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It's here! Yippee!!!

***Please read this post very carefully and if you still have questions then PM me for clarification.*** If you're familiar with the HGG, please at least skim through and make note of the parts I've "starred" ***. Thanks!

It's time for our annual Holiday Gift Giving Thread! I'm really looking forward to what has been the beginning of my holiday season for the last 8 years! I love being the middle-girl between those who want to surprise another BXer with a gift and the lucky receiver of that gift!

Everyone may post his or her personal wish list, not just books, but anything--- big or small. Others may try to fulfill the wishes as they can. USED items that fulfill a specific wish are just as wonderful as new, and there are NO OBLIGATIONS.

***Please post your country in the subject line to make it easier for the 'givers'.

I WILL NOT BE ASSIGNING YOU A PARTNER as in some of the other giving threads. On this thread, you read through the wishes and find the ones you would like to grant. Then you PM me to get the address for you. You then send the surprises out at any time between now and...whenever! There has been some confusion about this in the past, so please PM me for any clarifications you need.

***BIG CHANGE!!!!***
This year will be different from others as there is now no more rabck.com. That means you'll need to send me your address if you want to participate. So, the big change is that, if you don't send me your address, I'm not going to PM you looking for it. So, if you post a wishlist and someone wants to send you something but I don't have your address, I will write back to them to let them know that I don't have it. Running this thread has always been a big responsibility, and this year it will be bigger than ever, so please take this extra step to help me out. I will post a list here as I receive addresses so you can check back to make sure your PM was received by seeing if your name is on the list. Bookcrosser, Southernfryed, has sweetly offered to be the contact person to obtain my address if you are wishing to surprise me with an HGG gift. Please don't ask her for any other addresses besides mine.

**Please be aware that courtesy goes a long way so please make sure that you've spelled the member's screen name correctly and that you are not sending me lists of 50 members at a time. ***I have not saved any of the addresses from last year so you will need to send yours again this year. I am very committed to responding to you in a timely manner so if you don't hear back from me or see your name on the address list within a day or two, then please assume I did not receive your note and PM again. I will notify the thread if I am to be away from the computer for more than two days.

****VERY important: I take my responsibility seriously and will not give out addresses for reasons other than HGG giving, nor will I give out addresses after Dec. 31. All addresses are deleted from my computer after the first of the year and I start fresh the following year. DO NOT ask me to send you the entire database of addresses.

I've had a great time the last few years fulfilling and receiving wishes. If you're interested in participating, all you have to do is post a list of gifts you'd like to receive. You can choose books, or world peace, hand-crafted items or new cars- anything you want or need. YOU MIGHT NOT GET ANYTHING AT ALL, but this is a generous community. Someone might have the very thing. I really would like to stress the importance of saying "thank you". I will start up a "thank you" thread as well and that is a great place to post a note to the sender letting them know that you received and appreciate your gift. A PM to the person would be a second step to take that I'm sure all "gifters" would really appreciate. Please don't feel that it is impolite to ask if someone has received your gift, but keep in mind things that can slow down the mail such as mailing internationally and busy holiday mailing seasons.

Anyone who wishes to translate this for others, please do. All are welcome to join.

Have fun and Happy (early) Holidays!!!

ADDRESSES RECEIVED: Aberpeter, abi-gibby, alerion, alexiapapa, alkaline-kiwi, ametisti, amynita, apoloniaX, ask-ask, ayesharaees, bamaforever, book-a-neer, bookfrogster, brookler, Chania, Charlieshack, colombina, dotdot, dove-i-libri, ellastix, elstaplador, etherea, feistypom2love, genielady, ghir, hagathorn, heartthumper, herbertloopy, herchelle, HI77, iluvtoread2, izzy5000, jpix, kate3005, kihaan, Kimmi, klaradyn, lamilla, lauraloo29, lightlybenthalo, linguistkris, littlewhitebird, mdm139, millycat, moonblue, mysscyn, nataliec7, nmugirl, oedde, pinkoeria, pippis, prachitulshan, princessrainbow, queenfrog, raluk68, rockdg9, rodespringbal, romy86, rubyladybug, rubyrebel, sarahmangan, saskiasosmile, Southernfryed, Sunshinedreem, Thalasse, thegoaliegirl, tomato68, toothfairy25, veer23, whiteraven, yaroujidai


If you'd like to surprise me, Southernfryed has sweetly offered to give out my address. Please don't ask her for any others besides mine. :)

Anything from my Etsy favorites (link in profile)
I love penpalling and would love some stationery/letter writing paper/envelopes/postage stamps
"Hidden Mother" photos
Anything PINK, Victorian, or cottage themed
Stationery & pretty papers for writing and crafting--especially Kawaii or LISA FRANK!!
Fiction set in the South (USA)
Christian Fiction
Colored Sharpies
Anything Jane Austen or Bronte
Anything handmade…I really treasure other peoples’ creativity!
Trinkets for crafting: pieces of jewelry, buttons, ribbon, found items
Return address labels (please use Mrs. Sarah Coller)
Travel memoirs (like the ones by Susan Allen Toth, England especially---check to see I've not read them already)
Used postage stamps for collecting/trading (doubles are fine!)
New US postage stamps for use
Doilies, ladies handkerchiefs, vintage linens (stains or minor tears, holes are fine!)
Wishlist books
Book-releasing supplies
Anything vintage, antique
Chocolate! (No fruit added, please)
I LOVE Lindt WHITE chocolate truffles
I LOVE Nutella!
a quilt
Where’s George dollars
surprises are great, too!

Things I collect:
stamps; postcards; buttons; sea glass; old canning jars; old books; miniature salt & pepper shakers; Limoges pottery; old photos; toile; tea-related items; French-themed items; birds; doilies; handmade potholders, especially the doll dress design; Blue Ridge pieces in "Pinkie" design, glass bottle stoppers, strawberries, kitchen kitsch; Johnson Brothers pottery in the following designs: Strawberry Fields, The Friendly Village, Harvest Time, English Castles


mmm will search for ... :-) I'm going to surprise as many people as I possible can... let's start today :-)

My wishes:
Stationary kits
Bookcrossing supplies (homemade or bought, and Dutch supplies are welcome too :-) )
I'm a huge fan of Banksy, Andy Warhol,...
Wishlist books
Homemade stickers or bought stickers
Something for my son (born on 23 may 2014)
Dogbiscuits or treats/toys for my dogs
a handwritten letter to tell me a bit about you
tea ;) I love twinings fruit tea but can't buy some of them here in Belgium
earrings or accesoires
cakebakingmaterials like cupcake baking cups or icing kits
donations to BC


With her permission, I've agreed to be the contact person for anyone wishing to send her a little surprise.


Thank you! That is very thoughtful!


I will try to send as many gifts as my pocket allows me to.... and here's my list:

wishlist books or reccomended by you
bc supplies
handmade jewellery and accesories in general
sweets (no caramel or raisings)
themed tin boxes
tote bags
and of course surprises


Wish list books
anything with David Bowie
cat stuff dog treats
Used giftcards
adopt a pet from the shelter and tell me about it
something purple
bookcrossing labels
xmas cards
anything with my name on it "Devon"-so hard to find
crystal necklaces
cute cat things
address labels
DR WHO items
a flashdrive


BC supplies (homemade work just fine)
Address labels (homemade work just fine)
Blank/unused postcards, greeting cards or notecards
mycokereward points (US)
Wheresgeorge dollar$
World Peace

Surprise me!


fancy pens
poetry, very partial to haiku
wishlist books
Winnie the Pooh
the ocean and rain
Bookcrossing labels or stickers
I do not drink tea or coffee. :)


-wishlist books
-cross stitch kits
-Paris themed items
-chocolate (milk or white, no nut, fruit or mint please)
-anything shabby chic
-handmade items
-any kind of games i.e. board games, card games etc.
-a carriesbookclub.com box or subscription
-any surprises will also be gratefully received

-write a letter or send a gift to a sick child through PostPals - (http://www.postpals.co.uk/)
-donate to SOS Children's Villages (or even better, sponsor a child, if you can)
(Please let me know if you do either of these)


wish list books
bc supplies, especially labels (I'm completely out)
candles from bookscentscandles.com, especial outlander themed candles
anything sunflower
gift cards to Target, Barnes and Noble, or restaurants
new USA postage stamps
scarves for all seasons
cozy/fuzzy socks
metal cookie cutters
a copy of your favorite book and a letter explaining why you love it

For my boys:
picture books
chapter books for kids age 6-8
anything transformers
Lego - Duplo or sets for age 6 and up, random bricks work too
Kre-o transformers sets


wingMyssCynwing 5 yrs ago
MyssCyn. USA
Fine or ultra fine point
A postal scale
Wings ~ mine are almost gone
Pretty rocks for my grandson
Pierced earrings for my granddaughter
Raspberry hot chocolate packets
Weird or "different" pasta
Tiny bottle of good olive oil
Coffee Time Syrup from New England
Coffee related items
A Christmas ornament
MyCoke Points sent to southernfryed

Sign your donor card
Give to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation. http://www.pulmonaryfibrosis.org.
There is no cure and no treatment that works yet.
Pay It Forward when you can! Buy that morning drink for the person behind you.

