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Bruce is excited to attend the Annual BookCrossing Convention in Dublin, Ireland this year. I’ve pulled the dusty suitcase from the closet and packed the first few items I know he’ll need for travelling which include sensible walking shoes, a raincoat, release supplies, his pocket-pad full of entrepreneurial million dollar ideas present only in the mind of a Founder, and an article about Trinity College, Dublin. While Bruce is thrilled to be attending the Convention, he is equally eager to visit Trinity College to see the famous Book of Kells.

Trinity College graces the heart of Dublin and is renowned for its Library - a veritable cathedral of the book. The Library’s most famous exhibit, the Book of Kells, is a masterpiece of medieval art. Calligraphied by monks who used very rare and vibrant colored inks created from natural pigments drawn from rocks like lapis lazuli, fruits from trees, and the brightly colored wings of flying insects, the color and beauty of the book made it a religious centerpiece inspiring
wonder and awe in 880 AD.  No one would ever think of releasing the Book of Kells; it is, perhaps, the polar opposite of a BookCrossing release as it stays perfectly still while almost every visitor to Dublin gazes upon a page or two.  

Banner for the Dublin convention

It’s not too late to join Bruce and other passionate BookCrossers on April 13-16 to celebrate Ballycumber’s birthday, take a peek at the Book of Kells, meet and greet fellow BookCrossers, and enjoy three days of fun-filled bibliophile excitement in the legendary streets of Dublin on a release walk. Bring your book-loving hearts and minds filled with ideas to share at the 2012 Annual BookCrossing Convention! (And this time, please, don’t send Bruce home with pink hair!)

I wish I were going but someone has to hold down the fort!




We already know that 2013 will bring us to Gothenburg, Sweden. We're pretty thrilled about that... in fact we can't wait!

It’s now time to start planning for 2014.

We’re soliciting bids to host the 2014 Annual BookCrossing Convention, and we hope you step up to the plate to invite us to your neck of the woods. If you have the urge to host, throw your city and country in the ring by submitting your pitch to us here
. Your favorite city might be the perfect site for BookCrossing’s 2014 Annual Convention.


We are honored to have Moem join the behind-the-scenes ranks of BookCrossing.  A BookCrosser for close to a decade, her insightful and competent volunteer work has earned her an official role completing and expediting BC projects. Already plowing full speed ahead, Moem has resurrected the dusty translation project and, thanks to her blazing efforts, we will be launching 3 more languages this quarter. She has also been dubbed the key point person in transforming the Supply Store experience including merchandising and streamlining the user experience. An avid BookCrosser, Moem has registered and released over 6,000 books to date, and has helped translate the site into Dutch. (Of course, the fact that she is fondly referred to as “a language geek”, possessing the ability to understand German and French, helps significantly!)
Here is a quick update from the Desk of Moem:

“The Afrikaans and Japanese translators are going very fast, they seem to be racing each other. Both translations are almost complete as I write this. Greek and Polish have new volunteers, so we'll hopefully see new progress there again soon. Extra volunteers would be most welcome for Ukrainian, Norwegian Bokmål, and Czech: These teams are very small, and consequently, progress has been rather slow. Afrikaans, Japanese and Bulgarian have recently been made available on our test server, and Portuguese is now fully implemented and live on the site. Congratulations to the Portuguese team!”

If you’d like to help with translations, we will welcome you. Specifically, the Croatian translation volunteer could certainly use a hand as she is working alone, and, as Moem mentioned, we’re still seeking translators for Ukrainian, Norwegian Bokmål, and Czech. Keep in mind if you are fluent in Japanese, we’re in the process of adding a Japanese forum after this round of translations. Simply contact us if you have questions, thoughts, ideas or feedback regarding translation.

Hats off to you, Moem, for taking control of this mammoth project. You’ve made some people around the world very happy!


On April 21 2012, in Serta, Portugal, the Fourth Portuguese National Convention will be held. The Convention aims to provide interaction between BookCrossing members and also allow for contact with several writers. For more information, email convencao.bookcrossing@gmail.

