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Post your Holiday Gift Giving thank yous here!


wingAbi-Gibbywing 2 yrs ago


For the stationery you included in the box of books you sent me.

Multi-colour ball point pen
Be here now pencil
Pen with stylus and ball point options
Assorted postcards
A bookmark (the umbrella)
Assorted cards with envelopes

Generally an uplifting theme which is always welcome!


Thank you tomato68 for my very first Christmas card of the year, box tops for education and bookplate. Thanks so much!


You are most welcome.


for the chatty letter, I found it lovely to read about your family.
for the hello kitty-stickers, I bet my kids at school will love them.
for the cards I can write, always a lovely present.
for the magnetic bookmark and the bc-labels, can use them very well :-)
for the early christmas card :)
the cards with the dogs on it
for the twinings tea, much appreciated :-)

thanks for this lovely package


for wishlist book NYPD Red 2 by James Patterson & Marshall Karp. Hubby and I will enjoy it, I'm sure. It's my first gift received this 2017 holiday season. Thanks again.


for your lovely parcel.
It contained:
Nicidoos pencil (will use it at school)
beautiful eyeshadow
stickers from disney and trolls
and a totebag :-) thank you very much for your surprise-gift


For the envelope with:

A beautiful floral pen
A dinky little notebook
A postcard for me
Assorted sizes and great designs of postcards and cards to send to other people.

Thank you so much!


For the envelope with:

A beautiful floral pen
A dinky little notebook
A postcard for me
Assorted sizes and great designs of postcards and cards to send to other people.

Thank you so much!

Ouf, it's arrived ! Happy you like it Poodlesister !


for the lovely postcards, Bookcrossing labels and Bookcrossing stickers!

It's greatly appreciated!


For my first HGG of the year, a wishlist book, Made To Be Broken. :-) Yay!


The little goodies made my day!
BC supplies
BC key chain
an awesome fridge magnet from your hometown I guess
black tea
a bookmark from Portugal


For the tote bag and dog treats


Thank you for the lovely blank notecards! I love them!


Thank you rubyrebel for the boxtops for my daughters' school. She was so excited to see them in the mail!


For the book "Stories for Halloween" (seems so cool), 2 beautiful handmade owls and the notebook keyring! I loved everything :)


You're welcome!

PS. Check inside the notebook keyring, it's got its own history!


For the beautiful card and message you sent me and the Bookcrossing supplies! They are much appreciated.


thank you for the hot cocoa, notepad, eraser, and the coins.


Thank you for the lord of the rings book marks I really like them.


I'm glad you liked them.


Thank you for the stamps(you doubled my collection), and postcards.



Thank you so much for the lovely book, The Victorian Kitchen by Jennifer Davies. Had I known this existed, it would have been at the top of my wishlist! I love things like this! Thank you, also, for the fun England-themed Christmas stickers, Christmas card, postcards, many lovely labels, and the delightful newsy letter---to which I plan to respond shortly! You have set my HGG season off to a great start! I sure appreciate you, friend!


For the cool cookie cutters, dessert-themed stickers, candies, BC labels, a British Museum postcard, a nice card, and an apron! I was thinking about buying an apron and now I don't need to :) Love everything you picked! Thank you.


for the book: Banksy: the man behind the wall
As banksy-fan I'm looking forward to read this one.
Thank you for this lovely HGG-present


You're welcome!


I've read a couple of other books from this series and really enjoyed them. No reason to think I won't enjoy this one too!


Thank you for the envelope with many nice, used stamps! Very appreciated! It's always nice to receive stamps that I can send to the charity I support!


Thank you MargaridaPires for the wonderful package I received! It contained purple crinkly paper that my kids will craft with, tea bags, bookcrossing supplies, LOVE party decorations for food, note and a packet of gummy trolls. Thank you so much! I absolutely love everything!


My first HGG gift arrived today and it was yours! A lovely selection of teas, chocolate bar and the cutest cat stickers!!Thanks so much :-)


For the 2 audiobooks! I appreciate it .


For the birthday card. I love dandelions, I always see them as wishes not weeds.


Thank you for all the goodies. I love the bookmark and puzzle book you sent. So many different kind of number games. The nerd in me screams YAY! And the chocaholic in me cannot wait and already tasted the chocolate. Yummy. I have not tried this local brand from BC. My cat loves his gift. He thinks they are purrfect, and he has much fun chasing one around the house. I am hiding the rest from him at the moment. Thank you very much. 8)


I've received a package containing two books. Return address is Wrap Ltd in the U.K. Thanks to whoever the sender is. I will wait to open until my birthday unless I find out it was for HGG.


For liking my Facebook page and encouraging a friend to do so too!