"Pick Your Person" Daily. Be kind to them in some way. Think about what you can do to help at least one person per day. You can be anonymous but tell me about it.


Please remember to put your BC name and mention bookcrossing on anything you send, so I know where it comes from.

- Bookcrossing release supplies (home made or from the supply store; custom made labels would be great, too; stickers, release bags, etc.; German and English together or multi-language would be especially cool)
- BC wings
- any other Bookcrossing themed items :)
- a book from my wishlist
- a book in German that you think I might enjoy
- an audio book on CD

- fair trade chocolate (I usually like milk chocolate, plain or filled, the best; but I eat dark and white, too)
- a postcard calendar or postcard book
- a Christmas card (postcard or notecard), religious welcome

- special edition Moleskine (such as The Little Prince or Lego or Mickey Mouse)
- yarn for crocheting (worsted weight or other. Organic cotton would be super cool. Even send some string, twine, or rope I could crochet with and I’ll find a project for it)
- German children’s book (maybe one page text for every one page picture; stories that are short) for a boy who especially likes animals from the zoo, planes, vikings, pirates etc. (I can give you an address in Germany for this or you can send to my US address)
- adhesive for scrapbooking (photo-safe double sided tape, scrapbooking tape, glue dots, those little photo squares that are sticky on both sides, glue stick that’s archival etc.)
- inchies with a letter on them
- a book themed postcard from you (maybe with a recommendation?)
- a lefthanded item

- Help out a local public school with books or school supplies (often there are students who can’t even afford the basics and the school library may be underfunded, too) and tell me about it
- Give free books by clicking here daily http://www.theliteracysite.com/
- give to your favorite good cause and tell me about it



~Book crossing labels/release bags/ post it notes/ bookmarks/ wings
~ Chocolate from your home country (either milk caramel or white) please no dark or with nuts
~Christmas decorations
~Letter writing equipment
~A journal
~A pen pal
~Candy/ sweets you may think I might like
~tea bags any kind apart from green tea


I love this idea and I have not participated before. So I´m thrilled.

Here are my wishes:
books from my wishlist
BC-labels in German and English
CD: Chakren-Meditation; von Stefanie Menzel
CD: Celtic Woman
CD: Reinhard Mey - Mairegen
CD: Reinhard Mey - Dann mach´s gut
Kalender 2015: Tiere des Waldes

I will try to fulfill as many wishes as I can.


I'm from Belarus, note that most parcels going my way require CN22 for customs =)

Here are some items that will totally cheer me up:
* anything connected with Doctor Who is much appreciated - I'm a whovian *
* I'd love to have a wall calendar with nice picture for each month - could be foto or painting *
*FDC, special cancellation, maxicard (written in envelope), commemorative modern stamps - I'm a postcrosser a have a small collection already*
*bag or T-shirt with the print (could be related or unrelated to Doctor Who), size M or L*
*books recommendations! my tbr is high, but there is still a lot of place to fill! I would especially enjoy non-fiction that helped you somehow in the past - a story that gave you hope or direction, a person who was your model for some time*
* I started collecting flexible keychans with flags of different countries.*
* Blank postcard book from your place would be a nice present, too - I especially like artwork by local artist and illustrators.*
*a chatty letter from you with stories happened to you or your dreams and plans - I'd love to read anything you want to share with me. It would be a pleasure if you could teach me something you know how to do well*
*travel guide to your city or region*
*language course for your native language (advanced if it's English, intermediate if it's Italian, French or German)*

I like black flavoured and herbal tea, teabags are fine, too. Chocolate with mint filling is my favourite. I also enjoy stationary, bookmarks and other things for penpalling.
to be continued!


Oh wheee!! HGG is back!!! Thank you elizardbreath, I've been looking forward to this so much. :)

My wishes haven't changed much since last year.

I'd love some:
♥ seeds to plant on my balcony
♥ herbal or black tea, especially "spicy" flavours
♥ woolly socks (European 40, American men's 7/women's 8; second-hand are fine)
♥ your favourite spices for cooking or baking, and maybe your favourite recipe to go with them
♥ liqorice (black/salty/salmiak, not sweet/red)
♥ flavoured coffee
♥ very dark chocolate
♥ BC labels or stickers designed by yourself
♥ hair clips and elastics (Goody brand "ponytailers" or any others)
♥ iron-on / sew-on patches
♥ ghost stories (maybe from your part of the world or even one you've experienced?)
♥ anything cryptozoology -- be it a Yeti toy, Nessie t-shirt, a book on Ropen, or a story about the thing you saw in the woods one time that might or might not have been a bigfoot ;)
♥ anything from my long wishlist ;)

Other things I adore:
☺ polar bears, moose, bats, owls, nightjars, wombats, platypuses, maned wolves (and cryptids, of course!)
☺ trees, leaves, vines; moons & stars; "psychedelic" patterns
☺ red, maroon, orange, purple, olive/dark green
☺ geeky/nerdy things, rpgs, dice, (B) movie monsters, tentacles
☺silent movies (mostly German/expressionist, but Buster Keaton also rocks -- everything, really.)
☺art deco/noveau patterns


I'm so excited HGG is back, it's my favorite thing to participate in every year!

- ghost story books from your local city, state, country. I collect these and love getting new ones from different locations
- pretty pens for work
- jewelry, anything you have but don't wear anymore works for me. No earrings, but anything else is fine
- anything zebra print or related to zebras
- scented candles
- wishlist books
- bookcrossing labels or supplies
- healthy recipes that are quick and easy to make
- anything related to the Detroit Red Wings NHL team or New England Patriots NFL team
- magnets or small decorations for my work cubicle
- donate or volunteer at your local animal shelter
- cross stitch supplies
- scarves
- warm, fuzzy socks
- Nylabones or kong toys for my dog, he's 50lbs and a very strong chewer so nothing small please.


✿ wishlist books
✿ black or green tea (organic and/or fair trade would be nice; tea bags or loose; English breakfast, Assam, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, whatever...)
✿ chocolate (organic and/or fair trade would be nice) any kind (except Nestlé please), milk, white, dark, with chili or lemon or Marmite or cherries or pineapple or whatever, I like to try out new, crazy sorts, but no bacon chocolate - I'm vegetarian. ...and chocolate from elsewhere is always more than welcome... (plain chocolate is fine too)
✿ one-cup-satchets of hot chocolate
✿ salty liquorice / salmiakki (not the sweet kind!) (without gelatine)
✿ woollen socks in bright or dark colours (European size 37; UK 4; US 6.5)
✿ audiobooks (no chicklit or romance or horror or self-help or religious, anything else; CDs)
✿ post-it notes
✿ hand cream, face mask (samples are fine)
✿ Marmite crisps, Marmite cashews, Marmite chocolate, Marmite fudge
✿ Vegemite
✿ Marmite
(nothing religious please)


Thanks for organising elizardbreath!

My wish list is something like this:

-bookcrossing stickers or labels
-wishlist book
-card written by you, or letter
-surprise book (no horror, chicklit)
-post-it notes
-card with picture of a waterfall
-ballpoint pen or pencil or sharpies
-cotton or woolle socks (size 5 UK, size 38 Europe)
-your old candle wax, bits, drippings, stumps etc, so I can make new candles of it)
-something handmade
-chocolate, or licorice
- a quotation or poem that has been/ is meaningful or inspiring for you.
- a surprise... My favourite colours: purple, blue green, red, white or 'natural' colours


Hello,bookcrossers of world!I am japanese bookcrosser.
Thanks for organising elizardbreath!Please add me!

my wishlist
I add on Postcrossing.com

●bc supplies
●book release label


Wow! This sounds amazing - I'm a first time participant, and quite excited by the idea.

