wish to, ok? If you are sending something fragile, please pack it well.
Last but not least, please take a picture before you send your ornament and when you receive yours. We all like to see what has been sent. You can send your pictures to ornamentsbc at gmail dot com
Thanks for joining the fun exchange, for many it just isn’t the holidays with out the ornament exchange.


Thank you for expanding the date!


such great fun!


wingherchellewing 2 yrs ago
That is it for my Sunday, it is 7:30 pm and I have sent out 36 partners for the exchange. Now I am ready for more to join because...😢 I don’t have a partner yet...


If no one else signs up I’ll be your partner too, herchelle! 🙂


You are awesome for offering, but I am good.


I had a bit of a glitch but I really think that it is fixed now. If you haven’t received you Ornament exchange partner, PLEASE contact me at ornamentsbc at gmail. com
If you still want to join, no problem. The more the merrier, just be prepared to send international if necessary.
Please send a photo of your ornament before you wrap it up an ship it off, and also when you receive yours. My next project is to post the pictures from last year on the Flickr page for you...before this year’s pictures come in.
Best wishes everyone!


My elves pack to the usa went to the post office today.

My next project is to post the pictures from last year on the Flickr page for you...before this year’s pictures come in.

Let us know if we can send the pictures. Thank you very much for your effort.


Package was mailed last week. 'Should be there on time! The postal workers are working extra hard to move a backlog of 1 million+ letters/pkgs. in storage units. Rotating strikes are over. Phew!


Took my package to the post office today.


Hope my partner likes what I chose :-)


I received the most exciting box yesterday. It has weight and is big - and plenty of money seems to have been spent on postage as well as the content. Thank you so much! I am super excited. It says christmas-ornaments on the customs labels but also seem to contain an aray of other things. I haven't opend it yet. I like to enjoy it for a while.

I will get back to let you know who sent it when me and the package is at the same place again. It is at home and I am at work having a lunch break.

Did I mention I am excited?


Don’t forget to send pictures to ornamentsbc at gmail dot com


I've taken photos and will send them.:-)


Thank you Jakesgg for the fantastic package. I feel like I haven't put enough in my package to you. I love every single thing you sent.

A book about Edgar Allan Poe
Two children's books for my kids
The chocolate filled cookie cutter in the shape of your state
Calender for 2019 with historical postcards
A ornament for the Christmas tree saying "I cannot live without books", a quote from the former president Jefferson.
A pair of socks with Poe on them
And not to forget the wonderful book shaped box.

There might be something I forgot to mention - it was such a treat open it up together with my daughter.

Thank you Jakesgg!


This is the best part, opening a package, big and small...it is the surprise!


I am so happy that you liked your Virginia Christmas Ornament package! It was just so much fun to share my city and state with you and your family. I have memories of seeing these beautiful Anglaspels in books and the one that you sent was so beautiful and delicate. We enjoyed it during Christmas and will again next year. The folding star was delightful and not like anything we see here. We certainly enjoyed with the items and the wonderful candy from Sweden. This has been such a touching and wonderful Holiday event and I thank you so much elis-fromSweden and you too herchell for all that you do. The very best 2019 to everyone!


Ever since they changed the format of the site, I don't see a lot of posts on the message threads ...


And??? I rec'd my package today. I'm going to send a PM to my partner, though, to tell her that I'm going to wait til Christmas morning to open it up!


Are you kidding me? You had the shortest distance to ship this year. 😂😂
Did you use Canada Post?


Your parcel arrived. How wonderful. Wooden ornaments that you push out & put together along with a beautiful hand embroidered afternoon tea cloth, post card & letter. So generous of you.




Was it a straight swap this year? As in the person I sent to is sending to me? (Just curious)


Yes it was, I needed to simplify my process this year. Working full time really steals time from the fun things that I want to do, like reading my Mount TBR Mountain Range, and my outgoing postcards.

What do you think? Did you like it?


wingefellwing 1 yr ago
my ornaments
travel through the world - I hope they will arrive soon?!?


