How often do books get found?

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Great concept and I've already released 3 books into the 'wild' but just wondered how likely it is that people claim them on the site?
Sorry if I've missed this stat elsewhere :)


Hi, and welcome! And congrats on your first releases!

The catch-rate varies quite a bit, with factors including location, type of book, amount and legibility of labeling, and Fate {wry grin}. My personal catch-rate for wild releases has been averaging between 13% and 14% for years, but I've seen others report a higher percentage while others say they envy that. Some of my catches occur months or even years after the books were released, though others get journaled right away, so some amount of patience does help.

I recommend browsing the Site Watch forum for examples of catches; these may help inspire you regarding release locations, and will at least be reassuring that *somebody* is getting catches. And the Release Techniques forum has discussions of labeling styles and release spots and other hints. [If you have an Flickr account for photographs, there's a group for Celebrating Bookcrossing releases: ]

Good luck with your releases!


Thank you so much.

I will have a read of what you have recommended.

Fingers crossed I've chosen "good" locations so far :D


maybe you would like some suggestions for free releases:

- make sure, the book does have a label with the BC-ID-No. and address
- to avoid disappointment dont start with books you like too much
- bear in mind that still some people dont have internet
- bear in mind that some people are just tooo lazy to write an entry
- People are shy, therefore choose places where they don't feel observed
- sometimes it takes time and you just have to be patient
- best places are e.g. tourist attractions, parks and forests
- hang your books into trees

just have fun with the Releases - then the catch ist just the cherry on the cake ☺

Keeping my fingers crosses for you - good luck


since moving to Chilliwack rarely. Even the people who get it from the Free Little Library do not journal. I used to have a 10% catch rate but no longer


Even the people who get it from the Free Little Library do not journal.

that is alway very poor - try to do more "wild" releases


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