First, Australia has very strict customs laws, so please DO NOT send anything made of wood, animal products, containing nuts, seeds, grass or any other plant materials. Food can also be a bit difficult - no nuts, fruit, tea, or anything with high amounts of eggs or dairy.

Now, to my list!

- wishlist (or any other) book - genres and authors I like are on my profile
- any bookcrossing supplies, home made or from the store
- a letter or story about or by yourself
- "how to ..." craft book - I'm keen to learn to crochet, for example, but any interesting craft would be great
- something arty or crafty that you have made
- pretty fabric with an interesting pattern for sewing projects
- baby board book
- children's picture book
- book about art or artist or architecture
- postcards from your area
- jewellery - I love to wear necklaces, rings (with big ornaments) and brooches/ badges


I am so happy this is back, I missed the Summer Gift Giving.

My wish list is:

* pens
* chatty letters
* BookCrossing supplies, especially release bags
* notebooks
* wishlist books
* postcards for my two boys David (8) and Jethro (5)
* tea (my preference is for herbal tea)
* amigurumi crochet patterns
* desktop calendar
* anything relating to guinea pigs
* anything relating to koalas
* Where's Wally postcards
* vegetarian recipes


It's been quite a while since I last took part in HGG, but since I can already spot some wishes I can fulfill, I can't hold back any more!

- nail polish (no reds please, I reserve that colour for hair)
- any movie/tv series on DVD (region 2) you're not watching anymore
- anything typical to your hometown/region
- coffee! or coffee related things
- BC supplies
- a tea towel
- wheat-free treats or wheat-free recipes
- wheat-free couscous (not available here)
- geeky/nerdy things
- very fine, black ball point or gel pens
- anything British
- a book written by an author from your country or a recommendation to a book from your country
- hot chocolate (sachets) - after all winter is coming!
- if it's black or black&white, I'll love it! any floral things are wasted on me...
- a tote with short handles (I'm short! don't want to drag my groceries on the street)
- surprise!


I've already had to turn down address requests because members are not sending their addresses to me. This is very important because there is no more rabck.com to get addresses from. If you don't send your address, then putting up a wishlist here is rather pointless...no one will be able to send anything to you! :) Just a friendly reminder.... :)


It's been many years since I've participated in the HGG and I'm looking forward to finally participating again.

*wishlist books
*sticky notes (Post-Its)
*postcards from where you live
*Seattle Seahawks paraphernalia
*bookcrossing items (bookplates, stickers, labels etc)


I've not participated in HGG before and am excited about it!!

Here's my wishlist as follows:

* Postcards (I've been collecting postcards for 30+ years) I like postcards that feature pictures of your city/country with significant landmarks or points of interests on them.
* Pack of blank note cards or stationary for letter writing.
* A handwritten letter from YOU! Tell me about yourself.
* Bookcrossing Labels/Supplies in English
* Bookcrossing Wings
* A book from my Bookcrossing wishlist
* Audiobooks on CD. Surprise me with a wishlist read on CD or any other book on CD as I am pretty open to most genres except for westerns, sci-fi, chick-lit, Danielle Steel or anything too gory from the horror genre.
* Lion Brand Yarn Balls of Yarn. I prefer balls of Lion Brand's Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® or Lion Brand's Kitchen Cotton balls of Yarn in any color for a few knitting projects I'm working on.
* Kitchen hand towels in solid colors in either coral, peach, terracotta, light blue, aqua blue or teal preferably.
* Slow Cooker/Crock Pot Recipes
* Women's socks with a fun design on them!
* Almost anything Pomeranian related!!
* Almost forgot Iowa Hawkeye t-shirt for woman in size small. :-)


- Holiday Cards from you for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas
- Pretty stationary, note cards, post cards, pens, or pencils
- Bookmarks
- Wishlist books
- Bookcrossing supplies
- Christmas ornaments ( Disney, Star Wars, Scooby Doo, or any that are cute, unique, or pretty)
- Tote bag for books
- Hair accessories
- Letter opener
- Birthday cards sent to my son Lucas for his 8th birthday November 28th
- Legos or Star Wars toys for my son
- Dog toy for my Pug
- Notebooks ( big or small)


veer23 5 yrs ago
It's the first time ever I'll participate, so if I do something wrong, just shout!

My wishlist:

BC-related items (from the store or homemade)
postcards of UNESCO (if possible not in an envellope)
books (in Dutch, English or French - even Arabic for my husband)
cross stitch kits
surprises (bought - secondhand or homemade - I love them all)!

Thank you all for participating!


Doesn't anybody collect elongated/squashed coins anymore? Just wondering. If you do, please let us know! :D


I am trying to think of the who the BCer who does collect flattened coins. There is one in Michigan. uhmmm will have to root around and look in my e-mails. She may not have posted to HGG yet as I haven't been as active in BC of late due to some computer problems which are now resolved. You could try a search as I know for sure she posted in the last HGG.

Update: numugirl does. :) She posted later on.


Hello all! I thought I'd like to participate again after a break, as I already have something to send to other Bookcrossers. :-)

* little Ballycumber stickers
* wings
* used stamps for my collection
* stationery (no pink/Disney please)
* cat postcards for my collection (photo or art, used are ok)
* horse postcards for a friend (unwritten, please)
* wishlist book
* any science fiction book you think I would like (English or Finnish)
* Doctor Who related sfuff
* Star Trek related stuff
* green tea (flavored or plain)
* chocolate (no peanuts or wheat please)

It would be great if you put real stamps on your envelope! :-)


Thanks for organizing HGG again, elizardbreath! I skipped a few years but decided to join again. My wishes are:

¤ books from my Wishlist (obviously)
¤ BC supplies, especially bookplates and stickers
¤ audiobooks on CD, Finnish or English

¤ flavored teas
¤ chocolate (the darker, the better)

¤ silver jewellery (earrings, bracelets)
¤ a trip to New Zealand and/or Australia ;)
¤ surprises!


Hurray, I've already spotted some wishes I can grant! Thanks for organising this elizardbreath. PMing you with my address.
My wishes are
* wishlist books
* BC labels and BC stickers (happy whether these are from the BC shop or are home-made)
* Chocolate (any except Nestle or containing walnuts. All other nuts are fine)
* Count Chocula cereal (the food of champions)
* Used stamps which I collect for the charity Love Quilts UK. If you are sending me stamps, please leave approx 1cm of paper around when you cut them from the envelope.
* Marvel or DC Comic book superhero cross stitch patterns (I can use these to stitch for Love Quilts UK)
* 4ply sock yarn in bright colours
* Double knitting yarn. I use this to knit scarves for the Mission to Seafarers so it does not need to be a complete ball or skein as I can knit stripes, but it does need to be machine washable
* Tea (I prefer black tea such as breakfast tea, Assam, etc)
* Book recommendations (not horror or romance)
* Lemon or honey soap from Lush
* Support a charity or good cause and tell me about it
* Read a book (registered by another bookcrosser) that has been on your TBR pile for more than a year, then set it travelling and tell me about it
* Postcards of art


Thank you Elizardbreath for organising this! I've already seen some wishes to grant. :)

My wishes are:
- Wishlist books
- BC stickers / labels / supplies
- Send me a postcard
- I'm due to have a son on 16th November and I plan to start reading to him asap (even if he doesn't understand it I will love it!) so I'd love some baby books if anyone has any spare.

Happy holidays everyone! :)


Hello everyone! I'm thrilled to be joining holiday Gift Giving this year, and hope to send out as many surprises as I can, I'm planning a few already! I'm every excited about this, I'm in the holiday spirit now :)

If anyone would like to send me something, I would love

-A book for my little girl (born 14/02/14)
-Anything to do with The Little Prince, The Velveteen Rabbit or Harry Potter
-Some vintage fabric
-'Viewmaster' slides
-Old skeleton keys or something with a picture of them
-Dog treats (erm, for my 3 dogs, not for me!) or a recipe for some
-A letter telling me about something you love, or about some random acts of kindness you've carried out, something funny (or embarrassing!) that you've done
-A donation to an animal welfare charity or an infertility charity
-BC labels, wings, address labels
-Little guest soaps for my guest bedroom (not tested on animals please)
-Bits of driftwood (any size or shape!)
-A bit of dollhouse furniture etc which I can use to make a 'fairy garden'
-A mermaid hook for my bathroom in a 'neon' colour, I spotted some on Etsy and the ones in the UK are dull colours - booo
-A 'cute' Halloween decoration, not too gory or scary please :)
-A surprise!

