Flat Stanly project help needed-HELP FOUND *CLOSED*

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My cousin just sent me an evenlope for the Flat Stanly Project. While I am more than happy to help her I don't really have anyone on my mailing list that would be interested or willing to help. I'm at odds what to do here. Maybe we could do a list or something. Any ideas???????



wombles 11 yrs ago
Or Australia?
My kids would enjoy being part of this!



See the above site for detailed info.
My cousin sent me an oversized envelope with some papers. I've got send a post card to my cousin, to fill out my address in a journal, take a picture of myself, and send it on to someone else. Eventually the papers will end up back where they began (in Kansas) and the kids can see how far they've gone. It's a school project incorporating geography, and different cultures.


I can do England.
I know all about Flat Stanley.
I used bookcrossing friends to help me continue a Flat Stanley that I was sent from USA.I had a fantastic response. I'm sure you will too.


We have done Flat Stanley before and would be willing to host him here in Tennessee!





Do you think I can? :D



piggykr 11 yrs ago
wow thanks!
If it is OK with everyone, I'll put your names on a list and then we can pass the packet around. I guess you'll have to be on RABCK.com so the next person can find your address. I'll put all the US addresses at the end because that's the final destination.


> If it is OK with everyone, I'll put your
> names on a list and then we can pass the
> packet around.

Where will we find the list?




My DD's class did a Flat Stanly book in elementary school! (She's 20 now!) I remember how much fun she had. So I would love to Pass it on!


piggykr 11 yrs ago
I'll send out the Flat Stanley packet this week and include with it everyone's name on a list. I hope you are all registered on RABCK.com with current addresses. I'm trying to keep all the regions togther in hopes of saving postage and travel time.
thanks to everyone!


My address at RABCK.com is current. :)


Never done a Flat Stanley before, so if you wanna include me I'd be most excited :D


Could you put the list in this threat too, so we can get an idea of the adventures Flat Stanley will have.

I am not on RABCK.com and don't see why it is a requirement, as the person ahead of me could just pm for my address. Do you require people to be on RABCK.com for Stanley to visit?


You're after me and I know your address.X




I'd be more than happy to show him around! I'm on rabck.com too.


I sent out the packet before I read your message.
Contact hyphen8 and ask them to send it on to you.



should be posted to wombles by Friday. Gotta move it out quick or she won't go for awhile!


Happy travels, little one!


Stanley is now a girl?


Actually, yes, but you'll see :)



He/she hasn't arrived yet, maybe he/she stopped off for Christmas in Fiji?


Darn it all! I sent him/her off via air - perhaps she decided to swim. Hope not, she'll fall apart!


I thought s/he had arrived last week but it was a Christmas card from you :)Thanks for that by the way!


wombles 11 yrs ago
She's here!
Ok Jewel arrived today, and this is so much more fun then a regular flat stanley. A great idea! My kids will be telling their classes about this project when they go back to school. In the meantime we will show Jewel around for a week or so.


We just returned from holiday and I was searching for this post to find you and see if you had received her yet. I am always a little concerned when I mail something off as to whether it will arrive or not - more so when it is some child's class project like this one. I would really hate for it to go missing on my watch! Anyway, have fun with her - isn't she cute!!


Today she went on a train trip and then to an indoor playcentre.


Today Jewel went to Brisbane and went on a citycat ferry and walked over the river to the Uni.






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