I have received mail from the U.S. yesterday, and I couldn't wait to open it.
Inside was a lovely, metal-crafted cat-with-kitten ornament, a cute cat choir card and an Elvis bookmark.
Thanks a lot for this. Merry Christmas!


You’re welcome, estelle1806! As I told you, I’ll be sending 100+ stamps for your collection and another surprise or two. Merry Christmas to you and everyone at bookcrossing!


Thank you so much for your amazing package, from New Zealand to my mailbox in Canada.
W O W ! ! You made this pretty Christmas quilt? It is stunning and I am in awe of your talent, I can knit a scarf.
The little wooden Kiwi ornament is adorable.
The New Zealand Christmas Tree clay ornament in the woven bag will be treasured. It is going on my wall in my MammaCave.
Thank you so much and Merry Yule!


Thank you so much for the amazing package. I love it all. Included were yummy tea, cute handmade gift tags, post cards, stickers, a very pretty Christmas card, and an adorable Christmas tree ornament.


Elves being very careful. (I hope!)


wingHI77wing 1 yr ago

I received a package in the mail a little while ago from Dove-i-libre! :)

I had originally intended to wait until Christmas but I had been particularly tired after work that day and hadn't even paid attention to what it was. By the time I realized, it was too late. lol

She sent me an adorable little doggy Christmas card. I also found a set of mini olive oil bottles that are so cute! There was also a little paper notebook for the purse and a bag of loose Ginger Turmeric Herbal Tea! Yum! I even found 2 packages of fancy looking cocoa and I can't wait to try them!

There was no ornament but I laughed when her card said that I could stop looking for it because she had ordered it special for me and it just wasn't here yet! So fun! I guess I'll still be waiting to see that! ;)


I'm so glad you rec'd it, and I just got your ornament in the mail. My son will send it off tomorrow. We HAVE to meet someday!



A small parcel from Francilo arrived today! I'm so pleased!

Now... I'm posting yours off this week, I know I'm late with this, but it's the only time I've had money in my pocket of late. I hope you love what I'm going to send you. :D


I got Christmas in a Box! I received a normal looking size box, heavy though for an ornament. It was jam-packed with gifts. I found a large wood Peace ornament, Swiss chocolate bar, mini string of berry lights, star and tree salt & pepper shakers in a cute felt Santa bag, several tiny boxes of tea, 3D stickers, 2 bark ornaments and candy canes. Even a squeeky toy for my dogs. So sweet, it was a delight to open! Thx again.


but forgot to post here. Hoping my partner received it ok!


wingHI77wing 1 yr ago

The ornament has arrived! :D

And it really is something! It is specially designed ornament when there have taken the broken pottery from that terrible Tsunami back in 2011 that caused so much devastation in Japan and make an ornament for a few shards.

To create something beautiful from the tragedy. A call to hope. What a most wonderful idea. And it is so pretty too! I really love this!


I finally sent out my ornament few days ago.


let's hope it isn't lost in the post and is just delayed. I received mine the day I sent mine and it was 2 Australian decorations, a lovely little bag and some book crossing tags, amongst other things.


In the same boat, Jax. No word on it, and no tracking when I mail internationally. Nor has mine arrived yet. Wondering about the postal systems....


In the same boat, Jax. No word on it, and no tracking when I mail internationally. Nor has mine arrived yet. Wondering about the postal systems....

I am also very sad that my parcel has not arrived yet and I very much hope that it has not been lost. I started the parcel four weeks ago. Merry Christmas to all.


We love your ornaments- and they fit so perfect to the other ornaments in our tree this year. Thank you so much!


for the beautiful stained glass ornament. Am I right in thinking that this year we received ornaments from the same bookcrosser we sent one to?


Your Christmas ornament arrived today. Thank you very much for all the cards, labels, teas and bookmarks. Your crochet star of your grandmother delights me very much and has already found its place. Funny I find the small Woodland Wichtel, which fits so well to the Tommte Tummetot of Astrid Lindgren. I thank you also for the great book bag with the saying: "A House without Books is like a Room without Windows". That suits me very well. Thank you very much. I'm so happy!

