Found two books, but nothing in my statistics?

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I just joined this site yesterday after picking up a couple of books at my local Little Free Library and finding BCIDs on them when I got home. I registered with the site, entered the BCID numbers and created a journal entry for each book, but when I look at my statistics in my account it's showing 0 books found. I've had a read through the site but wondered if I'd missed something - is there something else I need to do? Thank you!


You did everything exactly right... it looks like the previous owner did not make release notes for the books and that's why they are not counted as 'found books' in your statistics. Bit of a downer, to be sure, but hey, you found two books and you found us, so it's not all bad! Welcome to BookCrossing!


Welcome to Bookcrossing. Congrats on your find. Maybe who ever released the books forgot to make the notes or might still them. I hope you stick with us and find out what fun it really can be. Good Luck.


Thank you both - glad I wasn't missing anything!


I hope you enjoy it here.

Since you did make journal entries on the books, they will show on your bookshelf (even though not in the stats unfortunately) and if you release them in the future, you will get an email if someone else catches them and makes a journal entry. Not all books are caught, of course, and sometimes it takes time even for the ones that do get caught. BookCrossers need to develop patience while waiting to hear back from the books they release. But when you do hear back, it is exciting and worth the wait. Enjoy!


Another bookcrosser contacted me to post here as I arranged a bookcrossing meet up in Leeds earlier this year.

If you become interested in meeting up to exchange books with others in the future here are a couple of links you can use to do so. They are often shown on this site too.

If you are a Facebook user

and this is a monthly meet up in York


Have just experienced something similar.
Found a book with BCID and then registered with site, even got a response from person who had sent book on its travel ... but now the BCID & book have completely gone. From my shelf & can't be traced through site using BCID either.
No problem with me.
The book is now out in the open again & someone else will undoubtedly pick it up at the same place I found it & go through the same process ....


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