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Stellography 2 yrs ago
We have been checking our first released into the wild book on a daily basis; and today it was gone. Is there a way that we should register that is has been take so that others don't go looking for it also?


Hi, and congratulations on your first release! I see that you added a line to your release notes to say that the book wasn't there anymore; that's one way to handle the situation, though it only works if potential book-hunters read the release notes of the book rather than simply spotting the release-zone on the "go hunting" pages. [It is recommended that book-hunters read release notes anyway, as they may contain more specific details about where and when the book was left.]

If you want the book to stop appearing on the hunting pages at all, you could make a new journal entry for it, explaining that the book's been taken - just remember to set the book's status to "traveling", as it's still in the wild until somebody else makes an entry on it. While it's perfectly fine to do that - I used to do it myself way back when I started - it isn't necessary, and I don't recommend going to such lengths. In some cases I've even seen books disappear from a release spot only to reappear a few days later, so removing the books from the hunting pages might have been a disservice!

The zone will only appear on the "hunting" pages for 30 days in any case, unless somebody releases another book there, so you don't have to worry about the hunting pages showing the book forever. With luck, you'll get a journal entry on it eventually - but sometimes people don't journal right away. Check out the Site Watch forum for some catches that have shown up months or years after release - though I hope you don't have to wait that long!


In some cases I've even seen books disappear from a release spot only to reappear a few days later, so removing the books from the hunting pages might have been a disservice!

I have several release spots in restaurants where people tend to pick up books to read and eventually bring them back, so it is possible that it will come back there some day, even if no one ever journals it. Therefore, I would not journal that it is gone, if I had released the book. If you made a release note, then the site says it is travelling, and that's all people have to know. They can try to find it where you left it, it might or might not be at that spot still (or again). I would leave it the way it is. (But of course it is your release, you can do what you want.) Good luck on getting a catch.


wingmeganhwing 2 yrs ago
RE: Taken
Lovely that your book has found a new reader. Bear in mind that you may never hear from it again as many of our books are never officially caught on the site - that makes it even more exciting when we do hear back from one! Did you join bookcrossing because of the book you found in the Christmas tree? If so the releaser would be thrilled to hear that their book has found a new reader.
PS I released six Children's Christmas books in the Melbourne City Christmas Square about 10 days ago and haven't heard from any of them yet.


Stellography 2 yrs ago
Thanks GoryDetails. I will sit tight then.

meganh The book we saw in the tree, that gave us the idea of releasing ours through BookCrossing, we left there. It was a lovely German christmas story which I would have loved but our family's comprehension level just isn't there yet as I didn't think it fair to take it and hold onto it long enough until it was. :)


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