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Ran this in June earlier this year, and seeing as there has been some great work done in the store this week, and the prices of Bookplates has come down, I thought now would be a great time to host Round #2!

Enter here to be in line to receive something from the supply store.
As a sender you can choose wings, bookplates, labels, stickers...anything. You can decide now, or after the winner has been chosen.
Purchases from the supply store is a direct way of putting much needed money into BookCrossing.

Here are the usual rules (shamelessly copied, with some personal additions):

1. First you post here to enter.

2. Then you PM me with your mailing details (EVEN if you think I already have it!) and please put "R2 BC's Supply Store Sweeps" in the subject line of your PM.
If you enter as send only, nominate another BCer's name to go in the hat.

3. At the end of the month, I'll draw two names. One winner and one decoy.
I'll PM everyone with the name and address of the winner (the winner will be PM'ed with the name and address of the decoy).

4. You are expected to make a purchase from the supply store - supplies are preferred (labels, stickers, release bags, wings) but Wings are ok too - and your order delivered to the winner.

5. Please don't let the winner know they have won, either by posting here or by PM, it's much more fun if the packages start arriving out of the blue! And please don't post here the name of the winner!
You can however post what you have ordered for the winner.

6. As the packages start to arrive, the winner must post in this thread what it is they receive, as it's fun for everyone who's entered to see what the winner has got.

7. I will host the next competition within 4-6 months of the draw.
Let's keep this sweepstake (and supporting BC) going! :)

I'll close this off on 30 November, so together we can make the supply store busy in December!

If you want to participate, but want to be "send only" please nominate a person to go in the draw.

Whose in?

✓Bookstogive (nominated by MyssCyn)
✓ iwillrejoice
✓ ILuvToRead2
W rahar109
✓Bookfrogster (nominated by J4shaw)
W Boekentrol


Raising hand in Arizona! : ) I'm not shy about being first in line. ; )


Was waiting for this one to come back :)


I'd like to join in.

I have had great fun with the multi-lingual bookplates I ordered last time. And look forward to replenishing and sharing my BC stock :)


MyssCyn 3 yrs ago
I'm in.
Can I PM you with my surrogates name so it would be a surprise if we win?


redfox5 3 yrs ago
me please!


wingsakirmowing 3 yrs ago
I'll try
this one!


wingPoodlesisterwing 3 yrs ago
I'm in!
Will send a PM


This was fun!


Count me in




Loving the new look Supply Store.


Please enter me.


wingmotherof11wing 3 yrs ago


...with 13 entries
Let's see if we can make it to 20 and then we will have 2 winners (2 x group of 10) like last time


wingrahar109wing 3 yrs ago
PM sent


PM on the way.


PM'ing you right away!


quietorchid 3 yrs ago
I'm in!
off to look at the supply store...


...and thought I'd share both the question itself and my response here for others who might be wondering the same thing.

"Do we order in the winner's name? Do we order, wait for it to come n, and then send it on? I'm confudes. Thanks"

It's really up to you.
If you're doing an order for yourself, or have supplies already, then you could send directly from yourself.
If you wanted to make a specific order for the winner, for say labels, you can make the shipping address the winner's instead of your own, that way the supplies are sent directly to the winner.


...thought I'd share both the question itself and my response here for others who might be wondering the same thing.

I WAS wondering how that would work because I was thinking that would not only help cut down on postage costs...allowing a few MORE Holiday RABCK BC Supply orders to be made ; ) ...but also reduce mailing time...even for International BC surprises! ; )

If you wanted to make a specific order for the winner, for say labels, you can make the shipping address the winner's instead of your own, that way the supplies are sent directly to the winner.

THANK YOU...THANK YOU...for posting this info J4shaw! : )

Hopefully this same process works for those FABULOUS BC GIFT CERTIFICATES I think I saw available now! : ) Heading for Supply Store to take another look! Better hire in extra holiday help to process orders! ; )



A lovely way of supporting the store. Please enter me.


