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... some folks who were nice enough to send me some cards with stamps when I put out the call! My Sunday school children are having fun with the cards and stamps. Thank you!


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Thank you for again offering to be the "keeper of the one address" (the one address to rule them all---hahahaha!) I appreciate you, friend!


For once again hosting the HGG


for the lovely envelope with tea, earrings and BC supplies that arrived this week. Much appreaciated, made my day! :) Thank you very much!


I'm glad you like the things I sent you. And thanks for the lovely PM. :)


I got your lovely HGG card today and enjoyed reading about your pets!


you are welcome ;-)


Thank you devon612 for the book from my wishlist http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13867760
I'm really happy about my first HGG gift!


You are very welcome :-) Enjoy!

Thank you devon612 for the book from my wishlist http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13867760
I'm really happy about my first HGG gift!


I'm not sure if I'm putting this in the right plac but if someone from the HGG gave me wings thank you very much


For The Fifth Elephant which is a Wishlist book and some oolong tea which I cannot wait to try :)


you are welcome ;-) glad I could make your wishlist shorter


For sending a small donation to fetch Fido a flight. It sound like a wonderful charity :)


For The Road to Little Dribbling, some lovely cards, BC supplies and some amazing looking tea, very kind of you :)


Amazing parcel and arrived on a day I'm feeling sorry for myself - it put a HUGE smile on my face :-)


For the very awsome HGG parcel.

I Recived
BOOKCROSSING labels: I am running out and am waiting for an order for the supply store
Chocolate YUM YUM
Diagnose ur paint by numbers
the "Cute or What" tidy desk stationary kit
And river fords tote bag


For the package containing a Dairy Milk Medley bar (not tried this before!), lots of lovely BC labels, the blank mini Alice in Wonderland cards and a mini Swallows card. Thank you very much! I love everything.


What a great surprise! Sitting here enjoying my morning coffee when the mailman delivered a surprise package. A book to wild release in a Little Free Library and lots of BCID labels! Thanks again.


You're welcome! I'm happy to have contributed to a nice day. :))


I just realized that my wings have been extended and I'm pretty sure someone here must have gifted them. Wings are always appreciated. Thanks!


For the wishlist book Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch and the lovely card and BC labels. This really made my day. :)


I was so pleased to see that book on your wishlist. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


I enjoyed the clam chowder postcard and postcard from South Carolina + letter you sent me!! It made my day to receive the postcards and letter, so thank you!!

I've been to both Surfside/Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Charleston, SC, but it has been a couple of decades, so am sure that both areas have changed a lot since my last visit.


For an absolutely amazing HGG gift- chocolate, BC labels (MEERKATS!!!<3), the most incredible smelling lavender soap, and 2 beautiful knitted hats, for my daughter and baby (once he finally arrives!) These are fantastic, you're very talented! It was really hot today but my daughter insisted on wearing hers all day! I'm not sure how to/if I can add a photo here so I'm going to change my profile pic so you can see! THANK YOU! Xx


What a great hat and a great photo!


You're welcome


I received the adorable calendar and nice letter yesterday. It's so nice to find a surprise when you get home!! Thank you!!


For the package which arrived today. I'm going to try and keep it unopened until at least after my birthday.


For surprising me with Stuart: A Life Backwards and saving this poor book from destruction at the hands of a charity shop!


I just noticed I completely forgot to enter a journal for it


Thank you so much for the sweet letter and the Hawaiian Islands tea. The flavors sound yummy. Will be trying them soon. I love HGG and all the great people that are part of it.


For the tote bag tea light candles, pen and bc supplies


... for the book for my friend and the Christmas card envelope for me. I'll take her the book next week and I'll wait to open my envelope.


Thanks for sending me A Monster Calls, a book from my wishlist. Looking forward to reading it!


Your welcome


for the lovely hand knitted necklace. It's very unique and will help me stay warm in the winter! Great surprise!


Wow, the necklace arrived fast!! Glad you like it.


I absolutely love my pretty knitted necklace---thank you! I've never seen anything like it but I put it on with what I was wearing today and it's just perfect. I love it!


Wow, the necklace arrived fast!! Glad you like it.


Thanks for thr six skeins of fun fur. Looks great, I'll find a cool project to use it for!


Thanks for thr six skeins of fun fur. Looks great, I'll find a cool project to use it for!

Enjoy!! I hope you find the perfect pattern for the fun fur yarn!


for the wonderful package that arrived today. Stich markers, yarn, book labels, sweet little note cards, chocolate and a wish list book. It really brought a smile to my face (and to my husband's, who always perks up at chocolate)


Thank you so much for the lovely Victorian Posy book! It was so thoughtful of you to send it my way---it's exactly the kind of thing I love! I also love how the label inside fits with the Victorian theme.