Thanks for reading, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



Fun,Fun Fun !!!

My wishlist is

children books for my Little Free Library (these types of books are a hot thing at my library)
postcards ( written by you and or blank too)
elongated (smashed,flattened,pressed) pennies
book labels
fridge magnets (my cat Simon loves to knock these off the refrigerator)
Christmas cards from you

Now shopping is in my near future and creating little surprises will be done by me.


Yippee is right!! Once again thank you so much elizardbreath for hosting the HGG and taking on the challenge of this without RABCK.com. Your are so wonderful!!

-LOVE and a GREAT partner for my 29 year old gay daughter, A terrific well paying job would be great as well! (i put this first on my list because i would be so very happy to see her having a better life!!!)
-postcards, handwritten letters. Thanks to Bookcrossers and Postcrossing for bringing back snailmail to my mailbox. I love seeing the different stamps!! I am also on Postcrossing.com as herchelle
-cloth travel patches to sew on my Bookcrossing bag
-YORKSHIRE TEA I am so hooked on it now, thanks to a lovely bookcrosser friend. I love trying different types of teas.
-Bookcrossing supplies are always welcome!
-love STATIONARY, even a few sheets, just enough for a letter or two
-surprises for my daughters 14 and 12 (herchellettes)
-seeds for my garden (zone 3, but i am game to try anything)
-Sea Glass
-SOCKS! Ladies 9-11
-surprises !!!!
-I just love things made by you, personal touches are lovely, i am just learning to paint with watercolours, amazing experience, one that I have put off for too long in my life!
-I love Random Acts of Kindness. My favourites? Go through the drive-through at Tim Horton"s and pay for the person behind you or give that stressed out server an extra large tip. Just make someone's day special.

Won't you please give a listen online at this radio station. http://www.ckua.com
They are listener supported so there are few commercials and so much great music! (it is very rare that you hear the same song twice in a week!) I can listen when I am on my IPhone or on the computer. Please let me know what you think or better yet donate to their fundraiser. My favorite time to listen is Mon.-Thurs 9:00-10 PM (MST) "The Road Home"... A great mix of soothing music mixed with poetry.

I have seen some wishes that i can fulfill, just waiting for the paycheques from my new job to come rollin' in! Thanks again, dear elizardbreath... Looking for a pink envelope for you.


So sweet, Herchelle! :) I love my pink!


Since I am sending through the whole Birthday group list, I decided that I won't participate this ... but I can't resist - there are some people here who don't belong to Birthday group, so I just have to join! :)

Well, my wishes are:
* wishlist books! (my number one wish!)
* something with wasabi - like nuts or almonds
* CHOCOLATE , especially Cadbury,Hersheys, or some local companies. Not "multinationals" like Nestle, I can get them here. I love unusual taste and chocolates with filling rather than plain, something like chocolate with pineapple or Irish cream truffle!
* Jelly Babies!!
* I love the combination of sweet and savory, like chocolate covered prezels or something like that.
* I also love to try new food, cookies, drinks etc. (cocoa, tea)
* Nice good pens, decorative tapes etc are always nice surprise
* hand-creams, body butters and such, the small sample packets are just fine.
* woollen or cotton socks, size 40 / 6 uk/8,5 us
* We have the Nescafe Dolce Gusto - coffee machine, so if you have extra coffee , tea, cocoa capsules for it (for ex. type you didn't like after all), I'd be happy to try!
* Cookbooks, or food /eating related books, like memoirs ..
* Unusual Christmas ornaments, like retro, geeky ..
* my daughter (17, nickname Noppa) is a big fan of many things, so if you want to make her happy with item related to ... The Muppet Show, Doctor Who, Marvel characters, number 42, House M.D. , Adventure Times, Kingdom Hearts and other geeky stuff... I'd be very pleased. It can be second-handed as well, and anything goes. Her t-shirt size is XL, and if that's nice and clean, second-hand is very welcome!


Queenfrog hopping back in. Health has been keeping me down a lot lately but still reading.
I have one very important reuqest for HGG and it is for my oldest son and his wife. They have been trying for 7 years to have a baby. They day before my birthday they called and said I was going to be a nanny again, next day ultrasound said she lost the baby. 2 weeks later she had to have another ultrasound and guess what; she is now 8 weeks pregnant and they heard the heartbeat so it is for sure. I would love to be able to shower the parents to be and this little miracle with small gifts from around the world. My mailing address has never changed since joining this site but if you need it, just message me.

My mom will be spending the winter months with me, taking her away from her family for Christmas. Would love to see some fun small gifts under the tree for her and some cards. (PM me for her name and it can be sent to my address)

For myself I would enjoy 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles (or bigger), plastic canvas circles and if anyone can find any, camoflage yarn soft enough to use for a baby blanket lol and always looking for special Christmas Tree ornaments, either handmade or something that symbolizes where you live for me bookcrossing friends tree. Christmas cards are always welcome

Happyy Gift Giving everyone.


My wishes:
-I just love Canada and everything realated with it
-tea, espacially funny ones like chocolate-cranberry, ...
-wishlist or other books in German, French or English
-everything green. I just love this colour, so be creative
-bookcrossing supplies. homemade or bought
-your favourite book
-anything from TimHortons. I totally love it but it hasen't come to Switzerland yet :(
-I collect sand from different parts of the world
-Olaf from Frozen
-funny or colourful socks.( Women size 40)
-everyting related to climbing or the double bass. I know this is difficult ; )
-surprises : )

And I already found some funny things to post to other people. This is going to be fun


I may come back and add to this as I think of things, but here's a start...

recipe or recommendation for your favourite 'virgin cocktail' or other non-alcoholic drink
a Youtube link to your favourite song
wings for somebody else
cherry-flavoured or -scented things
unusual flavours of tea
bath products (for reference, I can't go into Lush because the smell gives me a headache, but I like the products well enough when they're in my bath!)
earrings (I have pierced ears)

Happy Gift Giving, everyone!


So thanks for organising this! I have thought long and hard and have a list of things that I would appreciate if anyone were to send something to me...

They are:
- Bookcrossing supplies (any)
- any wishlist book or book you love and want to share
- wings
- hair accessories, large as I have dreadlocks!
- silk or silky pillowcase
- a pen pal
- letter about you, your religion, culture or anything you would like to share
- travel books (to influence my next trip!)
- writing stationary
- unusual pens
-slippers or flip flops (UK 8 or 9)
- hand cream
-lip balm
- a copy of your favourite CD
- Christmas card
- Anything with 'I like big books and I cannot lie' on it ( I wear size S or M)
- Anything nurse related
- fundraise, volunteer or donate to your local childrens hospice and tell me about it
- Funky mens socks, size 8 UK

I don't mind second hand items.
Thanks :)


Thanks elizardbreath for organizing!
Here are my wishes:

* Donate to your favorite charity or help someone in need (tell me about your favorite charity if you'd like.)
* I'd love anything with an African Grey Parrot picture or design on it
* Alien Bookreader bookplate
* Eye Spy! or any of the other Featured Member Bookplates or one you designed
* Star Cookie Cutter - I lost mine!
* Any 3M Command products (even a leftover strip)
* Coke points
* Reusable Vinyl Drink Labels or Drink Markers
* A few silver plated jewelry lobster (or any) type clasps (I need them to fix a few broken necklaces/bracelets, but most places sell them as 50 or 100 count - way too many for me.)
* Happy Saint Nicholas Day card(s) (We used to celebrate St. Nicholas Day when we were kids, but not so much anymore - I am trying to bring it back with the younger generation)
* Bird window alert decals (to keep outside birds from flying into the window)
* Gardening Gloves
* Any tea towel, dish towel, dish cloth, hand towel, etc. (any design - does not have to be Christmas/Holiday)
* Scarf (fashion kind, not winter woolly type)
* Ribbon (can be leftovers)
* Sea Glass
* Wrapsack
* Anything Elsa from Frozen for my niece who LOVES Elsa or anything Hello Kitty for her sister :)

I tried to pick little or light things to mail - but I'd love any surprises. Secondhand is fine.
Thanks for reading my list. I am looking forward to fulfilling some wishes! Happy Holidays!


wingAbi-Gibbywing 5 yrs ago


Here's my wish list (almost the same every year):

* Donation to your favorite charity. Donate and then send me a postcard to tell to which charity you donated.
* Voluntary work for the homeless or elderly or for the protection of animals or something like that. Volunteer, then send me a postcard and tell me what you did and what was it like.