The Convention is being organised in partnership with the Municipal Library of the city of Serta. If someone wants to send books to the Bookcrossing Convention 2012 in Portugal, they can use this address:

Piscina de Livros da Convenção de Bookcrossing
Biblioteca Municipal Padre Manuel Antunes
Avenida Gonçalo Rodrigues Caldeira
6100-732 Sertã, Portugal

That same weekend, you can also find a lively gathering of Italian bookcrossers at the Italian BookCrossing Convention in Rome. So if the Dublin Convention left you hungry for more, head south and catch some more Convention fun!
A list of upcoming Conventions and Unconventions can be found here.


Perhaps you’ve been wondering whether any keen eyes and coding brains are helping our Chief Developer Ardik with coding and web development, since our former Chief Programmer, Matt Brass, is pursuing other opportunities.
We're happy to answer that:
Drum roll, please...

Introducing James Byrd!

James’ considerable talent as Web Developer for BookCrossing provides virtual reality to our ever-enveloping demands and developing visions.
A software and database developer, a book publisher, an author, and a vegan cook, he is the co-author of three non-fiction books, including the
Vegan Success cookbook, Web Business Success, and Fundamentals of ASP.NET Security. James is working side by side with both Ardik and Moem to help complete BookCrossing Supply Store’s total renovation and re-design.

A master craftsman in every sense of the word, James fine tunes, guides, and delivers just what the doctor ordered (um, that would be Dr. Bruce), and we thank him for his commitment of time, talent and especially patience!  We should mention that while James is part-time at BookCrossing, Inc, there is no rest for this Renaissance man: As a pastime, he writes fantasy adventure novels. His most recent book is Vaetra Unveiled, the first of the Vaetra Chronicles published under the pseudonym Daniel R. Marvello. He draws inspiration from the natural wilderness surrounding his log home in North Idaho. You may enjoy James' work at logical, and visit the Vaetra Chronicles website to learn more about Vaetra Unveiled.

As if that weren't enough, James and his wife Susan organize and speak at the Self-Publishers Online Conference, a virtual conference on May 8-10 that is dedicated to educating authors on how to successfully publish their own books. BookCrossing members who want to attend can click here and save 10% on the registration fee!

Welcome to BookCrossing, James! Good to have you on board!


This concept looks like something that would synergize with BookCrossing in a mutually complementary way. It also looks very neat and somewhat familiar, in a good way.

Listen to this, for example: “Our Mission is to promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide.” It sounds like we share some of the same ideas, doesn't it?

So what is this? It's a wonderful project, started by Todd Bol, who applied his carpentry and business skills to build the first Libraries. His Little Free Libraries are lovingly handcrafted bookshelves with a roof and a door, made from recycled materials, that are being erected in places where people can walk up to them and pick or leave a book.
Other people liked the idea and got involved. His idea has grown into an organiation that strives to reach out to people and put books in their hands, while building a sense of community. Todd, we love it.

Check out the Little Free Libraries website here. And also see this great article about the project, that recently appeared in USA Today.

Little Free Library


Author! Author!
How our OBCZ met up with local authors
by Fuzzmom

The Bodacious Books OBCZ inside Bodacious Bundts coffee shop and specialty bakery has always been a special place (not that we are biased or anything!) with a business owner enthusiastic about BookCrossing who also had many bookcases. Read more...

Poem about books and BookCrossing

lost in the dark
waiting for someone



Wild books released by our members are being caught every day all over the world! Our Site Watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best threads from the last few days:

Algorithms and sales data are great, but telling us straight really makes it easy.  Our new printing partnerships have given us a huge blank canvas to carve up into perfectly shaped and sized labels.  

We are delving, detecting, designing and doing diligent work night and day, collecting samples and data for the designs of the ideal BookCrosser's labels.  

Now it's your time to tell us: I really think this label would work for me and others, these are too big, those are just too small, what about x, y, z? What size, shape, orientation... give us ideas, we can do virtually anything.

Contact us!



We’ve crept inexorably closer, person by person, password by password, day by day, each passing 24 hours brought us another band of BookCrossers. We are now a million strong and growing, we share our love of reading and love of books, we keep releasing, keep sharing... and now, more surefootedly than the first journey, begin the climb to 2 million and beyond.