Happy HGG!


For two Alison Weir books a fantastic selection of tea, a face mask, BC supplies and chocolate, it was a lovely surprise to come back to after 9 days on the road travelling round Scotland! Oh and also for my first Christmas card this year!


For Divergent which I have been wanting to read for ages and a lovely selection of cards and BC supplies, very kind of you.


For The Notebook which is one of my favourite films, what a lovely bunch of packages to come home to!


What a great surprise ! I'll place the children books in my little free library to share. I appreciate the postcards because I love to send mail to my friends. You put a little of sun in my day.


I'm glad I shed some sunshine on your day.


A wonderful surprise package arrived today~a wishlist book: The Girl in the Spider's Web by David Lagercrantz, some very pretty note cards and the cutiest little book of sticky notes. Thanks so much-all will be used and enjoyed.


I was away for a week and two wonderful packages awaited me at home. They included tea, handknit(!) socks, handmade(!) earrings, stationery, bookmarks, a tote bag and more. I'm totally thrilled - Thank you so much to you both, I love everything!


Thank you so much for the Australian notepad, little koala, and all the little magnets.
PS you sent me my first HGG package (ever). Thank you


For the wonderful labels, markers, bookmarks and sunflower. You made my day and I alread used the labels for the Halloween release.


For sending me two books from my wishlist - Emerald Green & Sapphire Blue. I was so excited when I got this package! Thank you so much! :-)


for the wishlistbook: The Seafront Tea Rooms by Vanessa Greene

Thank you very much for this lovely HGG


For sending meDinogami by Mari Ono and Hiroaki Takai (do you have a BCID for this)
Dinosaurs face mask
Dinosaur figure
The Halloween joke cards


For sending me The Crossing Places by EllyGriffiths (a wish list book), some beautiful smelling tea and some book crossing mini labels


Finally I was getting worried that it had got in the post. I wonder what took it so long


For the Moomintastic package. I love the reused postcard (which I will turn into a card eventually), Moomin teabag, the stamps on the reused envelope. Also the BC labels (my favourite is the BBC Big Read Top 100 one) and stickers. Thanks for the selection of bookmarks and the cleverly shaped glue stick. Oh and the Friends of the Earth envelope reuse labels. I used all mine up a while ago.


Could be HGG or Oppem Birthday group. Sent from CF14!


For the postcards, the chocolate, stationary and Christmas card from Perth Australia!! Much appreciated!!


Thank you for the package and all the goodies. I love the socks, and more pennies to add to my collection. Bookmarks are always welcome, and the postcard is very pretty. Happy Holidays to you and your family.


For the lovely package containing her note, a couple of bc labels, a small tube of perfume ( it smelled so good! ), a cool little notebook, and a square of soap that says Cleo - Leite de Burra that smells great and I was also amused to find out one of the ingredients is Donkey milk ( so cool right! ) apparently the name means donkey milk but I didn't know that until I looked it up lol. Love it! :-)


For the wonderful package of goodies! It had a lovely natural sea salt soap, 3 bc labels, a bookmark with books on the front and a list of 100 books on the backside, postcard with note ( I like vampire movies too! ), Harry Potter book labels and cards ( Happy Squeal! ), an adorable little notebook, and a rock for my daughter which she was so excited about. She looked it up and believes it to be a mineral silver pyrite rock. Thank you so much! :-)


for the lovey packages I received!!
In them there were socks, tea tea tea :), postcards, stationery and release material. I'm totally spoilt!! :)


I opened the mystery parcel and found a book I had been tagged with in Wishlist Tag ( the Life-changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo.

Plus a whole lot of HGG goodies
- home-made BC labels and stickers
- cute bookplates which can be used for Bookcrossing
- a selection of greeting cards of various sizes
- Trees for Life envelope reuse labels (love this charity)
- Selection of chewy sweets including ice cream flavour
- a maritime postcard
- a little pink pen

Thank you for such a thoughtful collection of things I like!


for the lovely card and labels, I was able to use them already!


I'm glad the labels came in handy.


for the Christmas cards which just arrived. Had been thinking I'd need to buy some.


for the wonderful surprise package I received today-The Great Fire of London by Samuel Pepys, some coffee and a stack of very beautiful Christmas Cards and greeting cards (some a Crhistmas! All things are appreciated and will be used!


for the pack of Holiday cards. These are cute, I'll be able to use them. There's even somebody who always asks for cardinals, the red birds on the cards. I'm glad I opened the package right away.