* London guidebooks, old or new, used or unused, themed or not
* Books or museum guidebooks about history of London
* Pride and Prejudice (1940) DVD Directed by Robert Z. Leonard, Writing credits Jane Austen, Aldous Huxley
*Postcards (used or new) for my collection ( http://www.flickr.com/---/liisan_postikortit/ ), themes listed here :
- archives (especially buildings)
- cemeteries and funerals
- graves and crypts
- Jane Austen
- castles and manor houses
- museums (not art museums)
- archaeology
- royal family of Sweden
- touristic postcards from London and Berlin
- my favorites are postcards showing a city view with a Christmas tree (some examples here http://www.flickr.com/---/72157623343768702/ )

For my husband bookcrosser Halvast (He's the one who takes the trouble to mail all packages I send.):
* Postcards with different cat breeds, British Shorthairs are his favorites. To be honest, any cat card makes him happy:) He loves big cats. lynx, owls and otters, too. And giant pandas:)

Location: Finland

If you decide to send me something, please write "HGG2014" on your card or envelope.


Sorry bumping again


Thanks elizerdbreath for hosting this again! It's so fun!

Christmas/Holiday Cards (write me a note and tell me a little about yourself)
Tea, any flavor, bags or loose
Hot Chocolate, any flavor
Wool yarn, leftovers are fine
tea towels
Christmas tree ornaments
Bookcrossing supplies, homemade are great
And of course, books!

Surprises are wonderful!

Thanks! Hope everyone has as much fun with this as I do!


tomato68 5 yrs ago
Big Bump


I've really been looking forward to this again! I already see a couple of wishes I can fulfill. :)

Here are my wishes:

- stickers for my kids (son 3 years old, daughter 1 year)

- a guitar shaped keyring (RECEIVED!)

- a retro video game themed keyring for my husband if you have one lying around (for example Super Mario)

- pieces of tricot cloth for making beanies (hats) for myself, my husband and my children. Single colour: black, dark blue, purple, orange, dark green, yellow (my son's favourite colour), pink... or with figures / pattern (cars, flowers, maybe retro?...)

- tricot beanies for me, my husband or my children (My son is 3 and daughter 1 years old) Single colour or with figures /pattern. Me&I is nice, but any brand or something you've made is wonderful! :) You see, we seem to have a shortage of beanies! :) Secondhand is fine!

- your favourite vegetarian recipe (PM or snail mail!)

- write me a letter (or PM!) and tell me about yourself, your favourite books, films etc. I'd also love to hear about different cultures and countries, perhaps your own or somewhere special you've visited...

- Christmas cards /season's greetings from you (PM, postcard or letter)

- chocolate!!

- Do something nice to another human being: help a stranger with their shopping bags, call your lonely old aunt, donate money to your favourite charity... PM me about it.

- Christmas decorations / ornaments

Happy hoidays!! :)

If you decide to send me something, please include your BC name so I know who it's from. Unfortunately in the past I have not always been able to thank everyone, since I didn't know who the gift was from.


Thanks elizardbreath for organising the HGG again, especially with the extra work involved this year. I can see lots of wishes I can fulfill already :)
Here is my list, which is very similar to last year:

- Wishlist books
- Bookcrossing release supplies (store or homemade)
- Soap
- Books in Spanish, Portuguese or Arabic for my lifetime challenge (preferably small/medium sized for cheaper posting!)
- Help with my lifetime challenge to send a book to every nation in the world. I'm looking for contact details of people I can send books to who are in places not completed in this list (including the ones marked as still 'running') http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/5825540. There is also a list of remaining countries below. Anyone you think would be willing to write a journal entry when the book arrives would be great. Only 99 left to go :)

Afghanistan, Albania, American Samoa, Andorra, Angola, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bahrain, Benin, Bermuda, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Central African Republic, Chad, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Comoros, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Cook Islands, Côte d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Dominica, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Faroe Islands, Gabon, The Gambia, Guam, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Iraq, Isle of Man, Jan Mayen, Kiribati, Korea (North), Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Macau, Madagascar, Malawi, Maldives, Mali, Martinique, Mauritania, Mayotte, Micronesia, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Montserrat, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia, Nauru, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Niue, Northern Mariana Islands, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Pitcairn Islands, Saint Helena, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, San Marino, Sao Tomé and Príncipe, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Suriname, Swaziland, Syria, Timor Leste (East Timor), Tonga, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Vatican City, British Virgin Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, Wallis and Futuna, Zimbabwe

Thanks and Happy Holidays everyone!


Oh it is HGG season again! Thank you for organizing this event again! My wishlist is here:

- organic or handmade soap from a local shop near you
- Le Chat soap bar
- Savon de Marseille/Marseille soap bar (extra pur)
- wool socks (women EU 39, UK 6, US 8,5) made of bright colors
- Yogi Tea (any flavor, but Classic or Women's are my favorites)
- tea lights (colored are great, please not scented)
- matches (preferably the longer ones than the basic sticks but all welcome really!)
- anything from Burt's Bees
- Amazon gift card
- Kindle Paperwhite
- BC wings
- help me manifest a great buyer for our current home so that we can soon move into our new dream home <3

And now I must check all the wishes to see what I can send out this year :)

Have a great autumn everyone!




Thank you to everyone who sent me something while I was in Uganda. I felt loved!

Here is my wishlist for 2014:

1. Donations to our charity or sponsorship of one of our Mama Nguvu candidates - check out http://www.iseesolutions.org . Even just spreading the word is awesome!

2. Old, but still functioning iPhones, as long as they are unlocked. These are the ones that we would send to be "recycled" when we upgrade. The Ugandans give them a second life and cherish them. My iPhone 3 was cuddled as it was adopted from me this past summer!

3. Old film cameras for my husband's collection. Any age, any model.

4. 6" square (or bigger) scraps of cotton fabric for my scrappy quilted lions (edited - I had originally said 4" and those are still fine but my lions are big and my 4" squares are getting lost in the patchwork)

5. wool felt for needle felted projects (not pressed) - can be raw straight from the sheep (or other wool bearing animal) or clean and dyed

6. vegan recipes written in Christmas cards

7. And some positive vibes that this Teachers' Strike in BC ends soon. I am tired of walking the picket line! Great exercise but it doesn't pay the bills. ;) UPDATE - SEPT 16th - the strike is over - back to work! Yahoo!

Thank you!


I've participated once and I am looking forward to doing so again :)

anything crafty or handmade
your favourite quote handwritten or in a nice font on pretty paper so I can create a display
kitch/retro/quirky items
pretty xmas ornaments
books, from my wishlist or something you loved and want to share
your favourite children's books - I have a free books section in my classroom (we have no bookstore in my town so the range of books we can buy locally is limited to department stores!)
earrings or statement necklaces
tea related items - I collect teapots (although I only drink English Breakfast or similar - nothing flavoured)
any local food item you think I should try (but I'm allergic to walnuts, pecans and hazlenuts)
a blank notebook for my brother. I'm having trouble finding a nice male one
anything really! I love surprises :D


moonblue 5 yrs ago
I was griping this morning about Christmas decorations in the shops so early. But this is something I don't mind starting early. I couldn't take part last year and really missed it. I am looking forward to going through the lists and finding fun things to send out.

Now I just have to wish really hard that our post office workers stay off strike for the rest of the year (they are just back at work from the 2nd or 3rd strike this year).