Now I hope that my package will go down well.


For this lovely Christmas parcel.
Thank you for the pretty card, cute light ornament, chocolate and candy, tea and a snowflake candle. The napkins were used on my Christmas Eve dinner :)


My package came this afternoon. It included the cutest little ornaments, a Christmas elf and a Christmas Angel, Santa hair clips, a pretty little card and letter with labels inclosed. And candy. Lots of candy. I love every bit of it!!!


I receives a wonderful parce today: with lovely ornaments, a knitted hat (I love it and it´s good to use - it´s cold now here!), refreshing peppermint mints, very nice postcards and bookmarks and a nice Christmas card. You made my day!


Your lovely parcel arrived just in time, but I was not at home since yesterday. I sent you a PM and hope my package, which was sent weeks ago, has also made it.


Hello HI77,

I just got back from being with my sons during Christmas week! We had a great time celebrating and seeing each other again, but I have to be honest, I am still catching up AND trying to pack for a move. I received my package from HI77 before the holiday but saved it to open on Christmas. I have to say I enjoyed everything that was tucked inside but that I'm absolutely enchanted by the little stylized flamingo ornament. I named him Miami and he is part of my décor, not just at Christmas. He is hanging in my living room next to my dolphin wind chimes! <Big Smile emoticom>


I took a photo of ALL my presents, but I don't see where folks are posting.



Lillianne has sent the most incredible package, not only ornaments but something for each of the 12 nights of Christmas, and then some! Seriously, I have never received such a package even from those I know let alone a bookcrosser I’ve never met!
Ornament-wise, she sent a cute clay wreath with holly painted on, and a hand-knitted pocket (think mitten without a thumb) filled with goodies. Both are now on my tree, and the chocolate has been enjoyed. Also holiday decor is a beautiful embroidered tablecloth with a vintage look 💜💗There is also a small Santa Yoga book, with he and a reindeer in poses recognizable and not. I shall have to copy bits into a translator to get more of the humor.
There is also a ‘night watchmen’, a smoking man- incense goes inside and the smoke wafts out his pipe😮 i’ve never seen anything like this before. Her letter says it comes from ERZGEBIRGE, the traditional Christmas area. Also from there is an exquisitely carved beautiful little wooden box! Additionally, Lillianne has sent a necklace and bracelet she knew I would love, saying that she no longer wears jewelry. And a cute ear clip😉 there’s also dark chocolate and salty licorice, which I’m enjoying slowly so as to make them last, a promotional bag from a marathon, a wrist pedometer, a Christmas card, of course, a letter, and last but not least a beautiful -I think handmade - packet containing travel tissues. I hope I have it all -LOL - so much ! So much, that I admit I feel somewhat embarrassed at being the recipient of such largess.
Many thanks, again, to Lillianne, and thanks to herchell for organizing and giving me the good fortune of this partner.😊


Dear erishkigal, I am so happy that you like my package so much. I had it easy in the selection for you because you put your preferences on your shelf. The Christmas ornaments and the jewellery are from my holdings. I have collected so much over the years that I enjoy giving them away. Sustainable like BC. :-) A blessed New Year for you and your family and all other Bookcrossers.


for the 2018's ornament...

Nothing heard at all, neither from my postman nor from my exchange partner.

Her profile doesn't show any activity, last JE was made in Jan. 2017, last registration / release in July 2018...

Are there two parcels lost in space?
Or can I still hope to receive an ornament resp. to get a notice of receipt?


from USA - Wilmington
Thank you Covert for the wunderful Santa Ballycumber Ornament - it was a great surprise


from USA - Wilmington
Thank you Covert for the wunderful Santa Ballycumber Ornament - it was a great surprise

...maybe that should give me hope my ornament (travelling since mid of December) will arrive some day, too, and I will get mine somewhen as well. Until now nothing has happened...


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