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The last winner of this sweepstake is inactive at the moment, so I'll organize this round again :).

Here we go, the next round is open:

Closing Date: March 12th, 2018

Here are the rules copied from previous sweepstakes:

This is a sweeps for authors that are local to you. The more local the better, if you have an author who lives in your city, you would send the winner of the sweeps a novel by that author. (Or province/territory/state/country (if it comes to that)). The idea is to expose the winner of the sweeps to new authors and to promote local authors as much as possible.

This is international and unless you know the winner reads in another language, the books should be in English. The book can be fiction or non fiction, but please take a few moments to look at the winner's shelf to get an idea of what they like to read.


If you would like to enter:

1. First you post here to enter.

2. Then you PM me with your mailing details (even if you think I already have it) and please put "Home Sweet Home Sweeps" in the subject line of your PM. You can also choose to enter as 'send only', then you don't have to send a PM.

3. I'll draw two names. One winner and one decoy. I'll PM everyone with the name and address of the winner (the winner will be PM'ed with the name and address of the decoy).

4. You are expected to send a book to the winner/decoy. If you don't think you will be able to send a book, please do not enter. It is unfair to the other participants if you only send a postcard (or nothing at all) when you expect everyone else to send a book if you are the winner. Please remember that this is an international sweepstake, so you will be expected to send internationally.

5. Please don't let the winner know they have won, either by posting here or by PM, it's much more fun if the packages start arriving out of the blue!

6. As the packages start to arrive, the winner must journal the books in a timely fashion and also post here what they have received, as it's fun for everyone who's entered to see what the winner has got.

7. The winner will host the next sweepstake in a couple of moths. If you know you will be unable to host the next round, please do not enter. Let's keep this sweepstake going!


Send only:


count me in please


Could you please send me your address Ann1244? Or would you like to send only?


winglauraloo29wing 11 mos ago
Count me in
as a Send only please.


wingsedna5213wing 11 mos ago



mcsar 11 mos ago
I'll join.
I have something suitable.


Thanks for joining!


wingsedna5213wing 11 mos ago



mcsar 11 mos ago
to the top.


mcsar 10 mos ago
Anyone else?
Join us. This is a fun sweep to be introduced to new authors from different places.


Join the fun!


wingIcilawing 10 mos ago
Problem :
When you are from a non English-mother-tongue country you have plenty of native writers but no translations. :(


wingbrezovawing 10 mos ago
RE: Problem :
When you are from a non English-mother-tongue country you have plenty of native writers but no translations. :(

that is true - but another problem: How local should it be? Town or country? And I have two countries, the one I live in and the one of my nationality :-) Can I choose?


Of course you can choose. Would you like to join?


Of course you can choose. Would you like to join?

Yes I will join. I'll go and send my address now.


I know, luckily my local book shop also caters for all the English speaking locals here and some translations can be found.


wingsedna5213wing 10 mos ago
Up again...



and E-mails have been send. Thanks a lot everybody for playing!


mcsar 10 mos ago
Sent mine today.




Book arrived already. Thank you very much for this play, No Man's Land by Kevin Major.


for Splinter by Sebastian Fitzek. The author is new to me. What a great sweeps to get to know some new authors! Thanks for the postcard of Berlin to match the novel's setting and the chocolate which has already been eaten. 8)


Ann1244 9 mos ago
Book mailed
A book for this sweeps and a book for another sweeps is enclosed in this package
Tracking # is



Thank you for Appointment in Samarra. The book arrived today with a book for another sweep and some interesting postcards and note cards. The book looks interesting and I will try to read it. Too bad it broke into halves right out of the envelop and it is literally falling apart page by page in my hands. I do not think it can travel onwards anymore.


for Buried by Jussi Adler-Olsen.

I am excited to be introduced to your favourite Danish crime author. I love the genre and look forward to sitting down with this big thick novel.

I hope my book will reach you soon.


for all the great books. All the authors are new to me and I am excited to get to know your home grown authors. This is an amazing sweepstakes to be introduced to new books. Thank you sedna5213 for hosting.

I think I will host the new round in May/June. Hope to see you back.


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