Econo labels don't stick!

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Just joined, ordered econo labels, waited weeks, arrive, yay!, attach to book, falls of book when the cover is bent. Is this normal?


Hello there,
this is your friendly Supply Store manager. I just got your message about this, it had been delayed by a technical difficulty, and I will answer it tomorrow (it's my bedtime now).


I put clear packing tape over ALL the labels I put on books, always. I know the Tiny Stickers that I put on the spine of every book tend to pop off, so I always cover them, and I've gotten in the habit of putting clear packing tape over all my bookplates and labels, the ones from the Supply Store as well as the ones I print myself at home, since the ink from my printer tends to run when it gets damp. This protects them and makes it harder for finders to peel off.


Is this normal?

Don't think so - I have a package of econo labels, and they seem normally sticky. I'm putting them on an inside page of the book, not the cover itself.


with regular labels. Rub REALLY hard. Seems to be an intermittent problem with orders. But friction will do the job.

Except for the outside stickers -- They tend to fall off at -10 F. But so does a lot of things....


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