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I bought a 2nd hand book, saw the BCID label on the back of the dust jacket and went to the web site, entered it ....but....no book found. I tried various combinations with the ISBN number also, also zip result, so I tried title and author but there are hundreds listed....so reluctantly I have decided to forget all about tracking my new book's patch sadly. Shame the hype was more than reality could handle.


at the bottom of the pages, and tell the title and author of the book you bought? And the BCID you found on the back of the dust jacket
It's possible there to find the real BCID for the book, so you can track the book correctly.


that you could post the title here, and someone might remember releasing it also?


wingsheepettewing 1 yr ago
is it...
this one: http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14575724/ (if so maybe PM fennyport)


the first three digits and the rest, like 123-456789. Did you include it?


Is there any information about who registered the book? Some book labels will say something like "Registered by:". You could then search for the book title as registered by that particular person. Unless they've registered hundreds of copies of the same book (pretty unlikely), it should narrow it down considerably.

You could then contact them to clarify any confusion about the BCID ("Is that digit a 3 or an 8?").


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