I received the reindeer Christmas cards today...loved them! I just adore sending out cards and if I came upon cards for just 10 cents a box, I would've bought a whole bunch too. Thank you for thinking of me and sharing your "wealth".


I received my first ever HGG gift and it was amazing!

Thanks for the bookmarks (I loved the one of Game of Thrones), BC and Harry Potter labels, lip balm (which smells so good),beautiful elephant key-ring, Disneyland card and owl card.

I loved everything :)


Wow! I had a less than great day and found your wonderful package in my mail! I couldn't get the smile off my face. Not only did you send a book I really want to read but you sent beautiful bird pictures & cards, BXing supplies, bookmarks and an adorable red/black phone booth ornament. I really can't thank you enough!!

Happy Holidays!!


I loved the package you sent. The note cards will be fun to use to write to family and friends. I will enjoy wearing the four pairs of tan and black socks you sent in various designs, once our weather finally cools off. Right now I'm still running around in my flip flops.


Your welcome!! I'm glad you enjoyed the goodies.


for the card telling me about your donation to Fetch Fido a Flight. What a great idea, lets hope all those dogs find good homes!


I loved the halloween/Disney stickers you sent :) And thank you for the Harry Potter postcards and the witch card :)


Glad you liked your surprise.


For the lovely message and the teabags! I'm glad the book is travelling to a new reader, and the teas look delicious. I'll have them with a matching book. :)


My first HGG 2016! Thanks so much for the herbal teabags, the BookCrossing stickers, the lovely card, and especially for the postcard of the Hiroshima Peace memorial Park, made from recycled origami cranes! What a creative way to fulfill my wishes for something representing world peace and for an eco-friendly item! I'm so delighted!


Thank you so much for sending me a wonderful book about grandmothers. I've read a few pages and already rated it ten stars!


for The Fault in Our Stars, a wishlist book! I'm really looking forward to reading it.


My first Hgg-gift this year! I loved it - the socks, moisturiser, little pieces of cloth for my project (they are perfect for it!) , tea, labels and Harry Potter stickers and badge - perfect for my daughter! Thank you soooo much!


You could not have picked a more perfect book to send! It's a wishlist book, it's red and black and it has a cat on it! You definitely made my day!

Thank you so much Lamilla!! I truly appreciate it!

Happy Holidays!


You could not have picked a more perfect book to send! It's a wishlist book, it's red and black and it has a cat on it! You definitely made my day!

Thank you so much Lamilla!! I truly appreciate it!

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to you too ))


for the wishlist book, The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson, and the Bookcrossing labels!!


Happy holidays! I hope you'll enjoy the book as much as I did. It was a very pleasant surprise.


Thanks so much for the thoughtful HGG package you put together for me! I love my vintage Oscar Wilde book. This is my first vintage book printed in Great Britain! I also love the pretty bookplate you sent for it, as well as the labels and bookmark. The organizer paper pad will be so helpful when I'm writing because I'm constantly being distracted by the to-do list in my head! I appreciate your thoughtfulness.


A big thanks to you for the nice Christmas cards. What a great price you got. I appr cite your kindness.


Thanks so much for my Aldi bag! I love shopping at Aldi and I really needed some more market bags!


For the lego set, it was a life saver. I got it on the way to taking my mom for a minor surgery and that meant I had to sit in a dr lobby for 2 hours with my 4 year old. The legos kept him so busy!


For the halloween books to release!


You're welcome...I hope the kids will like the books.


What a great package to arrive in my box. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.


I like the T-shirt yarn and the variegated acrylic yarn.


For your parcel full of awsomness. I Recived
Halloween tea light Candles
Little pumpkin needle cushion?
BC Supplies (labels and the yellow round cover stickers)
Tea bags (will be needing them tonight, it's very cold and windy down here in Cornwall)
Afghan oil mud mask (I have a nice collection of these now)
BC UK UNCON tote bag
A Wishlist book Blackberry wine by Joanne Harris
Here is the link with a pic in it


The pumpkin is just a little decoration! I'm glad you liked the stuff I sent.


For the wonderful package of caffeine infusion! Yay for coffee! There was a large bag of Hawaiian coffee that was Chocolate Macadamia flavored and two small coffees one from Turkey and one from Israel. Cool right?! Thank you. :-)


Today I received a book to share in my free library! I really appreciate it and always love getting mail :-)

Thank you and Happy Holidays!!!


A book to wild releasein a little free library-Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne, patriotic stickers and a dozen greeting cards! Thank you so much!


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