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Link for HGG wish lists: http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/522641


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Thanks for helping me with my lifetime challenge to send a book to every country in the world by putting me in touch with J4shaw in Kiribati. I will be sending her a book soon!


For the Twinings Calming Camomile tea (looks very yummy)
the milka chocolate bar (need to be hiding that from my husband :-) )
and the BC-stickers and sticky notes :-) (some of them I don't recognize :-) )
THANK YOU so much for this lovely parcel and your lovely note


For the box of very berry tea (smells very nice)
The release bags
The milka chocolate :)

You have made my day


for my wishlist book "The marriage plot" I've been wanting this for a looong time!


So glad you liked my surprise. I think you'll like the book too.
Here's what I thought about it when I read it (no spoilers):
http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/12250940/ ;)


rubyrebel 4 yrs ago
thank you
someone gave me wings


I'm not sure if my wings came from someone in this group but if it is thank you


Thank you for the bookcrossing supplies, such nice labels and stickers! And I like the stationery you wrote your note on ;-)).


Thank you for my wishlist book and the card and bookmark. It was very nice coming home to find a surprise package waiting for me!


You're quick off the mark. My lovely package arrived yesterday at the end of a really lovely but tiring week and really cheered me 😄


Thanks so much to whomever gave me wings! Now I can wear my Santa hats again! Woo Hoo!!!


for the candy
and used gift cards


For sending me a book from my wishlist, The Shock of the Fall. Looking forward to reading it! Thanks also for the great bookcrossing supplies.


You're welcome, glad it arrived safe!


For the Tea bags, chocolate and letter writing paper


For the HGG package with some lovely tea, loads of postcards, fridge magnets from Scotland (I love Scotland!) and Canada, and some bc supplies! Thank you, it really made my day! :D


I'm so glad you liked everything! You're very welcome!


Thanks so much for the biography of Anne Boleyn! I just returned from my England trip so this is very timely!


You're welcome, hope you enjoy it!


For the sweet package I arrived home to find on my door mat yesterday! I loved everything! Got some tealight candles, lots of stickers, a few BC labels, some pretty notepaper/envelopesand a few bookmarks. How kind of you! Got to admit the Oreo box fooled me though, I thought you had sent me oreos haha! Very clever haha.


I hope the lack of Oreos wasn't disappointing! Glad you liked everything!


I hope the lack of Oreos wasn't disappointing! Glad you liked everything!

Not disappointed in the least!! I would definitely choose stickers and stationery over oreos any day! It's a no brainer ha ha! Thanks again :-)


Thank you so much for the great box of crafting goodies, as well as the book! I love Karla Dornacher's artwork and had the opportunity to attend a luncheon at which she spoke at our church a few years ago in Oregon. Happy HGG!


Thanks so much for the biography you sent me. Looks like a good one!


For the HGG packet with book-markers, bc stickers, and the dog postcard. This was the best thing in the mail all week!


for the box tops. My son's teacher loved them.


You're welcome! Happy to help!


Saw them today and they made me smile!


Thank you very much! What a great surprise, my first this year! A book from my wishlist - a bit bar of chocolate, type I've never tried - two cute Muppet Show -thingies, perfect for my daughter! I love this all!!

Have several things to send, just haven't had time yet..


For the awesome strawberry and cream chocolate, one of the family's favourite, the hot chocolate, the bookmark and the letter! Thank you so much for brightening our day!


Thanks for helping me with my lifetime challenge to send a book to every country by giving me contact details for someone in Cambodia!


My pleasure!


for the box of children's books for the Halloween release to trick or treaters. The neighbor kids will really appreciate them.


For the assorted bookmarks! Much appreciated!


for sending me mycokereward points. They are greatly appreciated.


Thank you so much for the lovely parcel packed full of gifts including the a notepad and post it notes, BC supplies, chocolate, candles, stationary, a card and my favourite bit - the gorgeous Winnie the Pooh Disney cards!


For the wishlist book ''the favourite game' and lots of labels! Really made my day to come home to this surprise! I also seem to have sprouted my wings back... Does anyone want to own up so I can thank you? :) :)


... for all the postcards! They arrived today as my first HGG for the year and I sent my first HGG gift today as well.


A nice postcard for me to color. I appreciate your kindness.


I love to send postcards and stickers. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.


