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I did not know skeeterbess but it is always sad to lose a fellow bookcrosser.
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I'm sad tonight: I found out that one of my first bookcrossing friends, skeeterbess ( http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/skeeterbess ), has died; I hope she's with her much-loved beagles. My heart goes out to her family.

I first met skeet in her professional capacity as a termite inspector (see the heading "PALACE CHECKED BY FOUR-FOOTED FRIEND" in this article: http://hotspotshawaii.com/---/NewsF.txt ), and so when I first met up with the Table of Contents (our local BC group), I was pleasantly surprised to find a familiar face in the group. Later I did a "book rescue" run with her to a condo she had inspected: the books were going to be tossed in the dumpster, so we bookcrossed them instead!

She moved to Texas a few years ago and stopped being active with BC, but we remember her fondly, especially when we're eating her favorite molten chocolate cake!

Because termites and "skeeter bugs" (dragonflies) often make me think of her, I'd like to offer a copy of Wicked Bugs ( http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/11180929 ) in her memory. More info about the book can be found at the author's website: http://www.amystewart.com/---/wicked-bugs

Post here and send me a PM if you're interested; if you have a story about skeeterbess to share here, that's even better. I'll draw a name on June 15, and hopefully the recipient will get the book in time for skeet's July birthday.


I did not know skeeterbess but it is always sad to lose a fellow bookcrosser.
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bloedengel 8 yrs ago
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but my condoleances.


winghyphen8wing 8 yrs ago
Anyone else?


I did not have the opportunity to know skeeterbess but it is sad when a follow bookcrosser passes on. This reback is a great idea to do in her honor I am sure she would be pleased.


I too remember her as a frequent, and friendly, poster in Chit Chat when I first joined Bookcrossing. How lovely to honour her with a RABCK in her memory.

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I never had the pleasure of knowing skeeterbess but it is sad to lose a friend, and a fellow bookcrosser too.

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winghyphen8wing 8 yrs ago


To lose someone you knew and cared for is always a harrowing experience and my thoughts are with you right now.
I just looked at Skeet's blog and at her photos. This rabck is a nice way to remember her.



Thank you to everyone who participated.


Thank you very much for sending me this really great book, Wicked Bugs. It is indeed, very fascinating! I love it. I have put it on my coffee table so that others can dip into it, too.
Thank you also for the magnetic bug bookmark which is very apt, and the Guinness Mousse recipe! I do actually like Guinness so I might try this recipe one of these days!


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