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I am new to and do not see my question covered anywhere. I came across a book being tracked on this website and it appears to have been placed on here by the author (the book in question is self published through Xlibris). The author also gives a positive review of his book on this website but at no point mentions he is the author.
My question; is this proper use of BookCrossing, giving positive feedback on one's own, self-published work?


Hi, and welcome! It is considered good etiquette - here and anywhere else - for people who write glowing reviews of their own work to admit ownership at the same time. It isn't a bannable offense, though, and it is fine for authors to register and release copies of their own books.

If such a book comes to my attention - usually because the author posts about it in the forums - I may respond to ask if the person did write the book *and* the review, and if so, could they admit as much, as it looks better that way. But I don't police the many registered books looking for suspiciously-upbeat reviews {wry grin}.


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