You made my day with the lovely package containing used stamps, nice postcards, Doctor Who novel and a TARDIS (credit) card holder! I love all of them!


for the most interesting letter - and my first HGG present this year!
I'd love to know more about the time management system that worked for you the best :) I wish you luck with running. Hope the weather is accommodating.
Thank you for the cards and labels - the wishlist tag one beat the book :)


For the big box of Yorkshire tea
Treats for my dog
And the manga Bakuman volume 1 (please can I have the BCID for this one)


For the collection of BC labels and postcards plus the release bags


Thank you so much for the book, Three Men in a Boat and the collection of postcards! I'm looking forward to the book and LOVE the cards! Blessings!


For a beautifully packaged selection of postcards from around the world (including two Moomin ones which I will send only to Moomin fans like my brother and his family), plus some Moomin stickers and other lovely things like greetings cards and Moomin writing paper which I will detail when I am next at home. I just wanted to say thanks straight away.

I will use the innovative packaging again. Such a great idea to use the envelope from a writing paper set.


Thanks for the cat postcards, I loved the one with the person holding the small kitten, the dragon coaster and book mark! I love it all.


Thank you for the first HGG gift! I loved it all! Especially the old postcard.


For my first HGG gift: "Four Great Plays", by Ibsen, and a very nice letter.
I wanted to keep the book wrapped until Christmas (since it's HGG), but then I started reading the letter and couldn't resist :-) Three months is a long time to wait...
Thank you so much. I will answer the letter ASAP.


I wanted to keep the book wrapped until Christmas (since it's HGG), but then I started reading the letter and couldn't resist :-) Three months is a long time to wait...

You're welcome! Lol, I guess I'd struggle keeping a gift wrapped up for 3 months as well:)


Thank you for the stamps, postcard,bookmark,and chocolate.
I really enjoyed them.


I loved the note cards you sent. I think I'll use one of them tonight to write to a dear friend of mine.


A pretty pink envelope arrived today with all kinds of goodies inside: 3 BCID labels, a beautiful (beach) postcard from Portugal, some sticky alligator bookmarks (my niece's school mascot is a gator), and an orange balloon with a face on it! How fun! Thanks again!


I received a parcel with three magazines, some loose leaf Earl Grey tea and a jar of beads. It brightened my day up quite a lot!


You're welcome! Hope you can get creative with the stuff I sent you!


For my first HGG present. The envelope was opened when it arrived, but I don't think anything got lost. The bath smellies are lovely. Bergamot is one of my favourite scents. And I really love the artwork on the postcard, which is now on the fridge door, brightening up the kitchen. All of this - and your good wishes - really put a smile on my face. :)


I am really glad the envelope got safe there even though it was open. Enjoy the bath stuff!


Thank you, thank you for the cat toys, Roxy has already played w/them, she loves em'. The great pen and the Canada magnet. Very nice. It was a pleasant surprise in my mail box today!


for the note and the tea bags. Such interesting flavors of black tea, the perfect companion to books.


I got an HGG envelope from southernfryed. I am going to wait until December to open it - just letting u know it arrived safely and TYVM


My first HGG is arrived this morning. Thanks for the english labels and the bookmark, I enjoy it very much !


Thanks for sending me my first HGG gifts of the year! Thanks very much for the Bookcrossing labels, post-its and release bag and for the stickers.


Your very much welcome :)


Reading your note made me smile, what a nice coincidence... and my tomcat adopted his new mouse with visible pleasure while I am very, very happy about the beautiful card, the labels and stickers, the chocolate and the Sherlock-themed coaster :) - thank you!


For the three baking recipes! I'm definitely going to make them one day :)


for the bag full of teas and the box of tea with the adorable fox on the box, two lovely 100% cotton kitchen towels, cute owl coin purse, owl coaster, and Christmas card. Thank you so much for the hgg package, I love it.


Thank you so much for the fun package full of great things I love: postcards, labels, a Do Not Disturb sign for when I'm reading!!, a pen, and an adorable little notebook. {Plus a package for HobbitGlen!} I really appreciate it all! Thanks!


Today I received a lovely package from Lauraloo29. It had lots of bookcrossing goodies, an ornament (my kids will love putting it on the tree since it is sparkly), bookcrossing postcards and some blank notecards. Thank you so much! I love it!


I never seem to have children's books! So thanks! I'm sure they won't linger in my house long.


You are very welcome. I am just now looking up Little Free Libraries in my area...I checked out 3 and 2 were no longer there, but at least I found that one was still operating. I think the whole idea of Little Free Libraries is wonderful. I wish I could put one up, but I am renting and our landlord wouldn't approve. Anyway, I'm glad you liked the kids' books. If postage wasn't so expensive I'd send more your way more often.


