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I didn't see one yet so I'm starting one...I don't know if this will help to keep track on things or not...:) but it is good to say thank you:D So first of all, thank you to German forum and schwester for this great game! And then...


For The Wasted Vigil by Nadeem Aslam!:D


who is sending me Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris.

Thanks also to soozreader and amme1980, who both tagged me as well, although I don't know what they have chosen to send.


who is sending me Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris.

This one arrived today! Look forward to reading it.


You're welcome! Hope you'll like it.


for giving me "H" is for homicide by one of my favourite authors!


You made my wish come true :)

I got this book:


Thanks for sending all the way from New Zealand my wishlist book - For Whom the Bell Toll's by Ernest Hemmingway.... and not only that but you also included a lovely bar of NZ. chocolate ..yummy.


For sending me this book:

I'm soooo looking forward to reading it! :)



You're welcome. Hope you'll like it, still miss Iceland...


for sending me Right Ho, Jeeves by P.G Wodehouse from my wishlist and an additional book by him: The return of Jeeves:)


Hope you enjoy them! Wodehouse is great fun, especially his Jeeves books!



for the interrupted girl http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/7786711/
and the chocolate! You made my day!


albeit I'm reporting this a little late here ;))
for 'the memory's keepers daughter' - Kim Edwards.
It's a hit !


for "Patterns in the Sand", the 2nd Seaside knitters mystery (I'm having trouble with my keyboard, the upper case "k" won't work). I'm so pleased! And sent directly from BetterWorldBooks, too - Thank you!


Mirror Mirror arrived safely today. My wife is looking forward to reading it. We'll try to journal it later today as our internet at home is down. Thank you for brightening her day!!!
JE done ;)


for Girl with Green Eyes by Edna O'Brien and as extra surprise, another book ( A Pagan Place) from the same author! Very kind of you!


New Moon arrived in perfect condition today.
Thank you for sending me this wishlist book http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/8409469 and lots of BC-supplies, they come to good use!
Thanks also for the very cute book mark :-) Loved the surprise!


Glad everything arrived okay. Hope you enjoy the book. And I figured you'd appreciate the shepherd puppy. :)


for http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/6230491 , a mystery set in Laos, looking forward to reading it! And thanks for the fridge magnet and the card!


You're welcome! Hope ypu enjoy it.


I got a book by Doris Lessing from you <3


For this wishlist book you sent to me:
http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/9748150/ I'm really looking forward to read it!


For purchasing "The Mists of Avalon" for my Kindle! I've been wanting to read this for ages, though I expect I won't have the chance yet until summer courses are done next month. But it's at the top of my TBR now!


Good luck at your courses!


for Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos and the delicious Fazer chocolate!


for Pomegranate Soup and the beautiful labels!


http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/8561980 just arrived. With CHOCOLATE!!!!


for the chocolaty surprise! Really, there was no need but I am thrilled! Pumpkin Seed- Marzipan chocolate, never heard of it before, and can't wait to try! It is in the fridge now because it was very soft (there's nearly +30 c degrees here now) but I will eat it tonight!


Many thanks for sending my wishlist book - "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"....
One of those books have felt should have read a long time ago.... now is my chance.
Thanks again for tagging me..


For giving me "Sins of the Heart" by Eva Silver for my Kindle! (Which I decided to check out when it was nominated for the Bitten by Books Smackdown. There were so many books in that list I had genuinely enjoyed, I just added all the ones I hadn't to my to-reads...)

EDIT: Oh! Just noticed packages were left on my porch by the postman. (Must not be my normal postman because he usually leaves oversize stuff inside my storm door.) Got two sort of wishlist books ("Dance of the Gods" and "Valley of Silence" by Nora Roberts) in large print...but I not only had removed them from my wishlist, I've also read them both. :( But, really, thanks - especially since you went out just to look for large print books for me!


So sorry about that...remember the pm I sent you about the wishlist "print list button"? I figured out too late that these had been removed from your list. My apologies.


No need to apologize for the site being glitchy. I think we all have come to expect such wackiness. I am truly amused by the whole thing to be honest because, as I said in my PM, I really kind of hated these books so to end up with them is just far too ironic to not find funny.

I am only sorry that you went to all the trouble over it all!


It was no trouble. I use ANY excuse to go to Gulliver's Used Books!


For sending me a copy of "Pawn of Prophecy." Unfortunately, I won't be able to read this copy, but I did just find it on sale at Audible and snatched up another copy for $3.95! Looking forward to reading it - and will be happy to pass along your gift to another lucky reader. :)


for this book: http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/9946229

I'm really looking forward to reading it!


my wife says THANK YOU for this book:

Petrified by Nadel Barbara


for the book you sent me:

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen



for sending me this book:
Voice of the Gods (Age of the Five) by Trudi Canavan


For sending Undead and Unappreciated!


You're welcome. Enjoy!


Got a large print copy of "Angela's Ashes" in today's mail. I've been wanting to read this book for YEARS, so I'm quite excited to have a copy now. Thanks very much!

I do really appreciate that you've tried to hunt down large print copies, too, it's very sweet of you. :)


It's a very good book, I read it years ago and was excited to see it on your wishlist. Enjoy!


For sending me a copy of "The Secret Life of Bees" from my wishlist. Sadly, the print's far too small for me to see to read, but I promise to release it to someone else. :)

Oh, and thanks for the bookmark!