The Dublin 2012 anniversary convention promises to be great Craic!  The Convention Committee has planned a weekend full of activities for all attendees to enjoy. Activities range from Ex Libris- style competitions, to flash mob meetings up to begin the release walks, and what promises to be a highlight, a birthday day trip to Ballycumber.  There is little doubt BC Dublin 2012 will be memorable! If you would like to be easily identified as a BC member, there are t-shirts and hoodies for sale on the Convention website, so hop over there ASAP.  All apparel can be collected at the Convention.

For those arriving early, there are still spaces for the Ballycumber trip. It's a splendid trip and shows off the country well. To book a space, go online. Your deposit of €20 will go towards the trip expenses; final cost is not anticipated to exceed €30.  

Below is a brief introduction to our Guest Speakers, authors Adrienne Dines and Peadar Ó Guilín

Peadar Ó Guilín (website) is a science fiction and fantasy author who has been writing curious stories most of his life. His first novel, The Inferior, "a stark, dark tale, written with great energy and confidence and some arresting reflections on human nature" (Times Educational Supplement), was published in 2007, with its sequel, The Deserter, released last year in the UK and Ireland, and out this month in North America, on March 13th.  You can read some of his stories, and a chapter of The Inferior, here, you can follow him on LiveJournal (peadarog) or tweet him @theinferior - and meet him at the convention.

Adrienne Dines (website) was born in Dublin and spent her childhood living in the various counties around  - Carlow, Kilkenny, Kildare and eventually Meath.  Adrienne read English, History and Psychology at Trinity College, Dublin and graduated in 1980. Convinced there was a way to get paid for regailing stories she qualified to teach English and History.  Unfortunately, teaching posts for novices didn’t exist in 1981, so she emigrated. She published her first novel in 2005, Toppling Miss April, followed by Jigsaw and novel Soft Voices Whispering was launched in the UK, and in Ireland in March 2007. When asked nicely she travels from her home in Weybridge to speaking engagements and tells stories.

Convention Contact:

News from the Store

We're proud and happy to announce the good news: some of your old favorites have been re-added to the BC Supply Store. These are labels we've missed and it's great to see them again! And here's the biggest news: they are now available in several languages. Head for the Supply Store and feast your eyes.

More vintage labels from our colorful past are expected to return over the coming weeks, so keep an eye on the Store.

Bookplate of the Month

Your masterpieces have inspired us, and each month we choose one bookplate from the public gallery to feature on our sidebar. This month, we are delighted to share the bookplate titled "Hola amigo!"' (translated: 'Hello friend') by BookCrosser DRASERRANO

Hola Amigo

We tried to count the colors but got lost in the windows and angles of this fabulous geometric-based urban cityscape. Maybe it's the sunny day and bold shapes that awarded this month's pick, or maybe we just like bright and bold colors. Whatever it is, it's a cheery and interesting label and we love it! Thanks for sharing, DRASERRANO!

Heather's Wonderin'...

Why is a birthday cake the only food you can blow and spit on and everybody rushes to get a piece?

"For the same reason people give their dogs a lick of their ice cream cone. eeeeeuuuwww! I've seen it. I never quite looked at a dog lover's ice cream cones the same way again."

"For the same reason people pet cats. Cats aren't clean, they're covered with cat spit...just sayin'."

"It's not! Just watch people eating cheese fondue, all sharing a pot of hot melted cheese, and blowing on their freshly-dipped in piece of bread... because there is nothing that burns your mouth more effectively than greasy boiling melted cheese."

"Thanks so much for this image. It's going to make sticking to a diet that much easier."

Look for Heather's posts in the Chit-Chat Forum.  Each month, she'll pose a question and we'll publish our favorite answers.

Please know every purchase you make in our Supply Store helps to keep BookCrossing free and directly supports our cause to make the world a library!

Have an idea for the Newsletter? 

We'd like to hear about it! Email us here with feature ideas, thoughts or suggestions. 
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Q: Why didn't the thief burgle the library?

A: Because he was afraid the judge would give him a long sentence.
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