How do I know which book I'm hunting?

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I went to see which books are huntable at my nearby librarh and it said that there'd be only one book but when I clicked to see which it is, there was listed dozens of books. Are those all the books that have been at the library or are they there now? I hope I made myself clear, thanks in advance!


Hi, and welcome! The hunting pages will only show the most recent releases at the country/state/city levels - that is, only those locations where a book has been released within the last 30 days and has not yet been journaled will display on the hunting pages. But if you drill down to the release location, as you did, you can see all the books that have been released at that location and that have not yet been journaled. These are displayed with the most recent releases first, so the book at the top of the list should be the one that showed up on the city-level hunting page.

This does not mean that all of those books are still there. If the location is a book-swap shelf, Little Free Library, or something similar, there may be lots of books on hand, but if it's a public place like a park bench or a bus stop, it's unlikely that any of the older releases are still there.

If you click on an individual book and scroll down to see its release notes, you may learn more about where and when it was released. Sometimes people post photographs showing the specific spot. But not everyone provides a lot of detail, and even if they do, the book may have been taken already. But sometimes people take books and then bring them back to the same spot, so you never know what you might find if you stop by to look!

Hope this helps!


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