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Our Darling - A Novel by D.A. Brockett

This is a fictionalized novelization of true facts about a true Colorado mystery. See this site for information about the author and her books: http://www.dabrockett.com/index.html (Very very interesting!)

From the web site: "<i>... It was Christmas break, 1971, and Barbara Grandbouche’s three boys were driving her crazy. She sent them outside for the day to explore the surrounding hills and caves overlooking the Gunnison River. Nightfall came, and so did three excited boys. Their news? They’d discovered a baby buried in a cave! Her only identification was a small metal plate inscribed, “Our Darling.” When no one claimed her remains after five months, the boys collected enough money for “Our Darling” to be reburied in the local cemetery. Her identity remained a mystery until Grand Junction author, D. A. Brockett, determined to tell the baby’s story. Her research took her to Grand Junction during the Roaring Twenties. There, she discovered a pioneer town torn between the desire for progress and the fear of change.</i>"

Also, it's autographed on the title page and there's a note card tucked inside, hand written by the author to the original owners of the book! What fun!


No postage or trade necessary - a true RABCK. First to post here and send me a PM with their address will receive the book.


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