After a year or two off this thread, my current ill-health means I need something to cheer me up, I've really missed it!.
I can already see some stuff I can mail out, here goes:
Handwritten letters, postcards or Christmas cards from anywhere in the work.
Wish list books or books that you think I'd like (historical fiction /travel /mysteries /murders / animal /craft related)
a hairpin crochet loom
interesting patterns/yarn for crochet & knitting
tatting patterns, thread, shuttles
No tea, but I love coffee.
Dark chocolate
Wings & labels
Donate to a local family or animal centre and then pm me and tell me about it.
Suggestions for places in the UK that need knitted stuff for donation
Christmas tree decorations - especially cat-proof!
Unscented natural skin products - I have palmo plantar pustulosis & psoriasis which makes it inadvisable to use scented/chemical stuff
Suggestions for a beginner banjo player (apart from rude ones about what to do with the banjo) - good video links, books, recordings


Gee, my list is almost exactly the same as last year. However, I have a friend with congestive heart failure living with me, so I'm going to add a couple things with him in mind. His name is Jack.
For Jack: any NO SALT treats. That's it. "Low salt" isn't usually low enough as his sodium intake is extremely limited. He also enjoys drinking tea of just about any kind.
For me:
Gel pens, especially Sakura (gelly)
Forever stamps, especially commemoratives
Glue sticks
Stamp pad ink, anything but blue or black
Clear packaging tape
Christmas cards! I recycle them later and make things with my granddaughter.
Decorative tape, washi tape
Cat toys
I like to try new soaps and hand lotions
Socks size small
Miscellaneous scrapbook decorations or stickers
used postage stamps with faces that aren't profiles for collage
Old dictionary pictures, vintage book illustrations (can be torn or otherwise damaged) or other ephemera
Old library books with pockets and cards… or just the pockets and cards, especially used up cards!
Tea, dark chocolate, any British or European treats (LOVE Lindor, Cadbury's, Green & Black etc. etc.)
Tiny cards and papers, and embellishments for making tiny collages
Little craft items I can use with my granddaughter (she's 6) or old Highlights magazines or other age-appropriate ideas for my time with her.
Any of the Bagthorpes books by Helen Cresswell
Any of The Exiles books by Hilary McKay

My address is actually on my page so I'm not going to bother listing it with elizardbreath for now.

I do enjoy this time of year and make an effort to send out good stuff in return!


Where did the year go? I've been lost in Stirling's and Galbadon's books.

Thank you for hosting this thread again, Elizardbreath.

My wishes:

Cadbury Roses (If they still make them)
A skein of Alpaca yarn any color at all
A meditation or relaxing CD
a wishlist book
an address book (what people used before they put everything into their phones)

A very happy holiday season to you, whichever you celebrate. Off to find some victims to mail stuff to....


This is such a nice idea and thanks for organising it!!! I hope I am not too late with posting my wishlist too. So here it goes:

- wishlist books
- other books (in english, greek, french, german or dutch - please no chiclit and horror)
- books recommendations (always a good opportunity to expand my wishlist)
- bc supplies (preferrably homemade but also store is ok)
- blank/unused postcard or notecards
- chocolate (preferrably milk)
- sweets (no licorice or coffee)
- tote bags
- christmas decorations
- spices (and a nice recipe to use them if possible)
- earrings
- scraps of cotton fabric from a favourite theme of yours for a bookcrossers quilt idea I have (I will sew your nickname on it and use it)
- any other surprise you would like welcome

I will check check the wishlists myself now and see how many and where I can send. It would be easier though if everybody had his country somewhere visible here already so as to help a bit with the financial calculations.


It is so good to be back on bookcrossing, and especially taking part in this thread.

- I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes (so can't ask for chocolate this year). Recipes or hints on diabetic / sugar free / healthy cooking would be appreciated.
- cross-stitch kits or supplies
- poetry books or magazines
- writing guides /books on writing / biographies of authors (I teach a writing class, so after reading these will be passed on to new writers)
- anything from the nanowrimo store, or nanowrimo related
- interesting notebooks or journals
- anything book / reading / writing themed
- a wall calendar
- anything related to museums, libraries, history or heritage
- I have been struggling the last two years with ill-health, depression and stress, so any surprises that might cheer me up or help me de-stress would be appreciated
- make a donation, (cash, time or anything else) to a good cause and let me know about it. Knowing so many generous people are out there in bookcrossing world is one of the best antidotes to depression or cynicism.


What a great idea! I have never noticed this post in previous years. I have already spotted a few people I would love to surprise!
I'm not overtly worried about getting things back, but if anyone *does* want to surprise me:

Any wishlist book
Anything to do with modern japan (not samurai stuff!).
Anything shiba inu related (I have two, love them)
Actually, anything dog related, fridge magnets, stickers etc
Chocolate, any kind, not picky
Coffee beans
Cd's - I like female singers, the more obscure the better (maybe someone from your country who is not well known overseas), 80's stuff, j or k pop
Or a mix cd of your favourite songs
Vanilla or strawberry scented things
Knit hat/beanie for winter

I missed out on doing secret Santa last year, so I'm glad to have found this post. Sounds fun and plenty of time to send stuff. Will get a few addresses now and then a few more over the next few months.


This is a first for me, and I’m sure it will be great fun!! Thank you for taking the trouble to organize this, elizardbreath!

Here is a list of some things I would really appreciate:

***things to do with language(s):
- Languages are my thing... For a start, I collect guide books/ text books/ study materials for individual languages. Whenever I travel somewhere, I use these to help me along in the country’s language, plus I occasionally use them at work. I already have books on the following languages, so I won’t need any more on these: Danish, Dutch, French, Greek (Modern), Hindi, Kiswahili, Kurdish, Luxembourgish, Norwegian, Plattdüütsch, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish, Yiddish.
- Less from a practical point of view but more from a linguistics perspective, I’m interested in language change, phonetics/phonology, language typology, first and second language acquisition, language teaching and multilingualism. So any books on these topics are very welcome (they can be in German, English, or French; there are some books of this kind on my wishlist as well).
- In languages I studied myself, even if my skills in them are only rudimentary, I’m always on the lookout for easy-to-read books and children’s books. Those languages are Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkish, Kiswahili, Romanian, and French.
- I would also love to hear about some of your personal experiences with language, especially with learning foreign languages. If you tell me about those in a handwritten letter, you can fulfill two wishes in one! :)

***things to do with Romania and the Romanian language:
I would love to receive something that might help me improve my Romanian language skills (I’m a beginner, level A1-A2) or foster my interest in Romania. This could basically be anything, e.g. a recipe for a Romanian dish, a souvenir from a particular region, a photo book, pictures you took in Romania, write me a letter about your experiences in / connections with / associations with Romania, a magazine article from your country to do with Romania, or anything else you come up with.

***wishlist books

***BC labels in languages other than English:
especially German but any language is welcome (I register books in a wide range of languages

***audio books on tape:
Yes that’s right, on tape :) They can be in English, German, or French. Nothing too romantic or horror or sci-fi please, but other than that I’m open to whatever you think I might enjoy.

***recordings of the Paul Temple serials by BBC Radio:
I would love to have more of those to listen to. They can be on CD or as data files (or on tape, of course, but I don’t expect anyone will have that). The only one I already have is ‚Paul Temple and the Sullivan Mystery’. The BBC have published audio versions of the Paul Temple books as well, i.e. audiobooks, but I much prefer the dramatized versions. Also I realize that there is a radio serial in German from the 50s (?!) but I really only want the English versions.

***recordings of Sherlock Holmes dramatized by BCC Radio (with Clive Merrison as Holmes):
I love those! I already have ‚A Study in Scarlet’ but I would love to listen to more of those, they’re so well-made. CDs or data files (or tapes) are fine!

If you would like to receive a letter from me in answer to what you sent me, please make a short note of it and be sure to include your name and address. I will be happy to write!

And now I will start getting some things ready to send to other HGG participants! I have already sent something to one of you but I have many more things I can fulfill wishes with...



I love this! I will be able to participate by granting the handwritten, FLAT or CYBER wishes of my international friends, and other sized wishes domestically.
PLEASE MARK "HGG" and WRITE YOUR BOOKCROSSING NAME on the envelope! I so totally enjoy saving my little packets to open all at one time on Christmas morning! It's like getting a surprise TWICE! Once when it arrives, and once when I open it! So, PLEASE MARK "HGG" and WRITE YOUR BOOKCROSSING NAME on the envelope!

I have several wishes.

Donation to NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP in memory of Josiah, Angel St John and all the babies at the PASBIL bulletin board: https://www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org

Donation to MARCH OF DIMES in memory of Josiah, Angel St John and all the babies at the PASBIL bulletin board: http://www.marchofdimes.com

Donation to THE RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE in memory of Josiah, Angel St John and all the babies at the PASBIL bulletin board: http://rmhc.org

Breast Cancer Awareness Pink items: Scarf, bracelets, beads, office supplies, etc

Wings to support BookCrossing


BLACK licorice made in the traditional way - with molasses or wheat treacle, etc, in the ingredients, or the SALTY kind! (Mmmm)

coffee (actual coffee, or coffee themed anything!)

anything *PURPLE*

ANYTHING vintage or thrift-shoppy. For example, a recent holiday gift I received that I totally loved was the hand written travel journal of someone who took a cross country trip in the late 50s. And another was a little memo pad where a seamstress kept records of fabric, measurements, and plans/sketches of draperies/window treatments in the forties. LOVED LOVED LOVED them! In the past, I also rec'd a postcard wrtitten with a fountain pen and in a wonderful old fashioned handwriting. Still enjoying trying to figure out the postmark and language!

