(Accepted!) Sort of a strange offer for someone who collects WHERE'S GEORGE dollars ....

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Send me a book, any book, that I can help travel by wild releasing or sharing with a friend, and I will send you three WHERE'S GEORGE bills as postage!!! I can do this for two books! Post here and send me a PM!!!

(I hope this isn't rude. I thought it would be a way to get both the books and the WHERE'S GEORGE bills traveling. If anyone thinks it's inappropriate, please let me know.)


wingBasculawing 7 yrs ago
I'm in.
I have a Where's George stamp and everything, so I guess I'm 'one of those people' who mark bills and books.

I will choose a book to send to you. I will also send a pm.


jmsmom 7 yrs ago
Me too!
Do you want to choose the book or do I just send you one?


Send me your addresses so that I can send you each three Georges for 'postage!'



Are you in need of books to read ?


"Where's George" dollars moving and thought someone else could get a book traveling at the same time. My TBR mountain is rather - uhm - huge. LOL.


Thank you so much, I've read one fiction and one nonfiction written by her, and I'm looking forward to reading this one!


I pm'd you.


Georges will be on their way!


I've read it and really enjoyed it, will be saving it for a special VBB that's coming my way soon!


wingminesaynwing 7 yrs ago
for the Where's George dollars. They are now in Huron, Ohio, posted to the site, and will be circulated here (probably will be used at the post office posting other books) ;)


Will try to get them moving soon!


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