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I want to write an article about interesting places to attract people's attention to bookcrossing. Please give me links to websites where these shelves there.
For example, i found an excellent shelf on the map with link to FB.
And here is our shelf



Um... the "go hunting" pages?

OK, maybe that's not what you want. I did a quick Google search using "" and "obcz" as the parameters, and selected "images", and came up with several bookshelf photos - though that doesn't necessarily mean that they're current.

The Flickr group "Celebrating BookCrossing Wild Release Photos" ( ) has lots of pictures, though most of those are of individual books rather than bookshelves; still, it could very well be an interesting link in an article about BookCrossing.

There are BCers who've set up Little Free Libraries as OBCZs, and there may be photos of those on both the BookCrossing release-zone pages and the Little Free Library site.

Re the links you posted: that second one led me to a full-page "activate Adobe flash" page, which I found rather off-putting. [I set my Adobe add-on to "ask before displaying", as that saves me from a lot of unwanted visuals. A page that's entirely flash is not generally something I want to trust, so if that page has a text version or some other more accessible "about this page" option, perhaps you could post a link to that instead.]


Many thanks for the great answer. Yet decided to make a translation and review of the most traveling books Then interesting shelves.
Made a website for our library and here photo and a brief description. Sorry, currently only in Russian


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