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Hosted this a few years ago and thought I’d give it another whirl!
We all have a Wishlist right, and we're all currently reading a book.
The aim of this thread is to look up who is wishing for the book you are currently reading, PM for their address and send it!
Sounds simple right? Thats cos it is!!

With so many rings, rays, sweeps and tagging games, I wonder does anyone just grant a wish these days? I know I personally haven’t for some time.

So post here with what you're reading and who you are sending it to / who you have PMed to send it to.

Don’t want to do it with your current read because it is already earmarked for something else? Do it with the next book to pluck off Mt TBR.

You can make this as personal as you like. IE if there are 20 people wishing for the book, send to the BCer who is in a country you haven’t sent to before.

Tell us all about the book, who you chose and why here in the thread. Please include a link to the book.

Feel free to post a link to this thread in your release JE and maybe the recipient will post in the thread when they receive the book.

Enjoy! going to fungirl503 because she's the only one wishing for this book.

I picked it up today, to be frank, because I needed a bathroom read that was on the lighter side of the mystery/thriller genre. I don't normally like books that are just collections of short stories...I don't like short stories in general...but I'm enjoying this book. It's a collection of 4 short stories by different authors where dogs play a prominent role in the plot. So far, I think "Nightmare in Nowhere," by Chassie West was the most interesting one, but I haven't read the last story, "The Case of the London Cabbie," by J.A. Jance yet either. Anyway, I hope fungirl503 enjoys the book. I'll probably finish it tonight or tomorrow, so it'll be ready to go out with the rest of everything I'm sending this coming week.


fungirl503 hasnt been active in the forums for 3 years, but is still releasing books it seems. (Hopefully she still picks up her PMs as the address on was added 5 years ago, and she may well have moved since.)

This is the perfect start to this theamed RABCK. Thanks Stephario for being such a sport.
Maybe we can lure some people back to the community!

Lol, just found that my own current read isn't on anyone's wishlist, so I'll have to wait for my next read! Quite ironic really.


well hello every one! Thanks for the book and I will have to get back in the swing of things. Been busy with working in the hospital and with family. Yes my address is correct! Hugs to every one out there and all my old friends and new!


But my current book has already been labeled. I'm taking part in a lot of rings, but with the first BC-book I'll read where no strings are attached, I'll get back here :-)


by Ann Cleeves (Red Bones in english, original version) and I am sending it to myrtillus after I've read it.

This is the third part of the detective series set in the Shetland islands, and I like it a lot. The fourth part has been promised to me already, so I can continue with it later.


this is a wonderful idea!! I love it!!

I am going to look around and see if anyone is wishing for the books I am reading :)


This is what I am reading at the moment:

As I am going to be staying near Leeds, UK next week, I was thrilled to find it is on han_cat's wishlist, as this BCer is listed as living in Leeds! Have PMed for the address and now I just need to make sure I have finished the book before I leave the UK again...

I am now in the UK, have finished reading the book and have the Leeds address! My friend is going to be very close to the address tomorrow so she has kindly offered to take the book and put it in han_cat's letter box! I am giddily excited about this and can't wait to hear about the success (or otherwise!!) of the venture! :-D


Code Name: Bikini, by Christina Skye, and a short story collection, Adrenaline: 2001. I check wish lists with every book I read that is not already promised or a ring/ray book, but the majority of the time, lately anyway, there are no wishes for it. Or if there are they are another country, and I've been limiting my overseas mailing due to finances.


I used to do this all the time but you're right, tags and rays and so on intervened.
Unfortunately my current read
Just what kind of mother are you by Paula Daly
Isn't on a listbut I will keep checking.


the book am reading is a libary book. But the other book is called Althea by Abigal Mcdaniels and there is no body on the wish list. But as soon as found one I will be back


sending this book as a RABCK to editorgrrl


going to blueviolet as a RABCK..please forgive me but am cant remember how to get the link


going to acountkel as a RABCK


going to book-spy as a RABCK


going to tantan as a RABCK


going to skylerdragon as a RABCK


First fungirl503 wasn't active for three years and now she is hyperactive, thanks to this thread! Good for you J4shaw for setting this up, Stephario for a great choice of "victim" and fungirl503 for showing us all how it is done! My current read is a tag-book, but the next one will be chosen for this thread. Great idea.


