[CLOSED] US Only - November RABCKs Part 2 - a box of books

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November is the month of both my birthday and my BookCrossing anniversary, so I'd like to offer a few RABCKs.

Sign up here if you'd be interested in getting a small box of books - probably mostly fantasy & SF - and I'll draw names.

I'll pick before the end of the month, but the boxes won't go out until I get the books registered.

US only - I'll be using media mail. :)


And Happy Birthday and Happy BC Anniversary!


Only one of you wants a box of books? OBCZs, UBCZs, LFLs, etc?


wingHI77wing 5 yrs ago

Sorry! I wasn't ignoring you! Just buried in holiday stuff! ;)

By the way, I don't know if I said it before but Congratulations on your bookiversery!! (I already wished you happy birthday with a package! Hehe)

And sure I'd love a box of books to scatter about places! That'd be great! :D


Happy BC anniversary!

Please put my name in the hat as well.


Stock for the official and unofficial OBCZs always welcome.....


..anybody else?


I'll pick at some point tomorrow.


If there's still time to sign up?? I hope, I hope --
The Little Free Library in front of my house could use some fresh additions; November has been kind of a slow month for the LFL.

Thanks for the RABCK offer. Happy birthday! Happy bookiversary! May you have many more years, and may there be lots of happy reading in your future.


ComradeCamper, I have you on my list, but your PMs are turned off...




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