..that I didn't include myself on the list
So I'll be in as a send only, and I choose to nominate Moem...which takes us to 19 participants




wingJ4shawwing 3 yrs ago
Moem has declined the nomination, therefore I'll change to Bookfrogster.


Count me in! Happy to help support the Store - and it sounds like fun!


wingJ4shawwing 3 yrs ago
We've got 21
Need one more to round it up, then I'll close it and draw 2 winners


wingFifnawing 3 yrs ago
I'll be #22!
Count me in. Having trouble posting on the forum, so apologies if this message shows up three times!


......I'd counted MyssCyn's entry twice
So we need one more entry



Hoping to get an new participant within the next 24 hrs, otherwise I'll take up your offer.


But please do count me in. PM is on the way to you.


But please do count me in. PM is on the way to you.

WHOOO HOOO! Looks like you got in just under the wire, Boekentrol! Good thing, because I didn't realize I would need to "nominate" some one when I said I would be a "send only" (I wouldn't know who to fairly nominate at the last minute) until I reread J4shaw rules. I just didn't want to be unfairly "double dipping" from a prize aspect! ; ) Happy you could join in the fun! : )


wingJ4shawwing 3 yrs ago
Will draw....
..this tomorrow when I get on my laptop, and will then send pms
Goodnight all


wingJ4shawwing 3 yrs ago
22 PMs sent!
Entrants were assigned a number from 1 - 22 in the order of signing up to the Sweeps. I then used http://www.random.org True Random Number Generator to choose the 2 winners.

Get ordering everyone, and congrats to the 2 secret winners!

Thanks for taking part and I hope to see you all for the next round in 2016!

TIP: You can add your username to the address so the winner knows the order is from you by adding your username into the Name field if ordering direct from the store:
ie Josie Forshaw (c/o J4shaw)


Thanks for organizing this, J4shaw! ; )


The winner will be receiving a "Multi-language Starter Kit" from me


Sending you a BookCrossing Supply Store Gift Certificate so you can choose what you like or need, and/or choose wings! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! : )


I will be ordering wings for the lucky winner and sending a little parcel with some BC supplies by mail.


hope it works this time round (with the new store you would hope they corrected the mistake of the old one...)


When I browsed the bookplates, I was quite startled to find one with a Viking which appears to be almost identical with the logo for our local football team. The bookplate is in the 'Most Recent' section, and here's a link to the team's page: http://www.vikings.com/
I went ahead and ordered the bookplate, because I very much like the message "Free People Read Freely." Also, the Viking image can be a little souvenir of Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the USA.


I'm going to send a selection of BC supplies from my collection (and I have put in an order to replenish it).


Expect some custom bookplates and some of those round yellow stickers from me :)




I ordered Release bags and bookmarks. Enjoy!


and send an envelope with supplies to the winner.


wingsakirmowing 3 yrs ago
I'll order
a bunch of stickers later at the weekend. Congrats to the winner(s)!

EDIT: done Sunday evening






I have ordered custom bookplates for my winner.


Congratulations!! Look at all this fun stuff being ordered!!



Yes, inDEEDy! And the more the MERRIER! Adjusting pointy ears and ready to help if needed! : D



Winging their way to one of the winners! Congrats!


No one has realized they've won, apparantly :-)


No one has realized they've won, apparantly :-)

I am in suspense!!!!!

I know my package is on its way, hopefully they will all arrive together and that will give it away. Come on postie! :)


No one has realized they've won, apparantly :-)

at least it says my giftcard has been delivered...


No one has realized they've won, apparantly :-)

at least it says my giftcard has been delivered...

My wings should have reached their destination as well...


My wings should have reached their destination as well...

Mine, too.


So they might not have anything yet.


A couple of days ago two Supply Store coupons appeared in my inbox - thank you Hippolein and BOOKWORMINUSALL. I thought I'd better wait to be sure and today the postman brought me two envelopes with labels, stickers, bookmarks and release bags - plus wings! Thank you to Diane-Fraser and Boekentrol.
Christmas has definitely started early - I suppose I'd better put the decorations up!


But we have two winners...so who is the other winner...??


Two more envelopes arrived today!