Talk about fate or karma or whatever! I picked you because you were the only one wishing for the book I was reading when this thread popped up. And now look at you go! I'm really glad to see you participating! Unfortunately, my current read and my next read are already accounted for, but I'll make sure my read after that isn't and that someone's wishing for it.


so I'll give it a try.

I have recently sent a few wishlist books off, and I often check to see what I have read to send off books, but will make a concerted effort to be more diligent. Some I am reading right haven't been registered YET, but plan on doing so regardless.

Will check back later with results.
I received it via Chick-lit sweep and liked very much. I think the next reader will enjoy it!


I just messaged the one person that had the copy of the book "Booked to Die" by John Dunning on their WL. Its "Innae" and appears she is pretty active, so hopefully she'll want it, but she does mention that she has an insanely large TBR pile....LOL...don't we all....I think I might do this more often...great idea.


This is a really good idea for a thread. Sending this book off as soon as I finish it...
Hopefully to Baklava if she gets back to me!


Awesome, I'm in! My current book is in a ring, so I can't use that, but will use the next book I read. :)


I haven't checked the RABCK forum for awhile, and I used to check on who was wishing for my books all the time, but haven't in quite awhile. So thanks to Meekachu07 for PMing me, and for J4shaw for the reminder. My current book The Night Circus is destined to go back to a co-worker, but I will be sure to check on some of the books hanging out in my availables to see what I can send on :-)


I've done this a few times in the past but I guess I could post them here from now on, if I remember... Just finished Emma Larkin's Everything is Broken and noticed that Esme-Weatherwax is the only one who has it on her wishlist, so I've PM'ed her.


winginnaewing 5 yrs ago
Well Received
Just thought I would share

Thank you for reminding me about RABCKs -- such a good feeling.


but just noticed that this AVL is on Madmagde's wishlist, so I'm sending it on to her.


but just noticed that this AVL is on Madmagde's wishlist, so I'm sending it on to her.

Received your PM and replied. Thank you SO much x x x


I have a book for 3vie waiting to be send and, I must say, I have some RABCK coming my way for which I'm really grateful. Vekiki, Chania, tabby-the-cat-owner, thank you very much in advance!


I Know Why the Changed Bird Sings by Maya Angelou for Banned Books Week. I've sent a private message to Ciloma & will be mailing this book to her once I am through reading it.

I like sending out controlled releases as RABCKs, especially with those who are looking for a particular book title. It's all about sharing a good book with other readers, right?


Touch of Frost and Crimson Frost, both by Jennifer Estep several weeks ago. I can't recall if they were on her wishlist here, but know they were on her list at Goodreads. Both have been received.


I'm finally able to enter something in this nice thread. I received "the spy who came from the cold" sometimes ago as I won a RABCK. As the book send by Yorkshire-lass was so new, I decided to do a controled release to someone who had it on her wishlist. I will keep the story short : the book is now on its way to Portugal:


My 'current reads' have been reserved for someone (or not BC-books at all) for quite some time, but I'm sending this one out as a RABCK so it's a good enough excuse to bump this thread up :)


"Irish Chain" at the moment, and when I'm done, I'll send it to Annelis, who has it on her wishlist.


The good father, pm sent to missmarkey
The husbands secret on its way to blue_berry


will be sent to iwillrejoice later this week.


Chania 5 yrs ago
Now reading
Corduroy Mansions and then sending it to stinaP . Or rather handing it to her in our BC-meet up next week.


this book and am sending it to redfox5 next


wingLamillawing 5 yrs ago
3 wishlist books from Vekiki. Thank you again for your kindness!


Am currently reading Revolutionary Road and sending it on to jo_an_a next, as it's on her wishlist


Will post tomorrow - to Iceland.


wingsakirmowing 5 yrs ago
Have sent
two current reads this week: to katiko and another book (Marja Björk: Poika) to Jaatiina, but can't be bothered to dig up the link anymore as I've released so many books recently...