For the large parcel
I was given
Xmas tree decorations
Post it notes
Cute journal
And a very cute weekly planner


For the package that had a
My friends diary
Tiwinings and Taylor's tea (peppermint and camomile)
2 tote bags
Writing paper


Thank you so much for this kind HGG RABCK! 3 wishlist books! You are very kind! I thought the package waiting for me at the post office was some boring text books - I was so pleased to find it wasn't!

I got:
The Changeling by Phillipa Gregory
The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult
The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hemnessey by Rachel Joyce


I'm glad you liked the HGG parcel :)


for the wishlist book. I look forward to reading this.


I received your audiobooks today. They look very interesting!


huge thank you to you both!

The most wonderful gifts arrived today!

From Chucklesthescot a wishlist book The Quilter's Kitchen - and a cool card with such a funny poem!!!

From JPix lovely soft socks, big bar of Dairy Milk with Ritz crackers, and a body lotion!

Such generous people!

On weekend I really have to put some parcels together and make a trip to post-office!


You're welcome!


I received your postcard.
Rugby has popularity very much now in Japan.Of course,Japan beat South Africa in World Cup.Particular Goroumaru has s many popularity.A lot of japanese people imitating his strange pose like a pray.

Goroumaru's strange pose


for the wishlist book (Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch), tea and tiny chocolate. The book looks like a lot of fun! :D


For the wishlist book Possession by A.S.Byat along with a beautiful bookmark and label, the amazing magnet the tea and the Harry Potter art print. It was an amazing HGG :D


Thank you for the wishlist book and the huge stash of little goodies that came with it: tea, chocolate, an elastic, a polar bear postcard, bookmarks and a sticky label. Yay!! I'm super happy about having a new BBC Big Read bookmark especially -- I already have one, but it's so well-loved, bent and dog-eared that I could really do with a new one. :D


I'm super happy about having a new BBC Big Read bookmark especially

I also found one in the book! They are so pretty!


Thanks for the 3 books you sent me, the grand avenue, cast member confidential and an Orlando travel guide


For the wishlist book, 'The perks of being a wallflower' by Stephen Chbosky! Very kind of you x


I'm not sure if it was from someone in this group for the HGG but if it was... BIG thank you!!! I love having my stars back!


for the envelop with twinings cherry bakewell and gingerbread teabags


For the envelope of tea and chocolate :)


for the wonderfull envelope with Strawberrychocolate, Pineapplechocolate, BC-stickers and tea (tilia, and honey lemon)
thank you very much!


Stickers, bookmarks, labels, release bags!! It was amazing to receive this in the post today! THANK YOU!!!


Thank you for the great postcard! I have read one of the books you recommend, I'll check what the others are like.


thank you for the gift of wings and the lovely card you sent. (pming you a personal message)


Lovely chocolate, lovely tea, and a gorgeously evil postcard -- you spoil me! :D
(Also, very neat upcycling envelope -- great inspiration!)


So excited to receive your package! Thanks so much!

Wishlist book, chocolate bar (eating it right now!), labels, stickers, release bags, post it notes, magnetic book mark and a face mask. Woweee!! Come to think of it, I should have kept the chocolate until I was wearing the face mask and reading the book haha couldn't resist though!


Glad you liked it all!


Thank you so much for the chocolate, the tea and the postcard. I also liked the clever recycled packaging and the stickers on it which I have salvaged and will reuse.


For the huge BC-supplies, the several twinings fruit teabags (never had the cranberry and qanguinello oranges brand) and the fairtrade chocolates.

Thank you very much ;-)


For the wishlist book I Anastastia: an autobiography
The Halloween tinsel
BC supplies


Thank you for the wishlist book, the BC supplies and the release bags. I am really happy with it all!


A cute little postcard. I have added your card to my ever growing collection.


I went home today and found the package (it survived the terrible typhoon last week!).
It contains a "Dear Santa Letter Writing Kit", a set of zoo-themed stickers, some dog-themed notepaper, a Christmas card, and several baking utensils, including a silicon whisk, a silicon spatula, and a silicon chocolate mold!!! It's really nice of you. I especially love those kitchen tools. Now I can make heart-shaped chocolate :D


for the wishlist book The Mermaid Chair.


For the lovely card and the stamps...you surely made my day!


Thank you to the lovely person rom England for the lovely tea, chocolate etc and most of all the fantastic Christmas Tree felt ornament...it will go in perfectly with my country style Christmas Decor!!

