The Culinary Sweeps - We have the winner! Addresses sent!

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I'm the happy winner of the last round of the culinary sweepstakes, and it was so great to get such lovely books from all around!
So it is now my turn to host the next round. :)

Culinary Sweeps are for books that have the name of a food in the title, and is in no way restricted to cookbooks/recipe books.
Also accepted are books with the word restaurant, kitchen, menu, cafe, bistro, chef or cook in the title.

Rules are:

1) Post here by February 14th if you wish to enter!
2) PM me with your name and address which will be sent to others if you are the winner (No PM = No entry).
3) Winner will be drawn on February 16th and everyone will get a PM with the address and name of the winner &/or decoy.
4) Decoy will also be drawn so that the winner will not know they have won until the books start to arrive.
5) Please keep the winner a secret, it is more fun that way! Don't write to them, or post their name here, please.
6) The winner of this contest must agree to hold the contest again in two or three months time.
7) If you are the winner, please post here the goodies that you receive.
8) This is international. Better World Books ships overseas for free, if you need a cheaper postage option.
9) OK, that's it. Have fun!

Harobed82 --- sent. And received by the winner!
mcsar --- sent. And received by the decoy!!!!!
Ann1244 --- sent. And received by the winner!
CathrineB -- sent. And received by the winner!

Send only:
Chania --- sent. And received by the winner!
lauraloo29 --- sent. And received by the winner!
sakirmo --- sent. And received by the winner!
yorkshire-lass ---Sent. And received by the winner!
Soozreader --- sent. And received by the winner!

All done!!


as a send only please


on this round :)


Already have a book reserved for it! :)




Lots of good books waiting for a new home!







Chania 12 mos ago
Come on!
Anyone for good books??


left to join!


Harobed82 11 mos ago


count me in please


Chania 11 mos ago
A week left!
Join us, you know you want to!


Still time to join!


wingCathrineBwing 11 mos ago
Me please!
Although I have more than enough books, I'd like to join! Sending PM!


Chania 11 mos ago
RE: Me please!
Although I have more than enough books, I'd like to join! Sending PM!

Great! The more the merrier!


1) Post here by February 14th if you wish to enter!

Have you drawn a winner yet? Haven't received any PM with address, at least.


(my mom's 70th birthday and mine too) but now it is done. We have the winner! I will send you all the address (and one decoy)!


wingCathrineBwing 11 mos ago
Just dropped a package in the mailbox:)


Chania 11 mos ago
RE: Sent
Just dropped a package in the mailbox:)

Well you were fast!! I also packed mine, but haven't had a chance to send it yet :)


wingCathrineBwing 11 mos ago
RE: RE: Sent
Well you were fast!!

There's a red mailbox right outside the house I live in. And I had stamps at home. So it was quite easy to get it sent so fast!


It is being sent directly to the winner, when the books start to arrive I will PM the winner with the BCID :-)


wingsakirmowing 11 mos ago
was posted today.



mcsar 11 mos ago
Sent today.





Chania 10 mos ago
Sent mine
today - probably will leave tomorrow, as it was quite late when I went to post-office.


This is my first time winning this sweeps and I am so excited. I love food and look forward to reading all the books where food will be featured all the time.

lauraloo20 sent Bread Alone by Judith Ryan Hendricks. It looks like an interesting read. The book cover makes me want to go out and buy some bread. Too bad we just had plenty of snow and all I want to do is sit indoor and sip some tea.


thanks to sakirmo. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Crime by Tamar Myers, an author new to me. The herbs are making my mouth waters.


Thank you, Harobed82, who kindly sent both and the cutest bookmarks. I love the cute cat decorations on the envelop.

The Toad Who Loved Tea, by Faiz Kermani. This is a cute children's book by a fellow bookcrosser.

And French Vegetarian Cooking, by Marie-Pierre Moine. This is a cookbook filled with beautiful pictures for recipes of simple steps. I am not much of a cook and these seem to be recipes I can follow. We'll see.


for The I Hate to Cook Book.
I do hate to cook, so this is the cookbook for me. The recipes included look short and simple enough for me.


for Rosie's Little Cafe on the Riviera, by Jennifer Bohnet, and the lovely magnetic bookmark that colour-matches the book perfectly. This seems like just the book to read to carry me into spring.

I also received a baking recipe book: Be-Ro Flour Home Recipes. The recipes have been tested to satisfaction by previous bookcrossers. I will have to look through for recipes that do not require a lot of special tools.

Thank you again 8)


for The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez. The book is on my wishlist and it seems like a most delightful read.


Seems like I'm the decoy:) I received the book "Like Water for Chocolate" by Laura Esquivel, and 2 nice postcards and some cartoons and funny notes inside the book! Thank you very much!


Still no sign of the package I sent? I hope it hasn't gotten lost but is just taking its time to arrive...


Hopefully, it is taking the scenic route and will turn up soon.


Ann1244 9 mos ago
Book mailed
A book for this sweeps and a book for another sweeps is enclosed in this package
Tracking # is



Book arrived today. It is Chicken soup for the Mother's Soul. I do not find the BCID on the book. Have you registered it? If so, please PM the BCID. Thank you for including some interesting postcards and note cards.


for Love and Meatballs by Susan Volland. It looks like a fun and yummy read. I think I will move it to the top of the reading pile. I am just in the mood for something like this.


Now everything has arrived. It has been a fun round. Thank you for all your generosity and excellent picks. I look forward to hours and hours of reading and thinking about food.

Thank you Chania for hosting. I will start the next round in a week or two. Start reading to get ready for the next round. I hope to see you back.


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