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To Our BookCrossing Community:

We here at BookCrossing are thinking and praying for all our members, their families and friends who were afflicted by the recent earthquakes and tsunamis. We encourage our members to seek out in any of the myriad of ways (such as The Red Cross, Shelterbox, International Medical Corps,, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), Convoy of Hope, Salvation Army, and more) to send aid and assistance.
  1. Celebrate Ballycumber's 10th birthday.
  2. Thousands of free books.
  3. Meet BookCrossers from around the world.
  4. Visit the largest library in the world and all those famous Washington landmarks you've seen in the movies.
  5. Multiple release walks with lovely scenery.
  6. A chance to meet the BookCrossing CEO and discuss the future of BookCrossing.
  7. Play silly games and win fun prizes.
  8. Great opportunity for your books to travel far and wide.
  9. See what wild hair colors DiscoveryLover & the planning team will have.
  10. Celebrate the International Day of the Book and give away books to the public with BCinDC.
Regular registration for the 2011 BookCrossing Convention in Washington, D.C., closes on March 15th.  Don't miss your chance to Choose Your Own BookCrossing Journey with us!

OBCZs (Official BookCrossing Zones) are those wonderful spots around the world where BookCrossing books are regularly released by BookCrossers. These spots differ from wild release zones in that they're often in sheltered places such as coffee shops or pubs. The zones are marked with a BookCrossing sign and usually employ a shelf, basket, or box containing books for readers to browse through, select then take home to read and release the book. BookCrossers who manage these zones (OBCZ Managers) maintain the shelf with the blessing (and often assistance) of the shop owner/manager. 

Finding these treasure troves of books has always been a bit tricky since many OBCZs have folded for one reason or another, though their profile on the site remains. Although many book zones have an associated bookshelf/profile that mentions the location as an OBCZ or have included "OBCZ" in their screen name, there has been no designated place on the BookCrossing website listing active OBCZs.  We've carried links to off-site OBCZ finders (including featuring a map site of which about 60% of the zones remain active/open) and continued to update the newer OBCZ wiki both of which are still available and good resources for finding OBCZs. While this is all well and good, it's now gotten better. BookCrossing finally has and easy-to-identify-OBCZ feature available directly on our site! Read the details here.

The Tech Team has been working on restoring and clearing up some of the confusion on the stats for individual BookCrossers. Here is a basic breakdown of what you will see on your shelf. This will be added to the faqs and linked at the stats page for reference in the near future.   Read more here.

In April of 2013, BookCrossing will be 12 years old! That's 84 in Ballycumber years, yikes!  The Anniversary Convention, celebrated in April of every year, is looking for a home. Bids will be presented at the BC in DC 10 year Anniversary Convention in April, though you needn't actually be there to speak. Heather (CoFounder) will speak for you (and your city).  Simply email bids to (if you cannot be there in person) and Heather will present your bid to the group.  A great place to start getting information is this article by FutureCat on hosting a convention.

Site Watch

Longest and funniest JE by an AF I have ever read!
Great JE. "couldnt put this book down"
I found one of my own books.
3+ years and she's "still swinging"
Some themed releases in London (with photos)
Lovely catch for ResQgeek
Serendipity in the Vermont woods
"I found this, joyfully I might add..." - lovely catch for bsliv1219
Two books left and found in the snow
Kendal Mint cake for this book!
Two journal entries in two days!
International communication between very young bookcrossers

**Did you find a great journal entry, member profile/picture, or book release photo while browsing around the BookCrossing website? Post it on our Site Watch Forum.

Bookplate of the Month

Save a tree - share a book!
(Created by james)
Talk about a tree-hugger!  james' bookplate wins our props for bookplate of the month. Thanks for sharing, james!

Heather's Wonderin'...
"Romeo & Juliet...Odysseus & Penelope...Tristan & Isolde..."

These are just a few, but there are so many from which to choose.  In honor of Valentine's Day, please tell me which literary pair knocks your socks off, and why...

Oscar and Lucinda.
by wing ozyman wing

Darcy and Elizabeth

by ronsar

Faramir and Eowyn
by wing GoryDetails wing

OBCZ of the Month

This month, OBCZ Hovedbiblioteket caught our eye. pulcherrima explains that the goal of the zone is "to tell people who don't know about BookCrossing what a wonderful idea it is to set literature free and make the whole world a library. I hope to get a few people to sign up at the site and maybe even a new active member here in Aarhus. I hope for at least one of the libraries being interested in keeping the OBCZ and I hope the literature consultant and I can keep on with fun BookCrossing activities at the libraries in Aarhus. I also hope for at least one of the newspapers in town to come check our events out and to write something about it." Happy 'Crossing! See their website here.

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