Thank yous to sakirmo for the stickers and to Poodlesister for the release bags with stickers and labels plus some tea, a face mask and a book from my wishlist. And I forgot to thank Diane-Fraser yesterday for the little handbag-sized 2016 diary.
What a generous lot you are!


CONGRATULATIONS! My pleasure. ; )



A delivery was made just yet. Still wasn't suspecting anything, because I do expect some BookCrossing mail. When I saw the envelope, I even thought 'but I didn't order anything'. And then it dawned on me :-)

Thanks, Fifna, for the stickers & release bags.
Thanks, Keeta1 for the release bags.
Thanks, J4shaw, for what looks like a complete release kit (round stickerd, tiny stickers, multi language plates and multi language adhesives).

This is really awesome!




Firsthand experience here...fellow BookCrossers! ; )

When you order from the Supply Store using a Gift Certificate, be sure the total for what you order is at least as much as the Gift Certificate total, as you can only use the Gift Certificate Code ONE time and you will loose any remaining balance otherwise. ; )

This will also save the EXTREMELY thoughtful, kind, courteous, friendly, overworked ELF in the Supply Store that ALWAYS goes above and beyond the call of duty another HUGE headache, and a TREMENDOUS amount of extra time and effort in resolving the problem created if you don't! ; )


From a very happy Boekentrol.

Today I received another parcel from the supply store.
In it were awesome custom labels.

Thank you, Meganh, for the Dutch version of Oh, the places you'll go. Picture is some kind of ruin. Looks like a great place to visit.
Thank you, JudySlump61w for the viking bookplates and for Mathilda, if I'm not mistaken
Thank you, scout-finch for Cozy Reading and It's your lucky day.

It sure feels like my lucky day :-) These are all exactly the plates I looked at when I was browsing which ones to order for myself.
Now I not only have lots of awesome plates to use, but my collection has been expanded with one of each.

Thank you gyys! You're awesome!


You are welcome Boekentrol! That "some kind of ruin" is the most amazing place I have ever been to, and it is Machu Picchu in Peru. I released that book there and it actually got caught. Hope you enjoy the stickers.


You're welcome! It was so much fun to pick out labels for another BCer, and it always feels good to support BC via the store. Looking forward to participating again in the spring!


...from the 2 winners of what they are receiving!
I truly love this Sweeps (and not just because I created it) and the generosity of the participants has been great so far.
Thank you all for taking part.
Hope to see you all for the next round around April/May.


from faramir10, that personal issues got in the way of ordering yet.


brought another present, this time from Rahar109 :-)

Thank you so much for the multilingual labels and the pink stickers! I'll put them to good use :-)

Still something on the way, if I'm counting correctly 3 or 4. You lot have made Moem awfully busy these pre-Christmas days!


Over the last few days the postman brought me some more goodies. Many thanks to
redfox5 for stickers and labels
Lamilla for release bags
Miss Markey for stickers

Merry Christmas everyone!


the winners between them are still to expect prizes from:
...unless those participants have ordered the winners wings? ツ


Thanks for the accounting. Intl mail near the holidays is always interesting.


I haven't noticed an extension of wings. (Just checked.)
But... if I'm wrong about that, please say so!


My parcel went out yesterday (the delivery was very slow!).


On Christmas eve I received a Christmas card with labels and stickers from quietorchid.
Thank you so much! Love the labels. Is the cat yours? It's very photogenetic :-)


Hope you enjoy them, and yes the tabby cat is a sister to my avatar.


Your envelope arrived safely today :-)
Thank you for the Dutch custom bookplates (immediately bring the song Boy in a Tree by The Nits to mind), the tiny stickers, the Oxford and two other English bookplates. You also included two bookmarks and 3 kinds of tea. :-) Thanks so much!!

And, by accident, the stamps were 'fresh' when I took the envelope from the letterbox, so I'll be able to use them again. The mailman forgot to ruin them with a pen :-)


to ILuvToRead2 for some Wings.

Thank you to everyone for your generosity, and a special thank you to J4shaw for organising the sweeps.


This was a great sweeps!


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