Thankx to the lovely girl from Portugal I think who sent me the fantastic Vatican Stamps!!! Your generousity is amazing!!

Thank you to the lovely person from Perth I believe it was who sent me a whole stack of books, including a Nancy Drew book, thank you so much!!

You are all great generous bookcrossers and sorry I havent singled you out in name as I got these about 2 weeks ago and I havent been on the computer as it is playing up.

Just know that every gift in your packages is appreciated and I am grateful that you thought of me!!

I have to get onto sending some goodies to fellow bookcrossers asap...its been a busy time lately, but thankfully after Halloween I should be better for time as I have already completed my Christmas shopping.

Thankx again and if I find the parcel info I will come back and put your names in!!


Thank you to the lovely person from Perth I believe it was who sent me a whole stack of books, including a Nancy Drew book, thank you so much!!


So glad to hear you got that. I was a bit worried it might have got lost and I forgot to keep the tracking number. Wasn't entirely sure about that type of Nancy Drew, but it was so cute I decided to get it anyhow!


I'm glad you liked the Vatican Stamps, they were here for a while waiting for someone to appreciate them! :D


Wow! Thanks so much for the huge amount of soap you sent me! There are some colourful cake shaped soaps, some seaweed and moisture soaps and my favourite, a nice big yellow stripey soap. Excellent timing as I was just starting to get low on soap too :) Thanks also for sending lots of bookcrossing stickers and for the metal feather craft accessories, which my sister will like as she makes and sells jewellery.


Thanks so much for keeping me flying! (Or Ho-Ho-Ho-ing, I suppose!)


this weekend when I was away a little box arrived at my house :-)
It contained a lovely letter, a christmascard, a whole box of twinings cranberry&raspberry and a whole box of twinings blackcurrant&blueberry, the wishlistbook little beachstreet bakery, a magnetic bookmark, a lot (and when I say a lot, I mean a lot) of BC-stickers, two sweet little cards with Emma Ball paintings on them and a fairtrade chocolate bar.

Thank you thank you thank you so very much for this more than generous parcel, I've been spoiled by you ;-)
And congrats on your 25th workbirthday :-)


For the wonderful bookcrossing supplies and the calendar! They are all great!


Thanks for the bookcrossing supplies and the lovely card!


For the wishlist book The Women of the Cousins' war by Philippa Gregory


Link for HGG wish lists: http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/522641


I'm Saving it for Christmas Morning but wanted to let you know it arrived.


Southernfryed, thank you for the little packet of cards for my son to make into guitar picks. He has moved to Columbus, Georgia, and he's stationed at Fort Benning there. I'll send these along to him. Thanks again!


... but wanted to let you know it arrived safe and sound!


I totally love Fannie Flagg's books, and "The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion" looks like fun. Thank you for thinking of me at HGG time! I already made a journal entry! Hope I get to read it soon, but Mount TBR is really huge. Thanks again.


Thank you for supporting Bookcrossing this way!!


Laughing, even the envelope is fun! Can't wait to open it on Christmas morning! ☺


KIMMI ! I opened your envelope yesterday! The recipes look like fun! My niece is is vegetarian and GF. I know we'll enjoy the recipes together, especially if we can substitute GF flour mixes for the flour! Thank you. My vegetarian recipes are more utilitarian and run-of-the mill, so you probably already have them (lentil soups, pasta with chickpeas and broccoli, veggie patties, pasta and peas.) Thank you again!


I'm excited to open it on Christmas morning!


I made a journal entry!




I'm looking and looking, but I CANNOT find it ...


Thank you! Looking forward to opening it on Christmas morning!


Dear Tabby-cat-owner! What fun to open your package on Christmas! I'm enjoying thinking how I will use the post cards to incorporate in various crafts, and absolutely LOVE the notecards you made! The illustrations remind me of the Little Golden Books we used to read back in the day!!! (Want to know that I never knew that Longfellow wrote the lyrics to that carol?) Iwill read the letter through again, and send one soon!!! Thank you again!


Thank you! I am eager to open it on Christmas morning!


Dear Yaroujidai! I opened your card yesterday ... Thank you so much for the holiday wishes and the stamps inside. I will share them with some young friends who will enjoy them very much! Have a wonderful new year!


Thank you so much!!!! Will open it on Christmas morning - Love the anticipation!


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