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If you love colours + books + surprises, this is for you! Pick a colour and get a book and a surprise with the chosen colour!

This is my first RABCK exchange. I love them but since there is none going on I figured I must host one of my own. Everybody chooses a colour and the sender sends a surprise which is something in this colour =) It could be anything, use your imagination!

The book can be a wishlist book but can be also something you think they like. Please, keep your wishlists updated and if possible write to your profile something about what you like to read or dislike.

1. Post here by March 5th and tell which colour you pick.
2. PM me with your address and shipping preferences.
3. I will set up the exchanges after March 5th and send everybody an address.
4. Mail your package (a book and a surprise with chosen colour) as soon as you can but absolutely by March 25
5. Post here when you receive your parcel and tell what you got!
6. This is an exchange which means everybody sends something and gets something.

This is international, but give me your shipping request. I try to put people together within regions if possible (Europe, US/Can, Aus/NZ...) if there are enough participants.

You can choose the same colour somebody else has already picked.

Have fun!

These are the people who are in (5th March):

Thank you for participating! Everybody has sent and received their packages!


I'll also participate myself in this =)


what a cool idea!


wingApoloniaXwing 7 yrs ago
been pondering about which colour to pick and couldn't decide..., so I take black as it absorbs all colour :-)
Thanks for organising this!


favorite of all times.
I like this idea for a RABCK. Thanks for organising it! PM is on its way to you now.


definitely will PM you soon.
and my colour is purple :)


hakkalina 7 yrs ago
Presently this is a kind color to me...


foxyfiona1986 7 yrs ago
This is such a wicked idea. I will pick PINK!


Izzy5000 7 yrs ago
This is a fun idea! pming you now!


wingherchellewing 7 yrs ago
"When I get older, I'll wear purple and a big red hat that doesn't match..."
PM on the way


wingjmsmomwing 7 yrs ago
will pm you now.


mafarrimond 7 yrs ago
for spring. A fun idea.




I'll pm you !
Nice idea !


choice of color is more difficult.
It would be either purple (favorite color) or black (one of my other favorite color).
Flipping a coin....tails it is...BLACK!


winglamelemonwing 7 yrs ago
It's an incredible idea, thanks for hosting this :)


marsala 7 yrs ago
What a lovely idea. I'll send you a pm now.


PMing you


but colour - I would say Peacock / Turquoise Blue.


but colour - I would say Peacock / Turquoise Blue.

wow , what a nice intriguing, but a bit difficult colour :)


raluk68 7 yrs ago
... is my color! :D
Nice idea for this new game ;)


rebeccaljames 7 yrs ago
Sending you a PM.


People have been looking for you for ages, as you have not responded to pm's and stalled many bookrings/rays.


I wonder if ring/ray stallers should first sort our their obligations before signing up for RABCK exchanges, but that's up to the host of course.
I'd prefer to be paired up with somebody else.


Me too. Not to cast aspersions on anyone...but I got burned in 3 RABCKS last year, and have been quite leery of joining new ones. But I am trying!


same here


I wrote a list of people whose PM I've got. You can see it in the first post.

please PM me your address. I haven't got it yet.

And all new participants are very welcome!


saskiasosmile 7 yrs ago
Good idea Kasenka!
Pm coming.


Pming you


Although Black is my favorite color .... I am going to pick PINK!!




the purple or the yellow ones?


I'm a purple plum :o)


Fun idea. I will PM you with my addy and mailing pref. Thank you for hosting.



and didn't check the forums. Rebeccaljames, I'm sorry but I have to exclude you from this exchange because of your former behaviour on the forums (stalling rings etc). Thank you ApoloniaX and others for informing me!

I just edited the participant list of the first post. More people welcome if you are willing to send something =)


Ossiefry 7 yrs ago
Always my favourite colour :)


Kally93 7 yrs ago
For many years my children thought yellow was my favourite colour. When we would play a board game I always let them choose the colour of their game piece first. Almost always I was left with the yellow one. They eventually came to believe this was my favourite colour (I didn"t have the heart to tell them otherwise). I received many shirts, scarves, flowers etc. as gifts in shades of yellow.

So to continue the tradition, I'm choosing yellow.:)


Kally93 7 yrs ago
gentle bump.


This sounds fun!


wingSouthernfryedwing 7 yrs ago
I'd like to join in the fun! Since no one has chosen brown, I think I will.


There's still a couple of days left =)


Kally93 7 yrs ago




PM on its way :)


to find out how my partner is...


