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Here we go again! It may seem a bit early, but I wanted to allow a full month for sign-ups and still leave enough time for BookCrossers to mail inexpensively in time for Christmas. (Hakkalina hosted this last year, but she's decided to let me give it a try this year.)

Here's the idea:

1. Your commitment is to send one Wishlist book to your assigned BCer. If you want to send anything more, that's your choice, but no one should expect to receive more than one Wishlist book. New or used books are fine.

2. You register and journal the book.

3. You wrap it like a Christmas present and mail it in plenty of time to arrive by Christmas, but you keep your BCing name secret. They won't find out who their Secret Santa is until they go to the BCID number.

Here's the requirements:

1. You must be willing to mail internationally.

2. You must have an up-to-date Wishlist of at least 25 books.

3. You must have enough time and responsibility to not let your assigned BCer down.

If you would like to participate, please post here and PM me your mailing address. And let the fun begin!


I'm in - PM on its way.


Please add me.


I will PM my adress.


I haven't yet received your PM dutch-book.


PMing my address to you now!


Bjorg 8 yrs ago
I´m in :)
PMing you now!




AKSarah 8 yrs ago
I'm in
This sounds fun!


bloedengel 8 yrs ago
okay ....
one for christmas I can't resist :)


PM's on the way.


I'd love to join, PM on way


PMing you now.


..just one question. Does it absolutely have to be a wishlist book? What if one cannot find the books on someones wishlist anywhere in the right language (eg. in english)?

Just checking. I'll try my best to find the book, but one cannot be sure when living in a non-english-speaking country.. ought to be a Wishlist book, and I figured with at least 25 to choose from, chances are anyone should be able to find one of them anywhere. Plus I'm allowing lots of time, in case a book would have to be ordered from far afield. However, if English books are really too difficult to find where you are, let me know what languages would work for you, and I'll do my best to give you the name of a BCer that has Wishlist books in one of those languages.

No guarantees though! :)


PM on the way.


I already responded to your post over on Chit Chat. Not sure if it's easier for you to keep track in one place. Anyway, a PM is already on its way to you with my address. Thank you so much for organizing this!


as it seems like good fun, but like MiuM I have concerns about having to get a wishlist book. Part of Christmas is being taken totally by surprise.

I recently moved to China. The area I live in has so few westerners that I can become a focus of attention went out and about, so there are certainly not any English language bookshops nearby.

Being a book fanatic, I will be doing an excursion to hunt for bookshops in the nearest big city but that is still no guarantee that I would be able to find a wishlist book as the months I spent living in Bangkok showed me that 'international' bookshops are usually limited to the classics or the mainstream 'blockbusters'. I found them so uninspiring that I paid to have my entire book collection shipped from the UK when I made a permanent move here to China.

Often peoples wishlists are very narrow or obscure, which if I was still in the UK would not be a problem as my local bookshop would order anything, but having to pay to have a book shipped to me in Asia only to then post back to the other side of the world would prevent my joining.

Since moving to China I have really begun to notice how many things in bookcrossing are US, UK, Europe, Australia only, or even when international have hurdles that make it more difficult for someone living in an Asian country to join in.


I want to try and make it work for everyone, if at all possible. The surprise here is not knowing which book you will get, but knowing it will be one you really want.

I'll PM you and see if we can figure out a way it can work for you. Otherwise, sad to say, you may have to pass on this one and try something else like the HGG Wishlist, the Ornament Exchange, or the Christmas Card Exchange. There are lots of ways to have fun here!


winglukutuoliwing 8 yrs ago
I'm in !!
PMing you my address now...


sent you a pm...


I enjoy this exchange.


If it doesn't make this process more complicated, I wouldn't mind knowing if participants are ok with getting electronic versions of wishlist books. Many of us now have eReaders, and that might make it a bit easier for international buddies to get books to each other. To preserve the surprise aspect, the sender would probably need to wait until the actual holiday to send. that I'm thinking of this, it might not work.

Just a thought. I don't want to turn a fun activity into a chore!


I think for now we'll stick with actual books, ok?


I will send a PM...

One thing I thought of for those that don't have easy access to bookstores with the appropriate language...minesayn recently sent me a giftie for winning a sweeps, and had the brilliant idea of sending the BCID # for a book she ordered off Amazon to ship directly to me....or you could mail out a pre-numbered BCID to someone and order a book to go with the book ordered from Amazon (or some other online place that will ship to other locations)

Anyway, just a thought --


I think it's a fine idea. :) has free shipping worldwide, so that may prove to be useful as well.


Other online bookstores with free postage that I often use are: and (this one is only free if you buy 2 or more books)


has helped me out a few times on rabcks (I don't have a bookstore too close, and now with the closing of Borders, even less)...and not only that, but why pay postage twice? My problem with joining this is that I generally don't have a huge wish list and would have to expand it just to fit within the parameters. I also like surprises--isn't that what Father Christmas brings? However, if I don't have to add a whole bunch of books to my wish list, I'd be interested in participating.

@ innae....did it arrive yet? I sure hope so; it said it was shipped! :)


I also like surprises--isn't that what Father Christmas brings? However, if I don't have to add a whole bunch of books to my wish list, I'd be interested in participating.