I sent this out to wheepaperclips last week after finishing it


Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner


Cold Water by Gwendoline Riley
Edit: received on October 11, 2014


Taming the Beast by Emily Maguire
Edit: received October 15, 2014
I always request Debbie Macomber books on LibraryThing Early Reviewers because I know I'll get them (for some reason I always do) and can pass on to love2cook who likes them.


One Foot Wrong by Sofie Laguna


The Book of Rapture by Nikki Gemmell
Edit: Received October 16, 2014


Biting the sun by Tanith Lee


Sending (actually handing) The Baby On The Car Roof to Bryeley.
A cute, fast read.


on their wish list. :(


This will be whinging its way to Vilijonkka in Finland later today.
She tells me this is her first RABCK from overseas ;)

Edit: Received November 11, 2014


The Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson


It's a surprise & I'm not sure if they read the forum so I will add the name when they receive it.

Foreign Affairs by Patricia Scanlan


The Accidental Time Machine by Joe Haldeman


Brat Farrar by Josephine Tey


Tremble by Tobsha Learner


wingJ4shawwing 4 yrs ago
Come on everyone, this is a great idea for the festive season

"With so many rings, rays, sweeps and tagging games, I wonder does anyone just grant a wish these days? I know I personally haven’t for some time."


A Long Walk in Wintertime by Libby Purves


The Girl of his Dreams by Donna Leon.


around, comes around..
The Girl of his Dreams by Donna Leon.

So cheered by this, have decided to jump in, so have contacted someone for my current read - The law of Dreams & am keeping my fingers crossed that she still wants it.
ETA: yes, so forwarding to daffodil-2


Only just saw this thread referring to me Milly-cat. I really enjoyed the Law of Dreams and journalled it, as you know. It is now with a non-bookcrossing friend who will give it back to me in due course for further release. Thanks again.


Maze Runner


Notes From a Big Country. Bill Bryson.


About Face by Donna leon.


Sybil by Flora Rheta Schreiber.


Parnassus on Wheels by Christopher Morley


We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson


Little Deaths by Peter Goldsworthy
In the Winter Dark by Tim Winton


.."The Son" by Michael Rostain.


.."The Son" by Michael Rostain.
Book arrived today. Thanks Bookfrogster :)

I can't believe this is the only copy registered on BC, and that I was the only person with it on their Wishlist!


I know!! I am often surprised when I have read a book that I think is really, really good and no-one has it on their wishlist, especially if it is a popular genre. The books in Lydmouth Series by Andrew Taylor are a prime example of this.
Glad this got there safely and hope you enjoy it.


is going to hostile17


The Professor and the Housekeeper by Yoko Ogawa


Knocked this off Mt TBR a few weeks ago, but..

A Breath of Fresh Air by Amulya Malladi
Edi: Received January 14, 2015


U for Undertow. Sue Grafton


Death Takes a Gander by Christine Goff


Death Takes a Gander by Christine Goff

Hey Catsalive, I see that this is for a Wishlist Tag.
This thread is for sending a book that is not linked to anything else..

With so many rings, rays, sweeps and tagging games, I wonder does anyone just grant a wish these days? I know I personally haven’t for some time.


Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford


The Ladies of Missalonghi by Colleen McCullough
A Fortunate Life by A. B. Facey


Open Sesame by Tom Holt


The Snowman by Jo Nesbo.


Hanging Hill by Mo Hayder.


For "last runaway" by Tracy Chevalier. I saw yesterday that a swiss BC had it on his wish list so I send it a PM.


On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan.
The January "One book a month offered" I won the lottery where she entered.


Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay which I received as part of the Australia Day sweepstake.


Breath, Eyes, Memory by Edwidge Danticat
It was only on 3 Wishlists
Back to USA this little book goes

Edit: Received March 17, 2015


I'm going to check some of my AVL books for wishers when I get home!


Lamora 3 yrs ago
PM sent ..
Just finished reading The Color of Magic, which has been sitting on my shelf long enough.
Quite a few people are interested, so I randomly picked someone.
Will be sent to Smitie1405.


Who has it on his wish-list.


Wishlist book Headhunters by Jo Nesbo. Enjoy !


...going to Ladkyis.


The 100 Thing Challenge by Dave Bruno.


Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier.


Drawing Conclusions by Donna Leon.


The Golden Egg by Dona Leon.


..The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas.


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