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I was the very lucky winner of the last Spurtle sweeps and it is time to host the new round. I received many interesting books, which I am still going through, and was introduced to a few new authors. I also received fun gifts relating to Scotland as well. This is a fun sweeps and I want you to join in this new round of Scottish fun.

So here are the rules
1) Post here by 31st March 2018 if you wish to enter!
2) PM me with your name and address which will be sent to others if you are the winner (No PM = No entry).
3) Winner will be drawn on 1st April and everyone will get a PM with the address and name of the winner/decoy.
4) Decoy will also be drawn so that the winner will not know they have won until the mail starts to arrive.
5) Please keep the winner a secret, it is more fun that way! Don't write to them, or post here their name, please.
6) The winner of this contest must agree to hold the contest again in a two or three months time.
7)If you are the winner, please post here the goodies that you received. If books are journaled but no posts here, a new winner will be chosen. Please, don't spoil it for all of us; you know this goes for you!

Well you may ask what you should send. Well firstly a book that is either written by a Scottish author or a book based in Scotland. Plus a little gift relating to Scotland. This is a MUST, as this is a SPURTLE SWEEPSTAKES. So, please, if you think you can't manage to get anything Scottish-related, don't enter.

Deadline: 31st March, 2018

Abi-Gibby (UK) - Received - Winner
Poodlesister (UK) - Received - Decoy

Send only:
mcsar (Canada) - Received
yorkshire-lass (UK)
Bookworm-lady (Spain) - Received
Plum-crazy (UK) -Received


Love this sweepstakes




wingAbi-Gibbywing 9 mos ago


wingAbi-Gibbywing 9 mos ago




I have changed the deadline to the end of the month to give more time for bookcrossers to find a suitable book and join.


wingAbi-Gibbywing 9 mos ago


I do have a suitable book and Scottish themed item. I will pm you mcsar.


wingmcsarwing 9 mos ago
RE: I'll join
Thank you so much for joining. You've saved the day. I hope others will follow suit.


wingmcsarwing 8 mos ago
Anyone else?
We need more players to make it fun.


wingAbi-Gibbywing 8 mos ago


I'm sure I can find something... :)


Thanks for joining 8)


wingmcsarwing 8 mos ago
Ending soon.
Please join us.


join us pleeasee...


wingmcsarwing 8 mos ago


wingAbi-Gibbywing 8 mos ago



Thanks for joining.


Thanks for playing. Please pick something interesting for our lucky winner and decoy. Now who's who?


And I am in the middle of reading my book to send


Just have to order the gift part hopefully my house hold Internet will be working properly by then


Internet is all back up and running, I have ordered the "Gift" part am just waiting for it to arrive, should be here by Saturday, so will post on Monday



Congratulations to the winner 8)


For sending me
Deadly code by Lin Anderson
Journeys with stories from Andrew O'Hagan, Jenni Fagan and Lucy Ribchester
I also Recived a thistle shaped bar of soap

Also thank you for the WISHLIST book In a dark dark wood by Ruth ware


For sending me
Magnus mills the restraint of beasts and the tartan tote bag


The gift part I had ordered was supposed to be arriving today at my home but hasn't shown up, I'll try and get down to the shop and find something sutible after work tonight.

Sorry for the delay


The gift part I had ordered was supposed to be arriving today at my home but hasn't shown up, I'll try and get down to the shop and find something sutible after work tonight.

Sorry for the delay

Don’t worry, take your time.


Sorry if the gift is a bit lousy what I originally wanted to send still hasn't shown up


For the book Crow Boy

Also some Heather tea and BC labels.


I did order a Spurtle as a gift but it was supposed to be with me on 7th April but still is yet to arrive


Congrats on winning... and enjoy! :)


Yorkshire-lass has been very unwell for some time, so her parcel is going to be delayed


For sending me Canal Dreams by Iain Banks


For sending me
The world according to Bertie by Alexander McCall Smith and the tartan pencils


Sorry for the delay :-)


Don't worry I've got plenty to read at the moment, live gets in the way sometimes :)


For sending me
The Harper's Quine by Pat mcintosh

Coconut and raspberry hombake style shortbread fingures
Twirl chocolate bar


I will be starting a new round at the beggining of June :)


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