Me too! Can't wait to find out who my partner is and what color!!


if it's not too late to enter?? PM on it's way :-)


for various colours, now let's hope I get a right-coloured buddy or I have to go out looking for even more books :-) and my shelves are aching under the weight :))) lol


wingApoloniaXwing 7 yrs ago
Got my PM
Thank you, kasenka.
Just been looking through this thread again to find out what colour my secret buddy likes... :-) Lovely.


I just sent all PM:s, so if you didn't get one please let me know or if there's some other problem. Thank you all for participating, it's so fun to have so many people in this!

I should've done this yesterday but the sun was shining and I visited most lovely people, horses, dogs and cats and we were outside almost all day!

I wish sunny and funny spring for everybody!






Really pleased with the colour I got. Was suprised how lucky I got . But I not saying who it is or colour tho.


and I will make sure I get it right (but I'm not telling what colour it is and whether or not it was easy :))


My favourite colour's LILAC. I'm so sorry since I forgot to write about it in my previous post :/


wingPlum-crazywing 7 yrs ago
Pm recd!
Thanks for organising this


just waiting on a book and finding the right color...I'm not telling either!


I got your second PM as well! And I am ready to color someone's life :D


Now to try to organize a package, I think I am in for a trip to the charity shop this afternoon!


but still working on the color aspect! So if books arrive without explanation, especially from, the explanation will come with the post card, and another package still to be sent. (are you confused? you should be!)


Thanks minesayn, for 47 Roses by Peter Sheridan. I look forward to reading this Irish story. Getting the package in pieces is fun...more surprises to open!



I think I am the first one who have already got her color parcel... :))) Fione's name on the envelope was "unfamiliar" to me, as I haven't expected any parcels from her, at least I thought it, but when I opened the parcel, and saw the bluish things .... :)))

Thank you so much for this surprise!


but I got a message it was in the sorting center so should be delivered to me and forwarded on to you any time now !


but the book I have in mind will not be here before March 18th (or so the status update says). Sorry! :-(
Thought at least I'd keep you informed.


Thank you for organising this kasenka!


Izzy5000 sent The Shack by WM. Paul Young, some bookcrossing labels and bookmarks. She made my day.

And just for info purposes, the package that I am sending is packed and ready to go but my car is in the shop for repairs, so the post office trip awaits the return of car.


foxyfiona1986 7 yrs ago
Just got my parcel today. From Plum-crazy thank you so much. Got 2 books one which was a wishlist book. A chocolate egg, a chocolate bar. Some shower gel and a sponge. Also some labels. Got absolute spoilt!


birnsen 7 yrs ago
I'm ready!
with a wishlist book for my partner! the color thing was a bit tricky but I managed to find something ... will go to the postoffice tomorrow. :-)




raluk68 7 yrs ago
sent mine too! I picked a book that I read and enjoyed very much!
I hope the receive will like it :)


Hope she likes it!


For the wonderful peacock blue parcel

Out of Harms way book
Loads of choclate
A lovely bright colourful keyring and purse
Two lovely bookmarks- one of which was a peacock.

Really made my day.


Took me a while to get to the post office, but I finaly whent there today with loads of parcels that were waiting to get out!


Hope you like it


Ive just had the most pinkaliscious package imaginable! Full of such luscious goodies as you could imagine! Beads, buttons, sweeties, chocolate, bookmarks a very interesting looking book! A pen, a key fob, a lovely necklace all safely tucked inside a wonderful pink jewel box! Such thought has gone into it all Im so very touched! A real treat!


For the pair of Irish books by Peter Sheridan; 44 Dublin Made Me and 47 Roses. A lovely St. Patrick's Day surprise of the green!

I'm still waiting patiently for my package's (the one I'll send out) final touch to arrive via mail. I'll get it in the post as soon as it be patient dear partner :-) I'll have it out by the above posted date of "March 25th at the latest".


sorry , partner, for being late ;)


This isn't late. The parent thread says "absolutely by March 25th". I'm still awaiting part of mine to arrive from Amazon...and then I've still got to mail it! Oh well, patience is a virtue.

Edted: It's been sent on Monday, March 21st :-)




Deciding which book to send held me up, but I finally have it all together. Will send it off tomorrow.


It'll be sent out tomorrow. I tried to stick to the color and now I hope the recipient likes it!


727 7 yrs ago
mine prepared
should be sent out tomorrow.




pretty much everything somehow related to the colour


Thanks, I had a great time getting my package together...enjoy! Then I cleaned out my truck and found the card that was to go in the package, so that has also been mailed. I wonder which one will get there first?


