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It’s that time again for my annual Valentine’s Day Exchange!
Open to all.
Here’s what you need to do to join....
Send me a PM with your address and your shipping preferences. I’ll do my best to match as usual. You will be given a partner to send a book, card, candy etc to brighten up their Valentine’s Day
Thanks for always making this a fun exchange to host!


Thanks for organising. I will send a PM.


I'm in, PM'ing soon. :)


dolph1n 1 yr ago
Me olease
Can I specify posting within UK only please? If that's OK then I would love to join.


UK preference only


I'm in! Yay!


Please, count me in. I like this exchange so much!
Thanks for organizing again.


♥ ♥



PM on the way


Thanks for all the interest my fellow bookcrossing friends, I’ll read all PM’s later this evening!


PM on the way


If you got a PM from me I have your info ; )
Have 12 on my list thus far, as usual I only participate if we have an odd number. Last year was actually the first I didn’t have a partner myself & several of you sent me lil notes and or goodies anyways 😘
I’ll keep this open until the 28th of January which will give everyone a couple weeks to post off their goodies.
Feel free to spread the word, the more the merrier!


nmugirl 1 yr ago
Me too.
My PM is on the way. A new reason to go shopping.


Thanks for organizing. PM coming.


wingbooklady331wing 1 yr ago
add me
This will be my first year. Sent you a PM


Will PM you :-)


PM sent


Count me in! Sending PM.


bossmare 1 yr ago
Me too!
PMing you.


Meg72 1 yr ago
Me, please!
I love this exchange :-)



PM on way


would like to be included


I’d like to join.


Ok all
You should have all gotten a PM from me saying I got your info.
Closing this up Sunday evening so I can do pairings on Monday to send out.
Thanks to all who joined!


Enquiring minds want to know.



I'd like to join.


I can't wait to put my package together:-)


I’m working on them currently & will be sending out PM’s later today.
It’s taking a bit due to tryingvto accommodate all shipping preferences.
Thanks for your patience


Ok lovely Bookcrossing people after much thinking and trying my best to accommodate ALL shipping requests I have done the matches. We had an odd number this year so I’ll be mailing a goodie off myself this time out.
Everyone should have a PM from me with the name, address & Bookcrossing name of your pair so you can check out their wishlist, bookshelf etc.
Have fun all
Thanks for joining!



Going to go shopping now :-)



(I told you I was excited)



Have everything. Just need to pack it.


Have everything. Just need to pack it.

Actually posted today. First thing this morning.


Now I have to wait!!! 😬
It says open on 14th- can I make it that long????


USPS Tracking Number 9114 9014 9645 1491 8489 67


"Love Walked In"

Thank you, nmugirl!!!


Dad-I-libri had it waiting on the table when I got home. Trying to figure out how you all can see it! Thank you, nmugirl, I can NOT wait to figure out how to get into it. It looks like so much fun.





It was FUN. Getting to it is not hard as you can always cut the bottle up. I just cannot figure out how nmugirl managed to put the stuff inside. Magical!!


Your package arrived today.


I've put it in the cupboard until Valentine's Day.


Hope it arrives on time.


bossmare 1 yr ago
Card sent!


Sent this afternoon.


Now I I'll try and wait until 14th February :)



Hope the recipient likes what I have chosen!!!




Went out today, hope it arrives in time!


I'm so sorry but it has been a hard week at work.


Hope it gets there in time. 8)



Couldn't wait, had to open it. Thank you so much southernfryed. I love everything, the cat slippers are the cutest things ever, the tea, the candy, the bookmark, the books, the pencil and the rub on quotes. I love it all, hope your Valentines Day is the best ever.


The package came today and I will wait till the fourteenth to open.


Mailed yesterday, delivered today! And I love everything! Book-Cocktails for Three by Madeleine Wickham. I love her books. There was also a stack of unused postcards, BCID labels and stickers, an Eifle Tower tag, coffees, hot cocoa, an altoids tin, Conversation hearts and assorted candies, cherry chapstick, a painted heart rock and a handpainted bookcrossing block. Love it! happy Valentine's!


Glad you liked it, my daughter painted the rock and the ballycumber. You can go to the site listed on the back and post pics if you like.


I will hold on to it until the 14th and open then :-)


A very huge package arrived today, wow! Keeping it safe for Valentine's Day.

I hope my package will arrive in time, sent it on Feb 5th so it should. :)


But I'm waiting for the 14th to open it :) Mailed mine last weekend.


I'm saving it for tomorrow.... hope it's supposed to rattle!!!


Thank you princess-peapod! Your lovely parcel put mine to shame. I got A Year on Ladybug Farm, a book not on my radar but its premise definitely intrigues me. I also got a lovely scarf. I will wear it out today. It is something I would pick for myself; it is amazing how someone who hasn't seen me or knows my taste can pick something so right for me. And huge thanks for the huge pile of bookcrossing labels and a cute planner. You also sent body lotion and gloves in a brightly colored makeup bag, and valentine candy. Thank you for everything. I love them all. And Happy Valentine to you and everyone.


