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Her address is:

I sent her an email on May 19, still have not received a reply.


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Is there anyway I can send a message to someone who has registered on this site? I am trying to get in touch with Eugenia, the lady who posted an appeal for English books on the testimonials page. The first time I read it, there was an email address under her name which has since disappeared. Does anyone know what it was? please send it to me at


I sent it to you the other day. Did you get it? It is still on the testimonials page, but toward the bottom of it.


Her address is:

I sent her an email on May 19, still have not received a reply.


I sent her one Sat., May 18, and no reply either. It may be defunct?


I wonder if the mailing address is any good? I decided not to send anything to that address until someone reports that they've heard back from her.


"Dear Sally,
i was so glad to receive your message.I'm sorry for not replying earlier-i
just couldn't use a computer because of the problems with electricity.
Frankly speaking,i almost gave up hoping that somebody responds to that idea
with books.I can start hoping again now when received your e-mail.
I'd appreciate ANY materials(books,magazines).It's so hard to learn a
foreign language without anything to read except textbooks.
I don't know how much would it cost to send a package to Russia but i hope
it's not very expensive. I wouldn't want to ruin your budget,
My address:
ul.B.BOGATKOVA 209-136.
Tumanova Eugenia.
Please,let me know when (and if ) you send something so i could be sure that
it is on the way.

I sent her about 10 books/mags but haven't heard a reply yet. I hope I didn't get her in trouble for sending "War & Peace". At one time it was not allowed in Russia. She's in Siberia, so do you think they are still somewhat censored? Sal


Okay, I'm mailing a box of books today via m-bag (costs about $1 per pound to Siberia). If/when I receive a response, I'll post it here.


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