Book labels that you've designed (from the bookcrossing supply store or printed at home.)

Unused stamps so I can send RABCKS and gifts!

ANYTHING Handmade!

Artist/Museum Post Cards or prints

Handwritten "pen-pal" letters that tell about yourself, your home town, your favorite things to do, etc.

RECIPES! Traditional favorites and PLEASE tell me all about how the recipe relates to your family life, your memories associated with the recipe, etc! I appreciate it so much if you write it in your own handwriting. (I am still mourning the recipe journals that never made it home - see my bookshelf profile. Sad face icon here.)

ANYTHING related to shoes or having a 'shoes' theme.

Please no wish list books at this time. Dad-i-libri will hit the proverbial (or maybe LITERAL) ceiling if a book arrives in the mail right now ...

LOL, I would even like it if you CAN'T send a gift but sent me a hand written note of what you WOULD send if you COULD!!! (See, I *TOLD* you I was easy!)

Thank you for whatever you decide to send!


I remember for previous years, there used to be a compiled list of wishes with BCer name, country and whether they're on rabck.com or not. I think for a few years phoenix-flight was the kind volunteer maintaining the list and other years there have been others. We don't have rabck.com anymore, but would people here experience more ease through a compiled list? If yes, I can volunteer to make one on google docs and share here. I have two weeks off from work starting next week so I can update it reasonably regularly. I'll wait to hear what you all have to say.


As soon as the thread gets longer than a page, it would make it easier to search or skim everything. I'm not sure whether it would make a difference yet. But thanks for offering.


Yes, I realised that after posting. The main advantages of such a list were that one could see at a glance whether the BCer is on rabck.com or not (which is not applicable anymore) and to avoid sifting through pages of wishes, which is not the case yet. And mostly everyone here has mentioned their country in the post title. So as of now, a list isn't required.


I love this every year. Here is my list:

-tips, tricks. books, discounts, advice, etc for a Disneyland trip with 1 and 3 year olds. We are looking at going in the spring. Honestly, anything to help plan/make the trip more enjoyable would be great. Haven't been since 2003 (gift cards, pins, etc great too) (Anaheim, CA)
-a nice new 2015 planner with a good month layout (need to see my month at a glance with room to put in details on it)
-washi tape (decorative tape)
-unused postage stamps
-crockpot and/or freezer meal recipes
-anything from Lush or other bath bombs/soaks/melts or bar soap
-Christmas cards
-chocolate of any kind
-candy/gummies from your area
-rubber stamps or stamp pads
-paper punches
-metal cookie cutters
-a new potholder or two (to grab stuff from the oven)
-fabric placemats (ideally 2+)
-Scentsy wax bars (I love the lemon Chiffon- prefer the more mild scents, partials packs are ok, other brands are ok too)
-essential oils (samples are fine) as I'm just starting to look into these
-a Christmas ornament that you like and why
-anything handmade by you
-a necklace that is cute but not super fragile (as in I can wear it and my girls won't break it when they pull on it)
-hair bows/flowers/headbands etc to use to make my hair less plain when up in ponytail or bun

for my daughters (1 & 3 years old)
-anything that can be turned into a craft project (stickers, stamps, cute scraps of fabric, beads with large holes, washable markers/paints, etc)
-anything Disney Fairies or princesses or dressup (hair goodies, costumes, shoes, gloves, jewelry, dolls, doll clothes, an old small purse/wallet, an empty compact w/ mirror, and so on)
-Lego or Duplo (pieces are fine)


I've tried very hard not to be tempted but I just can't resist so here goes:

- books (see my wishlist and profile for what I like) or any book that you liked
- children's books or any Berenstain Bears books for my boys aged 6 and 4 (please be aware that if they like the book it might stay in my permanent collection)
- fridge magnet showing something about your city/country
- key chains for my boys (superheroes, dinosaurs, legos, planes, anything colorful, or showing something of your country)
- a handwritten letter about your day/week
- BC labels/stickers
- postcards showing book covers
- chocolate (for my husband)
- magnetic bookmarks
- wings for someone who's not on HGG (please let me know who it's for)

Should be able to send out some within the next two weeks since I've finally caught up sending Birthday RABCK envelopes.


elizardbreath I sent you my address, did you get it?


Here is my wishlist in no particular order:

Wish list book(s) for me or send someone else a book in my honor
Book recommendations
Postcards (written on by you, stamped and mailed without an envelope)
A letter from you: tell me about yourself, your favorite books
Greeting Cards from you for...Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas or just because
Rubber stamps
Coke Reward points codes
Coffee (ground or beans)
Anything handmade
Anything you think I would like to read--preferably not horror or romance unless it's just a really good book
I'm diabetic so no sugar laden treats, but if you have a great recipe for low carb, sugar free items that would be great
Wing extension for me or wings for someone who doesn't have them.
More hours in the day
Do something nice for someone else without expecting anything in return
Do something to promote bookcrossing--gotta keep it going!
A surprise!


After putting together some HGG surprises, I'm now ready to join in with my wishlist:

post-its in different, fun shapes
washi tape
nice stationery that a teacher can use (notebooks, pens, binder/paper clips, index cards etc)
envelopes to send out BC mail (the kind with bubblewrap)
chocolates or other sweet treats
earrings, or other jewellery
bath&body stuff - small samples are fine
a small bag for everyday use
surprises, of course - and handmade is lovely :)

ETA: BC bookplates (Artist editions, any between #1 and #19, especially #2, #3, #5, #6 and #7)
hot chocolate sachets

Thanks, elizardbreath for organizing


wingmotherof11wing 5 yrs ago


Hmm, I'm having a continuing declutter so this is tricky as I am trying to think of things I NEED rather than like or want, but hell, this is for fun so i guess all the limits are off!

I would like should any of you be so kind....
Ink cartridges for my waterman fountain pens - any colour, any type
Stickers for small boys to use for fun
Chocolate always welcome! I particularly love mint chocolate and things like peppermint patties
Anything to do with peanut butter
Picture frames as I am still renovating my house and am adding homely touches
Bath toys for small boys
Books on my wishlist or about making a home lovely and on decluttering
Books about enjoying life's simple pleasures
Slow cooker (crockpot) recipes
Vitamix recipes
Bonne Maman jam jars for organising my crafty bits & bobs
Oh, and I love sewing so buttons, fabrics, threads, ribbons, machine needles, stitch rippers (especially those!), all very welcomed

I have quite a few addresses and things ready to brighten people's days and LOVE this thread x


Here are my wishes:

Wishlist books
BookCrossing supplies
Postcards from your town or city
Fridge magnets
Interesting pencils
Anything Moomin-related
Anything Tintin-related
Anything Little Prince-related
Cloth bags (like cotton shopping bags/totes)
Chocolate or sweets from your area
Anything you made by hand

ETA: Please, nothing with religious text/verses of any kind.


**USA ONLY** Is anyone wishing for 5 books to wild release in your town or any where? I have a few little boxes of random books to send out on November 1st. If anyone has a wish for books to wild release pleasse post here or send me a PM or an email to janenov24@yahoo.com. They will just be books I choose at random and probably a few years old. **USA only**


I sent you a PM. Thanks for this offer!


* Wishlist books
* YA/teen books or women's fiction
*children books ( girly is a plus )
* perfume or other beauty supplies ( samples, travel size or full size )
* magnets
* author goodies such as boomarks or magnets promoting their book(s)
* Dvds ( any variety welcome - action, romance, kids, family-friendly, etc. )
* children's Board or card games
* cd's ( pop, country, classic rock, or 90's alternative )
* chocolate
*Christmas ornaments
* unused postage stamps
* a pretty scarf
* amazon giftcard
* Surprise me!


1. Herbal (non-caffeine) tea
2. Seeds to plant next spring
3. T-shirt (woman's small) from your country
4. Any small local craft or handmade item from your country
5. A book off my wishlist
6. Treats for my cat, Briar
7. Christmas ornament
8. Anything that represents world peace to you
9. Something ecological "green"
10. Surprise me!

Thanks so much! I live alone and it's always a joy to get a little something unexpected to brighten my Christmas. :)


This year I wish for:
- postcards showing Street art (graffiti, urban knitting etc.)
- advent calendar
- good vibes for my elderly cat (very ill)
Thank you very much :)!


