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Most of us have a selection of books in our availables that either a) don't fit the current list of sweeps and/or b) aren't on anybody's wish list. The aim of this sweeps is to send one of those to a winner who will then receive horror, comedy, thriller, romance, graphic novels, poetry and a host of other genres they may not have considered reading! If you speak/read a foreign language (other than English) please mention it as I for one have been known to rescue foreign language books to forward them on to people who read it!

Due to the amount of sweepstakes we currently have, the winner can host the next round within 12 months of this one.

Here are the rules:

1. Please post here to enter.

2. PM me your name & address. Please put "Annual Clearance sweepstake" in the subject line. If you are a send only, you do not need to send a PM.

3. A winner and a decoy will be picked up. Everybody else receives the address of the winner except the winner who will get the address of the decoy.

4. You are expected to send a book to the winner/decoy, preferably within two weeks after you've received the address. If you are not able to send a book internationally, please do not enter.

5. Please do not let the winner know she/he has won by posting here or by PM. It is more fun when the packages start to arrive out of the blue.

6. The winner must journal the books in a timely fashion and also post here what he/she has received, as it is fun for everyone to see what the winner has got.

7. The winner will host the next sweeps within 12 months.

You can enter until August 31st. Winner and decoy will be chosen on September 1st, 2018, and everybody will receive a PM with an adress.

So, who wants to participate? :)

* Harobed82 (English, French, Spanish) RECEIVED
* Lubiette (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek) RECEIVED
* Abbi-Gibby (English) RECEIVED
* Wilena (English & French) RECEIVED
* Alia-Rus (English, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian and Latvian) RECEIVED
* Iddylu (English, Arabic, German, Swedish, Greek, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish) RECEIVED
* lamelemon (English, Spanish, French, Romanian) RECEIVED
* anathema-device (English, German, easy French!!) RECEIVED
* Teresa_Che (English, Polish Lithuanian, Russian) RECEIVED
* mcsar (English) RECEIVED

Send only
* Andrea99 RECEIVED
* Lamilla RECEIVED
* Diane-Fraser RECEIVED
* brunton11 RECEIVED
* Trojanhorse RECEIVED
* lauraloo RECEIVED
* Boekentrol RECEIVED
* Bookworm-lady RECEIVED


as send only



I can read in french, english and spanish.
PM is coming! :)


wingLubiettewing 11 mos ago
Great idea !
Please enter me, I read in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Greek.





Wilena 11 mos ago
I am in !
I will pm you my adress.

I read in English and French.


I will send my adress in PM.

I'm reading in English, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian and Latvian.


PM coming! I am particularly interested in books in English (native language), Arabic, German, Swedish, Greek, and ANY Romance language (French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, plus several other much less common ones that people are unlikely to have books in). Honestly, I would accept a book in any foreign language, so if you're looking to unload something in a language not on my list and you happen to get my address, feel free to send it :)


Andrea99 11 mos ago


I'd like to join as send only please.



as a send only please :-)



Please count me in. I read in English, Spanish, French and Romanian.
PMing you my address :)


I read in English and German - and sometimes easy French (about the level of Amélie Nothomb books; she writes in a sort of simple, very readable style).


I read in English, Polish, Lithuanian and Russian.
PMing my address.

Thank you for this intresting game. I'm quite new here so everything is soo interesting for me.


Andrea99 10 mos ago


This will be fun.


any more takers??


Andrea99 10 mos ago
PMs sent
Let me know if you didn't receive one.....


I'll pick a book and sent it after the weekend!


Book already in the mail :)


That was quick!!!


Book already in the mail :)

For a reason I can't understand, I found the book in MY mailbox today :(
I'll change the envelope and have it mailed again tomorrow morning. Hope it will reach its destination soon, sorry for the stupid delay.(What on earth the Hellenic Post did not understand and sent it back to me ???).



wingLamillawing 10 mos ago



Will be sending after the weekend.



next week.


wingAbi-Gibbywing 10 mos ago
Posted today
Congratulations to the lucky winner


Congrats on winning... and enjoy! :) 3rd September


and I think I have the perfect book :)


wingBoekentrolwing 10 mos ago
Yesterday, September 3rd.


I sent mine out today!




wingLubiettewing 10 mos ago
Surprise !
Thank you Andrea99 for a book in Italian, Il diario perduto di Frida Kahlo, received today.



I will mail book on Friday


wingmcsarwing 10 mos ago
Book sent today.


