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Yes, you read well, it is CLOSED by now. :))
Sounds strange?
Maybe, but we are on the Rabck Forum! :)
There is no impossible here.
Just fun and fun and fun.

So, it is upside-down, since there is only 1 sender (it is me), the other players are all winners! Precisely 10 bookcrossers and an extra one!

Who are playing this Game? It is good question. And I know you are all curious about it, but, sorry, I won't tell it to you. It is a Secret! :) You know the rules, don't let the winners know they have won otherwise their surprise will be ruined. Well, it will soon turn out... since
......11 has already reached its new home :))

I wish you have a lovely day with lots of smile and wonder!
Magic is around!


but in such a nice way!


LOL... Brilliant!


Elskaliam 7 yrs ago
You got me confused. But then that is a normal state of mind for me. ;-) Congratulations to the winners! Whoever they are...?


wingSoozreaderwing 7 yrs ago
Sounds fun:) Have a lovely day as well! :D


salvami 7 yrs ago

have a lovely week, hakkalina!


hakkalina, you are always coming up with ways to be generous, and you are very endearing!
I wish you a lovely summer!
And.....congratulations to your unsuspecting winners! :))


oh, wait, I AM Releanna. Ooops, now I know that I'm a winner :o

thank you so much, hakkalina, for "Red Herrings and White Elephants" which was my oldest wish on my list :)


Woke up this morning when the mail came and I heard a package dropping on the floor. I decided it's for my roomie as I'm not really waiting any parcels from anywhere. So, when I saw my name in it I was so surprised!

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Jodi Picoult's Songs of the Humpback Whale has been on my wishlist for quite a while. :)

I have one question: how did you choose the winners? I mean, I have been quite unactive bookcrosser for few years until quite recently and I really haven't been that active on the forums. But I have to say that once again the generosity of fellow bookcrossers warms my heart! You are truly awesome! <3


Well, I chose randomly from my want-to-leave books then hunted for readers via wish-lists :)) Otherwise, your "4 wks" number showed that you are active...:)))


wingApoloniaXwing 7 yrs ago
Me too!
I guess I'm winner no. 3 :-)
Thank you so much, hakkalina!!! I just received a wishlist book!


Vekiki 7 yrs ago
and me!
Thankyou! What a lovely surprise - and a great idea for a RABCK :)

I got a wishlist book

and an AWESOME postcard, A where's Wally puzzle of a pirate ship ( <3 pirates! Arrrh Mateys!). which is extra appropriate as today (a 2 shpw day at work) we are doing a Where's Wally jigsaw in the green room, so I will take the postcard down to pass around while we work on the jigsaw


Thank you very much Hakkalina! :D

A very nice surprise, I got a wishlist book as well: I, Coriander


You conjure smile for my face :D

I love seeing your happiness...it makes me happy as well! :))))))


Thank you so much for sending me a wishlist book:
"Storm in the Village" by Miss Read
and two really lovely children's books, (one with dvd), for the child inside me, (and also to share with my grandchildren),
and not forgetting the really fun "Where's Wally?" postcard! I spent quite a bit of time searching for Wally, and I didn't spot him until the third time I looked!!


wingPiikuwing 7 yrs ago
Thank you!!!
I had totally forgotten this wonderful Sweepstake, so I was quite surprised when I got a package from Hungary. It was Room by Emma Donoghue, one of the "top 5" on my wish list. Thank you so much hakkalina, you really made my day <3


Thank you very much for that great surprise! You really made my day!


Though 2 parcels are travelling, so it is not over, but I think it was/is a great game... so there will be a "to be continued" sometime.. :))


I got the book today. Thanks a bunch. :-)


Wow! What a lovely surprise! I received Gifts today. Thank you so much! :D



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