Glad you liked everything
Happy Valentines
Yours arrived today, will open it in the am!


Opened my parcel this morning to find a copy of Lonely Hearts by John Harvey, two cute little rubber ducks decorated with hearts, heart shaped confetti, a box of malteasers and, of course, a card. Thoroughly spoiled!

I'm so glad I decided to take part in this exchange, normally I hate Valentines Day, but your generosity has brightened my day!


For such a lovely Valentine's Day parcel, which puts my package to shame. I Recived in my package
4 books: The marrying of Chani Kaufman by Eve Harris, The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong, North and south by Elizabeth Gaskell, A simple heart by Gustave Flaubert

BC supplies
Washi tape with hearts on it
From me to you with love magnetic words
Glass ornament/ bookmark with hearts in it
Heart shaped chocolate
Big bar of dairy milk chocolate
Tote bag with hearts on it
Tea bags


A lovely parcel including three books..
Don't Want to Miss a Thing, Jill Mansell
All You Need is Love, Carole Matthews
Head Over Heels, Jill Mansell

A lovely scented candle
Purple favourite colour and very welcome with this cold weather
Notepads, cards, pens and pencils.
Chocolates and biscuits.

Picture on Flickr..


Thank you for a lovely parcel!
I received 3 books
Skinner's Rules by Quintin Jardine (a wishlist Book) and 2 more by the same author
Murmuring the Judges
Fallen Gods

A really lovely metal heart shaped bookmark with Friend on it.
Prosecco Gums
A card

I love it all thank you so much :-)


I picked up the package at the post office yesterday and could hardly wait until this morning! Let me tell you BCers that she sure knows how to pack a box! It started out with pretty pink and white tissue paper and ribbons. It had everything from BC supplies to candy and books! Wow!!!
A box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates
A beautiful handpainted Cheri Lasher silk scarf
Beautiful the Carole King Broadway musical (BH will enjoy this also)
A LARGE package of heart stickers (I love hearts)
Dual ended colored pencils with a coloring book
Post-It flags
BC stickers
and 3 books:
Lawyer for the Dog by Lee Robinson
An Innocent Abroad Life Changing Tips from 35 Great Writers
American Terroir by Rowan Jacobsen

You made my day!

For a book Love and Devotion by Erica James, two Lindor bars (yum!), a felt heart, a ladybird clothespin, four different BC labels including a red rocking horse that i’ve never seen before, a jewel card and a beautiful red cotton tote bag.

Thanks for a lovely selection of red and love themed goodies.


WOW! What a package! Please no that everything in it is well appreciated. <3

I received
* Delilah by Eleanor de Jong
* knitted beanie
* scented heart shaped candle
* so cute small pencil case printed with small red hearts, I'm going to use it in my purse for lipsticks and stuff
* love-themed toothpick-thingy-decorations-what-they're-called (like the umbrella's), I might use them this weekend on our girls' night
* Box of heart-shaped chocolates
* and finally, Lindt's Hello Strawberry Cheesecake chocolate bar!!!

The card is unbelievably beautiful. Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for the lovely Valentine's box including:

*a pretty card
*"love quote" bookmark
*jewelry pouch
*rubber bands ball
*paperclips ball
*lavender and chamomile tea
*scented soap
*pocket testament
*sweet pea hand gel

I really appreciate your kindness. Happy Valentine's Day!


So glad everyone got such fabulous goodies that made them smile. Until next year 😉


Of course... a big thank you to princess-peapod for organising. Taking part has definitely changed how I feel about Valentine's Day and that wouldn't have happened without your taking time to arrange. Thank you


I’ve really enjoyed this exchange again!


What a great package. I had so much fun pulling everything out of your package. All the things that I enjoy too.


I used your HGG list!!! :-)


I'm so sorry for being so late :(


For such a pink package (it is my favourite colour:-))

I received:

- "The Sea", by John Banville (it is going to be my first time with this author)
- rose scented tea lights
- pink grapefruit hand cream
- candied plum bath bomb
- flower napkins (great for tea time)
- geisha chocolate (the first to go, yummy)
- a lovely postcard with tulips, that I am going to use as a bookmark

Thanks, again :-)


dolph1n 1 yr ago
I can't journal the books I received as they don't have a BCID..
Also the ones I sent haven't been journaled, or acknowledged. Did they arrive?


Yes both arrived and I did put above that I'd received the first one. Nice of you to send the other and they both arrived in time 😃 I'm pretty busy so I don't always get on here frequently so it takes me a while to journal. Don worry about the books I sent- you can either register them or not wirry, I really don't mind. I hope you liked your package!


For 2 books and a cute card :) I'm sorry but I've left them on my mother's house so I can't write their JE until the end of March...


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