CLOSED Authors from unusual countries sweepstakes - January 2018

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It's time for the new round of this sweepstakes. Come and join everybody, you're guaranteed to meet authors you've never read (or probably even heard of) before!

This sweepstake works in the same way as any other sweepstake, but here you send the winner a book by an author from an unusual country, i.e. one which is not too common, e.g. Libya, Mali, Vietnam, Honduras, Jordan, etc. Try to consider what could be unusual for the winner, rather than just yourself, although I'm sure everyone appreciates a good book even if it's not the most unusual choice in the world ;)

Here are the rules:

1. Post here in this thread to enter AND PM me with your mailing details. Please put 'Unusual Countries' in the subject line of your PM. If you are "send only", a PM is not necessary, of course.

2. I will draw 2 names (one winner and one decoy) at the end of January. I’ll PM everyone with the name and address of the winner (the winner will obviously be PM’ed with the name and address of the decoy).

3. You are expected to send a book by an author from an unusual country to the winner. You may include other small gifts if you wish, but sending the book itself is MANDATORY. Please remember that this is an international sweepstake, so you will be expected to send INTERNATIONALLY.

4. Please don’t let the winner know they have won, either by posting here or by PM, it’s much more fun if the packages start arriving out of the blue!

5. As the packages start to arrive, the winner must journal the books in a timely fashion and also post here what they have received and from whom, as it’s fun for everyone who’s entered to see what the winner has got.

6. The winner will host the next round. If you know you will be unable to host the next round, please do not enter. Let’s keep this sweepstake going :)

Who's in? Come join!

mcsar - RECEIVED
Annimanni - RECEIVED
sedna5213 - RECEIVED
kiwiinengland - RECEIVED
Edwardstreet - RECEIVED

Send only:

sakirmo - RECEIVED
conto - RECEIVED
bookfrogster - RECEIVED
yorkshire-lass - RECEIVED
Andrea99 - RECEIVED


WINNER: J4shaw
DECOY: mcsar


wingmcsarwing 1 yr ago
Love to join.
I am in again. So many interesting new finds for this sweepstakes.


This sounds like my kind of thing :) PM on its way.


Still send only, though.


PM is coming.


As send only this time.






So yes please


wingsakirmowing 1 yr ago
Plenty of space for more players, come along!


I will PM you



Andrea99 1 yr ago


to join, I'll draw the winner next weekend!


Drawing tomorrow or Sunday, whenever is a convenient moment...


wingsakirmowing 1 yr ago
has picked the winner(s)... PM's will be sent shortly.

** EDIT: pm's sent. I received a copy of each one but if yours didn't reach you, let me know!

(apologies in advance to the winner: my book will be somewhat delayed as I need to read something first...)


My book will be sent tuesday.


I've ordered a book to be sent directly to the winner from AwesomeBooks, when books start arriving I will PM the winner with the BCID


Congrats to the winner and thanks to sakirmo for hosting. but it went slow boat......!


So hopefully it will get there soon. :-)


as I just found out, when preparing to mail, that the winner has read the book I intended to send. So I have to find something else.


Have I won? Today I received from J4shaw the House of Ashes by Monique Roffey. It looks like an interesting novel by an award-winning Trinidadian-born writer. Thank you, I look forward to this read.


3 books arrived today from various locations - New Zealand, Belgium and Germany.

Thank you to sedna5213 for "The Beggar and the Hare" (Finland) by Tuomas Kyrö

Thank you to Edwardstreet for "Maps for Lost Lovers" (Pakistan) by Nadeem Aslam

Thank you also to whomever sent me "Waiting for an Angel" (Nigeria) by Helon Habila. There was no BCID on this one, so not sure of the the sender.

All 3 books are ones I haven't heard of before, so am looking forward to reading them all.
Who knows, maybe this will be the year I manage to complete the 666 - an around the world reading challenge!

Edited to add - just realised that "Waiting for an Angel" is a Wishlist book of mine! Wondered why I was so very taken with it!
I have also been notified that it has come from yorkshire-lass - thank you!


Congratulations! ;)
I didn't want to say it before, but now I can: I sent mine surface mail, so it'll probably take a while to get there, ok? Enjoy the book shower!!


wingmcsarwing 1 yr ago
Sent today.
Congratulations, J4shaw!


Sorry for the slight delay!


Sorry for the slight delay!

Oh boy, has my book gone missing? It's been on its way for a month already :( I used the economy option but I think it should have arrived by now anyway.


I've actually been sick and not checked the mailbox for 2 days, so maybe they arrived over the course of a few days. Nonetheless, it was lovely to open a bludging mailbox today!

Sweden "Missing" by Karin Alvtegen from Andrea99
I do enjoy Swedish crime novels, and this author I believe is dubbed "The Queen of Crime in Scandinavia"!

Antigua "Mr.Potter" by Jamaica Kincaid from Conto

Israel "Four Mothers" by Shifra Horn from Bookfrogster

Pakistan "I Am Malala" by Malala Yousafzai from Mcsar

Thank you everyone!


That was quick after all. Nice!


Cuba "The Motorcycle Diaries" by Che Guevara from kiwiinengland
Saudi Arabia "Mirage" by Bandula Chandraratna from sakirmo

Thank you both so very much, both look fantastic reads!


The book you sent arrived with me today.
"I Served the King of England" by Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal. The story is set in Prague in the 1940s.


wingsakirmowing 1 yr ago
All done
so let's wrap this up then! Thank you everyone for playing & do come back for the next round as well :)


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