how do you find out about books hidden in your state? is there a search?

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seriously, how?


Hi, and welcome! Yes, there is a search - in fact, the tab labeled "books & people" has a "search" page. It also has a "go hunting" page, which is the one that lets you look at recent releases by country/state/city, so you can see if any have been released near you.

Note that this does not mean the books will still be there, though. Book-hunting is a bit like fishing; you never know if you'll catch what you set out for, but the journey can be fun. If you see your town or a nearby town on the "go hunting" pages, you can click on it to see where books were released, and then click on each zone to see the actual titles. If you click on the individual book and read its release notes, that may give more information as to exactly where and when the book was released - and possibly even a photo of the location.

Do see the "information" tab for the site's frequently-asked-questions page and the basic "How to BookCross" - they should help you get started.

Hope you enjoy BookCrossing!


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