Finally. I was getting a bit nervous there...Amazon doesn't usually take so long for me. Anyhow, it was fun putting it together and I hope they like it. Fun RABCK kasenka, thanks for hosting!


for the wonderful blue parcel.
The book, "The Fallen" by Jefferson Parker sounds like a great read and I love mystery.
then there are a notebook with beautiful blue flowers on the cover, a funny bookmark with a space-bus, very beautiful napkins with a Finnish floral and birds design and a bar of Fazer chocolate (yummy!)

you can see a picture of everything here:


now mailed as of today! I hope you like it...thanks to kasenka for the colorful rabck--what a great idea!


Hope recipient likes it>


It was so nice to come home to some "yellow sunshine" in my mailbox on a gloomy grey day.

Thank you for the book The Twelfth Card by Jeffery Deaver.
I love mystery/thrillers so I'm looking forward to this one.

Thank you also for the other yellow gifts. When I plant the sunflowers in my garden, they will continue to provide me with "yellow sunshine" through the summer.

I will be writing you an extended thanks in the book's journal entry, as well as PM it to you.


Today I was surprized to open a package with towels in it. Then, I figured out it was for the Color My Life exchange! I received an amazing smelling candle, a much needed towel set, and two books:
The Persia Cafe (looks really good!)
Thr Gargoyle (A Wishlist Book :)) ! )

My color was blue and I'm glad I chose it! Thanks so much jmsmom!


I got a lovely black package today, I'm delighted :-)
See here:


double-Thanks to kasenka for the wonderful package I received today and for organizing this fun exchange!
I'm the lucky recipient of I, Robot by Isaac Asimov (which I know I'll more than enjoy), red strawberry table napkins, red chocolates, red-flowered notebook, red postcard, and loveliest red-hearted stickers. I can't thank you enough!

P.S.: I also picked up a wishlist book for my partner today, so my parcel will also be on its way ASAP. Sorry for delaying it until the last moment, but I hope the recipient's enjoyment will compensate the wait :)


Many thanks to minesayn for the generous pile 'o green I've received (as well as 2 books from my wish list rec'd last week!) Green peeps, Earthwise recycled carrying bag, 3 pairs green socks, packages of seeds for my garden cleverly including Bells of Ireland, a green coupon for my green Activia yogurt (fave of mine) and last but not least a book mark with one of my all time favorite quotes:

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
-Groucho Marx

Thanks so much for everything minesayn. You rock!


I received a lovely purple-plum bag containing....

2 books "The Color Purple" & Quite A Year For The Plums - perfect eh? lol.
But there's more... sparkly purple pens, purple stripey socks, a pretty sparkly necklace (which even came in it's own ribboned bag - which was purple of course!), a lovely purple flower brooch, purple nail varnish & finally a purple postcard!

Wow! thanks so much waderwoman for all the thought you've put into this xx


Glad you liked it all_ I really enjoyed theming it all! x


for a lovely green shoulder/shopping bag, a green post-it block in the shape of a hand, tea in green sachets and a green book "The Bookshop" by Penelope Fitzgerald! What a treat! Thanks so much! :-)


I chose blue as a color, and the first thing I saw was some pretty turquoise tissue paper that is definatley being saved! I received 4 books, "Worst Case" and "Darkest Fear" (wishlist books), "The Virgin Blue" and "The Bookseller of Kabul". A pretty blue tin with interestingly shaped chocolates covered in blue and white. I have never seen them before, but they taste good. A blue package of gum, some blue and white gardening gloves (which will soon get alot of work out)some BC bags and labels, Some blue-colored bubbles that you can blow and hold in your hand (grandkids will love that)and a blue package of M&M pretzels, and a card. My dog Luke has already sniffed them out! Thanks for all the wonderful stuff.
Thanks so much!


So glad you like it T#'s! The "interestingly shaped chocolates covered in blue and white" are Cadbury milk chocolate Easter eggs...I just separated the blue and white ones! Have fun with the stuff and don't let that dog near your chocolate eggs or pretzels! My little stinker got into Hershey's kisses at Christmas time and we almost had to have him hospitalized. It was a horror for a few days. (I had no idea the chocolate thing was really that serious with dogs.)


The postman came today with a massive "white" package.

In it was: A heart so white by Javier Maras (a wishlist book). A card with white tigers, a white bookmark, stirring sticks with sugar on them. I don't drink much sugar in my tea or coffee, but they look so pretty! White tea, white milka chocolate, white chocolate with almond filling, white chocolate covered blueberries. I'm starting to regret giving up chocolate for lent..
And not white, but still really cool: rainbow in your hand, a little flip book which creates a rainbow when you flip it.

Thank you so very very much!! Again I feel spoiled..


ooops, I wasn't aware of the temptation for your lent :o
I hope you can survive 4 more weeks!


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