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I`m a newcomer to bookcrossing and am not able to fill in the location part of my profile, I live in the uk . Each time I enter my country from the drop down list it appears in the correct place in the location section but that's it, I`m unable to put my town or county, and when I save the information that has appeared, and then go back to my profile-location, there`s nothing there, the location section is clear, can anyone please help me on this problem, thank you for your time.


Sometimes those problems are only temporary and things work again a few minutes/ hours later. Does it still not work? Did you trey again?
If things still do not work after a day, I guess I would aks the supportteam. There is a contact button at the end of each page :-)


I`m unable to put my town or county

What kind of unable? I mean, what happens when you try?

The location information will only be saved and displayed if it's complete. So, as long as the county or town are not entered, the country will not be shown either.


Just keep tryin' :D you'll figure it out!


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