Thank you for the colorful postcard calendar and all the Bookcrossing supplies! My first HGG package this year, very exciting!


You are very welcome :)


What a wonderful surprise to receive your package today. Thank you for the letter opener, the cute little painted rock, the cat bookplates, the Thanksgiving post card, the cat post card, all the beautiful cat note cards, and for the wonderful horse Christmas card. I loved every thing you sent. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. I can hardly wait to sit down and write to family and friends on the lovely stationary you sent.


Thank u so much!! I was at hospital when I received your gift and it really made my day!! The colors of the nail polish were exactly what I like! Wish u all the best!


My second HGG parcel has not been delivered yet, and it starts to worry me...


...over 3 weeks ago & they haven't arrived yet either (or so it seems).


giota18 2 yrs ago
thanks to...
Lauraloo29 for all the goodies! I especially loved the fridge magnet!
Florence71 for all the pencils and the awesome kitchen towel, it is very handy!
Solaria for all the stamps! My collection is so much cooler now!


Lauraloo29 for all the goodies! I especially loved the fridge magnet!
Florence71 for all the pencils and the awesome kitchen towel, it is very handy!
Solaria for all the stamps! My collection is so much cooler now!

You're welcome !


Thank you, poodlesister and jmsmom! Your parcels were waiting for me in the mailbox. I won't be opening them yet, though, and I can tell it's just sooo tempting to see them there on my desk :-)


What a lovely surprise package! 2 books that look very interesting and will be added to the toberead pile-Shadows of the Mirror by frances Fyfield and The Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell & Dustin Thomason. Also received several postcards and a travel planner. Thanks ever so much! You made my day!


You are so welcome!


For the bookcrossing supplies, tea bag and hot chocolate powder


thank you for the coins and postcards.


You're most welcome! Among the postcards you can find two from my hometown (Plock). The coins are from Poland too (1, 2 & 5 groszy), plus some euro cent coins.


for the absolutely cutest owls--and handmade by you to boot. I will cherish them. How do you know blue is my favourite color?

And thanks for the selection of book labels and stickers. They will come in handy.


You're welcome! I'm glad the envelope finally arrived, I started to worry about it. And it was easy with the colour as it is my favourite one as well!


Thank you for the post cards. I love the one w/the cheetahs on it. And the stickers!


You are most welcome.


for my first HGG-gift!
I enjoyed very much the cook box (with 50 greece recipes), the good smelling candle, the funny magnet with kermit, the two pens, the bookcrossing stickers and your postcard with good wishes!


I am really glad you liked all the goodies!


for the BC supplies! The compact BCID labels and little stickers are always useful!


For the Christmas card for me, BC bookplate and label and Christmas cards to send. Is that a donkey I spot on the front? I love the animal theme and the cause (Hillside animal rescue). Thanks for a lovely surprise.

ETA I found more BC labels and Moomin stickers when I emptied out the envelope! Love them!


For sending me
BC labels
Tote bags
Note book
Fridge magnet


Thank you so much for the lovely UK travel/souvenir guides! I will have so much fun reading them!


You're welcome!


Thank you for the book, bookmarks, cards, and postcards! I appreciate your kindness to me! Happy HGG!


Thank you for the sweet note and the yummy sounding tea. I will be trying them soon. Happy Holidays.


For the lovely stationary!


For the halloween books, octopus journal, bookmark and postcard.


For the book and labels! (If I'm not swapping it for the copy on my shelf, I'll definitely go on a quest for future readers!) And the card you included was just perfect. I'm already in a holiday mood today. :)


Your nice gift arrived today, thank you for the tea, stamps, the lovely bookmark, BC labels and the horse cards (I'm sure my pal will like them!). I also loove the hilarious astronaut postcard! You brightened my day. :-)


Feeling very spoiled today as my 1st and 2nd HGG parcels arrived today.

Abi-Gibby: "The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox" by Maggie O'Farrell, Bookcrossing supplies and hot chocolate(not tried this one before, looks yummy).

JPix: "We" by Yevgeny Zamyatin, Bookcrossing supplies, notepad and note cards.

Btw you both gave me "Relax like Felix" BCID labels, he's very cute, just don't tell my cat Fluffy I said so.


For becoming my friend on Goodreads. I'm really intrigued by your Fall Baking Recipe Round Up on the blog link. I think I'll have to have a go at a couple of them! :)


for sending me such a wonderful surprise: a lovely Christmas card with a peace tree, bookcrossing labels, a Harry Potter bookmark and Harry Potter stationary :)!


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