The past two falls I was abroad during this thread, needless to say I'm excited to be a part of it again. After putting a few gifts together for others, here is my list:

old calenders
essential oils
new mascara
bookcrossing supplies
any wishlist book (it's updated)
hot chocolate
any product from lush
anything from my etsy wishlist


a skiene of yarn
giftcards for Victoria's Secret
Anything homemade (including treats)
Address labels
Your favorite healthy recipes
Anything related to The Lord of the Rings
Anything Huskers / New England Patriots / Chiefs / Royals related


It's been a long while since I've been around, and I'm delighted to return during the holiday season so that I can participate in HGG. My resources are a bit sparse this year, so I can't do a whole lot, but will be sending out a few surprises! :-) Thank you, everybody, for being such a beautiful community...

My list:
small wall calendar for work - animal themed, or from your region/country
book from wish list or animal themed book that I can release at the zoo
kitty treats or catnip for my cats
a pm or (better yet) a letter from you, describing an exceptional (or very bad)
experience with customer service (defined broadly, to include anyone in
retail, healthcare - including doctors and nurses -, anyone who serves a
customer). I am writing a book and will spend the next year collecting
anything to do with polar bears, elephants, or herons
a donation to your local no-kill shelter. Don't have one? Google Save the Animals
Foundation in Cincinnati, OH. My kitties came from here and it is fantastic.
surprise me!


It's been a while. Can't wait to get back into the game. Esp. now that I have moved to the United States.

My wishlist would beeeeee:
1. A place to stay for the winter break and to experience a real Christmas with a family.
2. A handwritten letter or Postcard (I collect postcards!), telling me about you.
3. A pen friend.
4. Cute stationary.
5. Your favourite (or recently finished) book.
6. Makeup, nail-paint, care products, perfume, lip-balms.
7. Chocolates and sweets. *.*
8. Good tea and great coffee.
9. Snacks. Like... your favourite brand of ramen etc.
10. Used stamps. I collect stamps.
11. Coins from different countries. I collect coins.
12. A bagpack.
13. Winter essentials (Beanies and scarves. Handmade would be so lovely!)
14. Boots (Size 8.50

I hope everyone have a great gift sharing experience!


I am the BookCrosser formerly known as crrcookie. Many, many people know me under that name and it is time for me to once again be active in the community. But I'd like for you all to call me Ruby like the other people in my life now.

My wish for the Holiday Gift Giving 2014 is a whimsical one ...

I'm in need of smiles that I can experience everyday. I wish for items that I can use in daily life that remind me of my friends far and wide. A reminder that BookCrossing is my community and that I'll always have a home here among friendly people.

Here are the themes that I like: (Descriptions available on my profile.)


Red and Black - Things that have the color or pattern of a ladybug.

Yellow - I work at a KOA. The color is similar to BallyCumber.

I'm looking for elaborate accessories to wear everyday. Everything from costume jewelry to the real thing. Scarves, hair ribbons and bows, flowers and feathers, anything that will add a smile to me and to others. I also like knee high socks and things that are child friendly and funny.
Anyone have a pageant crown that they aren't attached to? That's the kind of thing that would really make my day! I could make a REALLY elaborate hairstyle and have a tremendous amount of fun this holiday season.

I have a place on my name tag for pendants. I usually only put "Ruby" ones on there but a red stone is a ruby in my book.

Care Packages - The gifts that my friends choose to send me just because they love me.

I often say that my name is Ruby, like the slippers. A reference to the movie The Wizard of Oz. I like all things that are related to that movie and especially the ruby slippers.

BookCrossing Supplies/Wings for me or lilgrovers.

WebKinz for lilgrovers

And lastly, but surely not least, I love Christmas cards, and postcards, and snail mail of all kinds. I'm not going to be able to send out a bunch this year so that I can get a bunch in return. But if anyone would like to send me mail my address is:

Ruby LadyBug
8100 Bandley Drive
Fountain, CO 80817

That is a business address and I'm hoping that it will only slightly annoy my co-workers if I get an interesting amount of mail. ;)


Hey everybody, remember me your old pal crrcookie! I'm still on BookCrossing but I use a new handle now. I'm RubyLadyBug! http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/rubyladybug

I LOVE being "Ruby" with all of my cute little ladybug things around.

Thank you all for remembering me as I was and how I've changed and grown.

crrcookie's wishlist is to make more BookCrossing friends and connect again with the ones I met before.


Hi...I am Elizardbreath's mom. I just started BC today. I am so excited. She has been wanting me to try this for 9 years! So...here I go! I have been reading since I was a little girl and I know that my love for books has been a positive thing in my daughter's life. She says I am supposed to have a wishlist...

I love ceramic swans
I collect salt and pepper shakers and bells
vintage doilies and linens
new dish towels
embroidered pillow cases
bubble bath and bath salts
small strings of "firefly" lights!
pastry brush
stationery/letter writing paper/envelopes/postage stamps
fuzzy socks
larger desk size address book!
post it notes
wooden spoons
dart supplies (my husband and I have played each night for over 20 years)
and of course books! I would like to have anything by Frances Mayes....I have the first one, Under The Tuscan Sun, but would love the rest!


So glad to have you here, Mom!


Yep, great to see you here, elizardbreath's mom :)


Thank you elizardbreath and LittleWhiteBird!


Hello bookcrossers! :)

It seems that a lot of people come back in the forum this period of the year, me included! :) I was not active for a while, but now I want to be very present in here! This little game is perfect to fulfill my wish of being closer to you guys! :)

Raluk68's wish list:
- happy customers for my mom http://www.etsy.com/---/TianaKids
- for me, friends on goodreads http://www.goodreads.com/---/35642645-raluca
- I love love postcards and hand written letters
- travel guide/ maps/ materials about your country or area where you live (the letter can be on this theme! I would love that! ;) )
- green tea, interesting herbal tea
- your preferred spice
- something good scented
- a fabric bag
- Christmas decorations
- a surprise is always welcome

Thank you for thinking of me!


froggie66 5 yrs ago
Welcome to elizardbreath's mom Charlieshack. Just giving this a little nudge because it is on the 2nd page.

What is this washi tape? Like the fancy stuff they have in France that is decorative and used in arts and crafts or wrapping presents. We have designer Duck Tape here with multiple patterns and colours. http://www.homedepot.ca/---/848512 (I know one person who didn't want to give up his wallet so much he taped his old one with Duck Tape and then continued to use it.)


I haven't taken part in this for a few years but figured now was a good time to get back into it. I can already see some wishes I can fufill!

Anything cat related
BookCrossing supplies (handmade is good)
Wishlist books or any book you think I might like (I particularly like LGBTQ fiction/non-fiction, travel writing, erotica, music related fiction/non-fiction, books about cats, YA fiction, comics/graphic novels and books about books/writing)
Anything dragon related
Candy/chocolate (I especially love sour candy)
Seasoning/spice blends for cooking
Stationery for letter writing
Zines (http://en.wikipedia.org/---/Zine explains what one is)
I am always curious about what people read and how they store/organise their books so a letter/PM about books you have read recently and how you organise your books, how many shelves you have and other things only booklovers find interesting would be awesome


In years past, there have been people who wished for box tops for education. Is there anyone participating that wants/can use them? My girls aren't in school yet.


me please. My son's teacher just asked for some today.


I love this part of BC and hope to furfill several wishes:)

My wishes this year are as follows:

Chik lit- especially Britis chick lit:)
BC supplies like lables and stickers and pre printed and blank post it notes
books to weild release and possibly read myself
Poodle stuff but sadly no live poodles:(wing for my jusband H2)melons
a donation to http://www.vrcpitbull.net/---/donations/ in memory of Speck the poodle- my little buddy who was scared of big dod=gs- he was only 8 lbs but he LOVED girl pits;) he even has a girl pit girlfriend;0
any and all books about Disney especially charicters- kids and adults books- for a special themed release I will be doing in the fall of 2015 childrens books and adult books are both welcome and needed plesase
need more info about me- contct bc member H2O melons- my husband
Thank you!


I will try to fulfill as many wishes as my retired pocketbook will allow. :-)

Socks, I love any unusual kind
Bookcrossing release supplies (home made or from the supply store); stickers
Anything Moose related
Something handmade
A donation to your local animal shelter
Kitty treats
Any surprise

Thanks so much for organizing this!



-postcards and christmas cards
-winter clothing (ladies size small) (going to Iceland and mainland Europe early next year)


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