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Notes from Idaho...

Winter is around the corner here in Sandpoint, Idaho, headquarters of BookCrossing.

As we watch the leaves swirl to the ground, losing summer from their faces, we prepare ourselves for the blustery northwest winds; we are insulating ourselves before the inevitable arrival of snow not too long from now. Despite our shivering thoughts of winter, Bruce and I secretively look forward to the stolen rest days winter weather can give us; we know blocked roads and downed  power lines due to inclement weather will force us from work into the pages of great books. Together, close to a crackling fire with our steaming mugs of hot cocoa and coffee, we'll enjoy uninterrupted hours of reading.  

These thoughts brighten our anticipation for the ever-darkening and shortening winter days and kindles our celebration of ‘the book’.  Whatever season of life you find yourself in today (both figuratively and literally), we joyfully invite you to find the moments and reasons to read.

Grab a good read (hopefully one labeled with a little running yellow book), cozy up, read it, get online, and set it free.

Find a friend in BookCrossing!


BookCrossing by Day, Night and Twilight!

It may be one of the biggest film franchises of all time, but The Twilight Saga began life as an international bestselling series of books.  To celebrate the release of The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part 1 on November 18th, BookCrossing is teaming up with Twilight to spread the word about these popular books that gave birth to the movie phenomenon.

Check out their bookshelf to learn more about where you'll find copies of Breaking Dawn released across the UK. Be the lucky winner to get a copy with a Winning Journal Entry and win tickets to the London premiere on November 16th. (And yes, the premiere will be attended by the film’s heartthrobs Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner as well as a host of other fabulous stars!)

So, whether you’re already a fan of the saga and want to share your love of the book, or you've always been curious about the 'Twilight' series and haven't read them yet, now is the great time to share your copies and discover a new love: ‘The Twilight Saga’!

Get going, get reading, and get 'crossing Twilight!

And the Award Goes To...

Months ago, we asked for your most compelling depiction of BookCrossing.  Now that the dust has settled, we are proud to announce our winners, Crrcookie, KateKintail and Melydia!

Thanks to these special BookCrossers for your passion and lending your creative talents to BookCrossing. Your efforts are much appreciated.


Wild books released by our members are being caught every day all over the world! Our Site Watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best threads from the last weeks:
Tango singer hangs out among the ants in an insect house in Toulouse
Book left in a geocache is following me
Most of my catch JEs are a line or two long
Another two 'travelling' catches!         
I think we've ben vetted.
bookcrossing + music = win!         
One book, two releases and two new members
I had fun finding a book for this release

Bookplate of the Month

“Reading Adventure” sums up BookCrossing in this month’s Bookplate of the Month pick. This fräulein has it all figured out as she hides in her comfy fort with a good book. Perhaps she might be hiding from her annoying little brothers or escaping Saturday morning chores? No matter - we love it! Thanks for reminding us, Cooo, of what better way to spend your time than this!

This month, our winner is...

"ABENTEUER LESEN" created by Cooo on 10/4/2011

Heather's Wonderin'...

“What three things would you bring with you on a desert island?”

“A ship to go back home whenever I like, food and water.”

“Ah, a good friend, a positive outlook, and a basketball.”

“Sat Phone and batteries, medical kit complete with Swiss army knife, plenty of lighters with cigarettes. Now that may seem more than 3 things, but its three groups of things that must go hand in hand to work.”

“A gun, a friend and a Tori Amos album (and I hope my friend has the wits to bring pen and paper, cooking salt, and painkillers!)”


Look for Heather's posts in the Chit-Chat Forum.  Each month, she'll pose a question and we'll publish our favorite answers.

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A Very Successful Uncon!
Thank you to all who attended (all 95 of you!) and helped to make the 2011 Unconvention in Nottingham such a roaring success!     Read More ...

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