what I'd my BCID

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i don't know what my BCID?


Hi Emmybook200, welcome to Bookcrossing.
what do you mean exactly?


i don't know what my BCID?

I am not sure what your question is. You might like to specify it.
You can read about BCID in the FAQs (Information- FAQs- Terminology- Question 27).
If that is any help. Welcome th bookcrossing :-)


... because you're not a book! BCIDs are for books, not for people. You get a different and unique BCID for every book you register. That way, you can track each book individually.

New members often think that the BCID is like a membership number, that identifies them. But it's not: it identifies a book.


Emmybook2000 11 mos ago
thank you


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