Awww thats too bad.But at least you can pass it on if nothing else.I wasnt sure if you like green tea but figured couldnt hurt to throw that in.And I am glad you like the bookmark :) Next time I will try to find a large print for you. Best Wishes


Oh, glad you mentioned the tea - I hadn't even noticed it in the envelope. Glad I didn't throw it out! And yes, I do like green tea - my personal favorite is jasmine green in fact.


for My Sister's Keeper which arrived today.


Thank you for the wonderful surprise, Present Moment Wonderful Moment by Thich Nhat Hanh, as well as the 600 Registered RABCK book, and all the lovely goodies--BC stickers, bookmarks, labels, and your lovely postcard of Boston! It was such a sweet surprise! Thank you!


for the 2 wishlist books! I am looking forward to reading and passing them on


for the book Night of the Living Deed, it looks great!


You're welcome. It's a fun read!


Thanks for this Carlton Mellick III book:


I think that you'll like "Zombies and ****" by the same author when the bookring finally makes it over to you.


I'm glad tagging you finally made me read this book :) And I'm really looking forward to getting your bookring book, as you know I loooove zombies ;)


For "Handling the Undead." Looks great!


For "Three Days to Dead" and the sweet bookmark!


You're welcome; glad you liked it!


For the large print copy of "The Lovely Bones." Really, it wasn't necessary to "make up" for anything. But I do appreciate the book; looking forward to reading it! (Also, getting scared of my TBR again.)


For sending me a large print copy of "Never Let Me Go." Actually this was the book that convinced me I couldn't read regular print any longer; I think I got about five pages into it and was laid up for a week with a migraine. It'll be nice to read without that issue. ;)


for this:
and the chocolate!


This book is in perfect condition, looks like new!
Thank you!


For Malice in the Highlands by Graham Thomas - it's #1 in a series I've been wanting to read for a while. I'll start it soon!


You're welcome. Enjoy!


for the following book:

I look forward to reading it and passing it on.


my first Tag-Game book has arrived!
Thank you AKSarah for a book which I didn't think I'd receive. A nice surprise.


You're quite welcome!


Many thanks for sending my way - The Piano Tuner by Daniel Mason.... Also loved the card you put in it with - a black & white picture of Bremen Markt.... brought back memories of my 3 years spent in Osnabruck in my early 20's (teaching in one of the British Forces schools there). We used to love to drive over to Bremen to shop, sight-see & have lunch...
Thanks once again....


Closely Observed Trains traveled across the pond with lightning speed!


printed papers usually takes three or four weeks if oceans are caught in between. that was our lucky day :)


Was soooooooooo excited to come home from work & find from my wishlist Skinny Bitch sent to me by Flewry from the wishlist tag game. Thank you so so so so so very much I can't wait to read it & release it in the wild. You have so just made my day!


you're very welcome, enjoy! :D


for sending Blood Work by Michael Connelly. Hubby and I both look forward to reading it soon.


For granting my wish for, Dearly Devoted Dexter.


I'm assuming "Tithe" by Holly Black is for the wishlist tag game? I kind of got bombarded in the mail today and I'm not entirely sure what things are for what anymore! But thank you! And it's large enough I can read it so yay!!!

EDIT: Guess if I JE'd it first I wouldn't have been confused... http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/7987111


The Red Wyvern made it today to Helsinki, together with a very nice postcard!


Thank you very much!


Glad it all arrived safely. Do hope you enjoy. I've not read this series of hers, but I've heard good things about it.


What a lovely surprise to find "Sky Burial" by Zinran in my mailbox today.... Many thanks for tagging me & for the lovely 'surprise book' which I look forward to reading.


My first book from this game arrived today :D

Small Island by Andrea Levy

Thank you so much :D


Geisha of Gion arrived yesterday, I look forward to reading it!


for sending me De helaasheid der dingen by Dimitri Verhulst.


for sending me The other Boleyn girl by Philippa Gregory.


The book A stranger in a strange land arrived safely today :)


for The Difference Engine :)


After Dark by Haruki Murakami arrived yesterday!


For "The Lovely Bones." A week ago I had no accessible copies, now I have TWO! Hehehe. I'll probably donate one of these to my eye doctor's office; they always need stuff for the waiting room. Thanks very much for taking the time to hunt down a large print copy for me!


Received this in the mail today:



Received a brilliant book by Bertrand Russell today :-)


For The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!
Which came along with Zotter chocolate :-) Thank you so much!!!!


I hope you have already heard of the newest Austrian scandal about the Flying Spaghetti Monster:


for sending One for the money by Janet Evanovich. It looks great!


For not only Tracy Chevalier's 'the virgin blue', but also winter's bone by daniel woodrell !


I did tag you twice!
Glad you like the books.


for When My Name was Keoko AND the box FULL of manner wafer biscuits. All different types....I am so putting on a few pounds this week ;-)



for Erik of het klein insectenboek by Godfried Bomans. Much appreciated!


For sending mr Touch thr Dark by Karen Chance . I'm looking forard to reading it!


for Annie On My Mind, which was waiting for me when I returned from holiday yesterday :-)


Received Battle Royale: The Novel today.



What a nice surprise when I opened my mail today to find a beautiful postcard from you. I am so excited to add it to my postcard collection. Thank you soooooooooo much for your kindness.


for 'songs for the open road' poems of travel and adventure
the road not taken : ROBERT FROST POEMS


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