I usually have things on my whishlist that anyone could find. You don't have to write a title and an author but could give an idea. For example:

Recipes - books or a copy of your favourite recipe
Your favourite book of alltimes in either X language or English
Anything with X author
X book in different languages (if you collect)
Poetry books

Good luck in adding to your wishlist and participate in this fun part of BC.


pm on it's way :)


winginnaewing 8 yrs ago
It is here...I need to put the # in it and journal.



it was still middle of summer 2 days ago here in Vienna - but yesterday it changed to fall , so if it goes on like that, Christmas can´t be far...


pming you


I want to join this! I'm new so my wislist is still empty but I promise to fill it up within the next week :) Will PM you now.


Sounds like fun!


Kally93 8 yrs ago
Add me!
Thanks. PM coming your way.


Camikatzy 8 yrs ago
I'm in!
Thank you for organizing Brookler, I’m sending you a PM right now and I will update my wish list soon.

I read about other people concerns about finding books in English. So whoever my Secret Santa is going to be I will be happy to receive any book you like to send me if you can’t find anything from my wish list. I love mystery and historical fiction but I’m open to read everything. I also collect bookmarks and postcards in case you want to make my Christmas very happy.





Kally93 8 yrs ago
pm received.


Sending you a PM


Haven't beenon the forums for a while & it just occurred to me this evening that it was about time to look for the Secret Santa post. And here it is! Woot! Count me in (& sending a PM....)


wandering-B 8 yrs ago
I'm in
sending you a PM now


I had a lot of fun with this last year. PMing now!


pm on its way


I've never done this before, so am not sure when we are supposed to get our assigned partner. Just want to be sure I haven't missed something.


You should get your partner within the next week.


wingHaugtussawing 8 yrs ago
I'm in
PM is on it's way.




annenz 8 yrs ago


greetins from texas!


Saw the christmas decorations going up at the airport last weekend - a tad early for me, but it did remind me about this.


But ad me to! Pm on it's way.


Tsjara 8 yrs ago
PM received
Thanks for hosting Brookler :)


I would like to join to!


I'm confused, as some people are saying they are already sending stuff while other people are still signing up...


I'm confused, as some people are saying they are already sending stuff while other people are still signing up...

I'm confused too, already received my partner's name a few days ago.


Don't be confused! If I waited to send all the partners after it closes, I'd be faced with sending 75 PMs at once! Instead, I've been sending out 5 or 10 a day and everybody should have their partners by the end of this weekend. :)


Book has been ordered and will go out as soon as I've read it too. Fairly early I think, as I really want to read the book too.


will start my search for a wishlist book tommorow!


Yes my Christmas surprise arrived today, wrapped in beautifully!! Now I just have to put it away so I don´t get tempted to open it, hehehe!
Thanks so much Secret Santa :)


Have fun everyone!


Camikatzy 8 yrs ago






Done :)


Thank you for whoever sent it, going to be a LONG wait until I open it :(


I'm waiting until november to send it. Still there is going to be a long wait for somebody. :)


...and will be mailed tomorrow :)




Even air mail from China can take more than a month so thought it best to get it posted as soon as possible


Even air mail from China can take more than a month so thought it best to get it posted as soon as possible

Well, ... a beautiful package from China arrived beginning of the week :-)
Mine will go out this weekend.




Hi, Brookler, did you keep the addresses? I´m thinking about sending a further parcel to someone else from this game here (might be a little unfair, but if your wishlist has books on it I wanted to buy anyway or want to get rid of...)


hopefully they get here soon.


today. Hope they like it!


(so really today, as the post office is closed on Sundays) -- it is going International, and I wanted to make sure it had time to get there!!




Oooohhh! Very exciting! I will mail mine in the next couple of days...


I got my Secret Santa gift in yesterday's mail. I will be good and not peek. Plan on opening it on Christmas Eve when I gather together with my family. Thank you!


Took a while to locate any of the books, but success yesterday so will post it off today


I got my package a couple of days ago. I keep eyeing it. It's mocking me, taunting me, daring me to open it, but I will stay strong! Thanks in advance!


and asked my husband to hide it from me until Christmas. :-)


Thanks secret santa :D


I only just discovered this thread :( This would have been such an awesome thing to join...maybe next year T_T


My Secret Santa gift is on its way to a very good Bookcrosser. Ho! Ho! Ho!


So it should arrive soon (I think).


out tomorrow!!


it should get there in a week or so, with plenty of time to be tempted to open it before Christmas!


Away to hide it away from myself so I don't open it :o)


Thank you, Secret Santa!


I received an enormous parcel from my Secret Santa today, had to fetch it from the post office :) The parcel won't be opened until Xmas...


...hope it arrives soon! :-D



Thanks Secret Santa who ever you are! :)
Will save it to open Christmas Day.


Here's hoping it arrives intact and on time!


Mine has been sent away a while ago. Hopefully it has arrived by now!


I'll try to save it for Christmas. :)


nicely wrapped parcel from Austria today, thank you to the sender! Keeping it to open at Christmas, and looking forward to it :)


I received a large box and I couldn't resist taking a peek inside... :p
There were 2 packages with Christmas paper wrapping - I'll have to hide those till the Christmas tree is up and I can put them under it, and not open till Christmas.. (aargh the temptation :p)
Thank you Secret Santa!


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