Today Die schreckliche deutsche Sprache / The Awful German Language by Mark Twain arrived from Bookworm-lady! Thank you so much.

And since I didn't send my book to Bookworm-lady, this means that it's me who's getting the book avalanche. Oh wow. And at such a strange/opportune(?) time to boot.

My back surgery appointment has unexpectedly been shifted from December to next week, so I'll be going in Tuesday and probably spending about a week at the hospital. I'll have to be as active as possible as soon as possible to facilitate healing, but I guess I'll also be very happy that I'll finally be able to sit again after months and months of pain and complications. So thank you all for sending me some entertainment while I heal - and apologies in advance for the books that might get journalled a bit late because of my hospital stay.


Thank you ---

- Alia_Rus for Femme Fatale by Guy de Maupassant.

- Harobed82 for Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything by Joshua Foer, and for the little magnetic bookmark!

- Wilena for Will There Really Be a Morning? by Frances Farmer, and for the postcard and assorted teabags!

- Boekentrol for Fanny Goes To War: An Englishwoman in the Fany Corps
by Pat Beauchamp AND The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell

I feel very spoiled now already. It's like opening Xmas presents in September! And I can already see that you're catering to many of my reading tastes and weaknesses (drama! nonfiction and autobiography! stuff I haven't heard of but now must know everything about!) - YAY! :))


Thank you ---

- Lamilla for Das Druidentor by Wolfgang Hohlbein

-Abbi-Gibby for a collection of war poetry: Rupert Brooke and Wilfred Owen

- Andrea99 for Monstroso by Charlie Higson AND The Gamester
by Rafael Sabatini

- Lubiette for Blood on the Tongue by Stephen Booth

Wow, my TBR shelf has been refilled with tons of new and unexpected stuff from all genres. I'm looking forward to delving into this treasure trove and hopefully finding new favourites. :)


I read that you are in hospital. How are you doing ? I wish you a good recovery.


Hi, Lubiette. Thanks for asking. I woke up today feeling quite stable. I have just over 24 hours left of my hospital stay, and it's getting quite tedious, which I take to be a good sign, recovery-wise. The next 6-8 weeks will be a whole new lesson in finding out what I can and can't do and gradually increasing. And then I can do back-friendly exercise and find a new job. Hopefully with less than 8 hours of sitting down each day.
Looking forward to coming home, saying hello to the cats, and looking over my accumulated BC mail. You're all spoiling me. :))


Thank you ---

- Teresa_Che for Die Zwillinge, based on Das doppelte Lottchen by Erich Kästner

- Diane-Fraser for The Player of Games by Iain M. Banks, and a release bag that will come in very handy when I'm out and about again :)

- Iddylu for Le gone du Chaâba by Azouz Begag, to test my school French (which is currently being revived using Duolingo)

- Trojanhorse for The Leprechaun Companion by Niall Macnamara, and an enchanting postcard!

I'm getting a bit concerned about the decoy book, which I sent on the 3rd. The post office (or their website) tells me that it could have taken as much as 11 days to reach its destination, 14 at the very most. I'm keeping all my fingers crossed that it has turned up today. Otherwise I can totally post another surprise book towards the end of the week.


...because it was too thick to fit through the flap:

Thank you, brunton11, for The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly - and for the lovely collection of labels and stickers and two more release bags! You must all be in league with my physiotherapist. ;)


Thank you anathema-device for sending me The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe by Kij Johnson


Thank you, lauraloo29, for The Solace of Sin by Catherine Cookson (even if it's not really my cup of tea... I believe that there's a reader for every book, and this one will find them too).


Thank you, mcsar, for Goblin by Ever Dundas - and for two really cool postcards filled with positive messages and well wishes. (I'm on the mend, and/but still learning to be more patient with myself!)


I've posted my book yesterday morning, sorry for the delay, hope it gets to you soon :)


No problem! Guess I'm not running out of books any time soon. ;))


And thank you, lamelemon, for making me smile in a big way today when I found Looking for Jake and other Stories by China Miéville in my mailbox.


I searched your bookshelf with and it didn't come up - because it doesn't match the accent in Miéville and it didn't occur to me it wouldn't.


No problem! It made me really happy.

And I'm making a note in my calendar. Looking forward to hosting the next round of this next year! (And maybe this year I'll finally remember my bookiversary, too.)


Well, that seems to be a successful conclusion to the first ever annual clearance sweeps!!!!! Thank you to everyone for joining in.... and anathema-device can host the next one in about a years' time (give or take!!!)


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