Books found. How to get reflected in the statistics the books that bring us to our official books, books of users of the area

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Hello, we are relatively recently in BookCrossing and some things, we do not know how they work.
We are a crossroads of books, and we are getting many books from other bookcrossing users from the villages of alrrededor, and what we do is an entry in the travel diary of the book, and then a release note on our bookcrossing bookcase , But in the statistics, do not appear in the section found books, and as we belong to a city council, we are interested in our work is reflected in the statistics.
Can someone clarify how to do it so that these books found and released on our shelf are computed in statistics ?.
Thanks in advance.


I looked at some recent entries on your bookshelf, and noticed several books like this one ( ), that had release notes from one person followed by an anonymous journal entry - and after that, your own journal entry. Since the AnonymousFinder entry came in between the original release notes and your catch, the site did not count yours as a "book found" - for some reason, it only counts books journaled immediately following a release note as "found". [That problem has been discussed in the Bugs forum, but so far there's no fix available; it may require a more extensive change to the site code than the volunteer tech-person has time for.]

If you would like your bookshelf to reflect more accurate statistics, you might have to generate them yourself and post them on the extended-profile portion of the bookshelf page - or perhaps just add a line to explain that the bookshelf statistics don't show ALL the books you've found, but people who are interested can use the "all books" link to see all the books that have passed through your hands.

I see that you are getting lots of catches on your books, which is great!


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