Round 14: Manga and Graphic Novel Sweep

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It's time for the next round of the manga and graphic novel sweeps!

Here are the rules, copied from the previous rounds:

To enter: Post here AND pm me with your name and address. The winner and decoy will probably be drawn around December 24th. That should be plenty of time to sign up?

Original Rules to enter this sweepstakes:

As this is a graphic novel/manga sweepstake, you do need to have at least one book (either a graphic novel or manga) on your shelf (or at least have one until I've picked a winner and a decoy). It might be obvious to most of us, but perhaps not everyone, it isn't called a manga/graphic novel sweepstake for nothing.

As I'm the one who's setting the rules, I think it would be unfair to rule out famous comic books and classics from Marvel, DC and similar. So yes, it is allowed to send Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Star Wars etc. And do not forget Calvin and Hobbes and that type of comic, too.

Please post in this forum if you want to enter, either to send and receive, or just to send. Also send me a PM, so I can easily get the address to the winner, without having to spoil the surprise by asking the winner for his/her address.

I'll pick a winner and a decoy and pm everyone the address to send mangas/graphic novels to.

Do not congratulate the winner in the forums (including this thread), that would ruin the fun part of it!

The winner needs to host a new manga/graphic novel sweepstakes within the next six months.

Feel free to ask questions or comment if I've forgotten anything. Now... let's get started! Who is interested?

Lamilla (German & English) (received)
Abi-Gibby (received)
Arvores (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese) (winner)
anathema-device (received)
emmejo (received)
pippis (received)

Send Only:
Azuki (received)
nimrodiel (sent)


In case I'm the lucky winner: I can read in English and German (and simple Finnish hopefully?), volumes from the middle of the series are totally fine


Sign me up :)


wingArvoreswing 1 yr ago
YAY! \0/
I'm in!
PM on the way. Thank you! :-)

ETA: In case I'm the lucky winner (fingers and toes crossed here) I can read in English, Spanish, French (graphic novels and manga make it a lot easier) and Portuguese, of course :-)
Basic Finnish is Ok (level A1) - I hope (gulp!)


I'm in again. I love this sweeps.

I read in English, German and French. Manga, comics and graphic novels of all genres welcome! I love the comfortableness of "old friends" just as much as discovering new things.


names added to the list!



I am sure there are more readers who love manga and graphic novels!!


wingnimrodielwing 12 mos ago
Send only
Count me in as a send only participant :)


wingAzukiwing 11 mos ago
RE: Send only
Count me in as a send only participant :)

Got you!!
Hmm... I wonder if I may have set the enrollment period for too long?


Hmm... I wonder if I may have set the enrollment period for too long?

I think a lot of BCers are quite busy with HGG and Secret Santa sort of activities.


emmejo 11 mos ago
I'll join in
Just a heads-up for the eventual winner that my mailing might get delayed until early January. Unfortunately I have had two $400+ dollar vet bills this month, and am short on cash until I get another paycheck or two to catch up.


Haven't had time to check the forum properly for ages, so almost missed on my favourite sweeps :O I'll send azuki a PM just in case it's still OK to join this round :)


Haven't had time to check the forum properly for ages, so almost missed on my favourite sweeps :O I'll send azuki a PM just in case it's still OK to join this round :)

Well, since it's Christmas I'll be nice and let you in. ; )


wingAzukiwing 11 mos ago
Winner selected
ack, silly me... I was about to say "And the winner is.... " before I realize that it's supposed to be a surprise! Good thing I didn't spoil the fun by posting the name. lol. Well, it was the first time I won a sweep so please pardon me for being such a bad host.

Anyway, I will go ahead and send a pm to everybody. And thank you so much for participating.

I wish all a happy holiday and a wonderful new year.


Got the PM as well! Thank you for letting m play 😊 Now off to selecting something really special for the winner...


wingLamillawing 11 mos ago
got the PM



I sent it to you again. Hope you got it this time.

Anybody else missing the pm, please post here and let me know. Thank you!
And Happy New Year to you all!


wingArvoreswing 11 mos ago
PM received
I'm on holidays in mainland, but I'll send my parcel in New Year.
Thanks, azuki :-)

And happy holidays to all!


I'll try and post mine tomorrow on the way back from my physiotherapy session.


Will send out on Tuesday


wingLamillawing 11 mos ago


wingArvoreswing 11 mos ago
Oh my!
I can't believe I won this! :-)
SO happy!

The first two parcels were waiting for me today, in my PO box. I have had a lousy start of the year (I was ill, in bed for almost a week). But this is making the balance :-)

Thank you pippis, for the following two books:

And anathema-device for:

I love your choices!


wingnimrodielwing 10 mos ago
RE: Oh my!
My book is coming from betterworldbooks. I dropped a card with the BCID in it in the mail today. It may beat the book there


wingArvoreswing 10 mos ago
RE: RE: Oh my!
Thank you! I'll let you know :-)


I Recived today Yu-Gi-Oh by Kazuki Takahashi volume 1


Thanks all for playing this round and share your manga/graphic novels.


wingArvoreswing 10 mos ago
From Abi-Gibby
I received the following today:

Thank you! :-)


Brilliant, hope you enjoy reading it


Sorry for the delay, everyone.

It has been a rough few weeks for me, both financially and emotionally, as we have had three pets pass away and another who has been receiving hospice-type care take a turn for the worse. Having a bunch of elderly pets at once is tough!


Don't worry about the delay, that's not a problem at all. Just try to keep strong.
Warm hug.


anything from Belarus yet? :)


Not yet, just the ones above. But it can take some time... I'll keep you all posted.

It looks great. Thank you! :-)


: (

Which arrived yesterday with a beautiful card.
Thank you so much :-)

Both arrived yesterday, safe and sound :-)
Thank you so much!


Glad they finally arrived!


From nimrodiel. The book shouldn't take long.

Meanwhile, I'll open a new round this month. Don't miss it :-)
Thank you all SO much for the books and kindness you have shared.


Here it is:
It looks great. Than you so much, nimrodiel.

And I almost forgot to open a new round. Oops!
Will do that straight away.


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