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November 17, 2009
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Notes from Idaho

Quick Release

Kudos to Senior Software Engineer Matt Brass and Consultant Michael K. Campbell for last week's major server upgrade and database optimization. If you haven't noticed how snappy the site has become, give it a test drive. Member Search and Go Hunting options, for example, are now lightening fast. There's more site improvements to come, so keep watching. Great job Matt and Mike!

Full speed ahead,

Bruce Pedersen
BookCrossing Co-founder/CEO


In Search of Member Generated Ballycumber/BookCrossing Designs

We know they're out there — marvelous images that that you've created to illustrate your homemade labels, bookmarks, stickers, and other BookCrossing related items. Here's a chance to help us and to get some BC cash back for your efforts. Send us your image of Ballycumber, however you interpret the logo. We know some of you have given Bally a makeover — that's okay, as long as Bally is somewhere in the design. If we use your image for an upcoming product or publication, we'll give you a gift certificate to our online store.

So send your jpeg (resolution: minimum 300dpi) to Heather AT bookcrossing DOT com. By submitting the design, you are certifying that you have the authority to grant permission for use of the design; you allow BookCrossing to publish your work in all, or in part, throughout the universe in perpetuity; and you are giving us the design free and clear of any and all encumbrances and liabilities. Please be sure to include your screen name or actual "in real life" name. (If you would like to remain anonymous, that's fine, too. Just let us know.) We will do our best to give credit on any product used but cannot promise that the layout will allow for it. This current offer is valid until the end of December. (We've got a deadline coming up on a new product and hope to use one of your designs for it.) Should we select your image, we'll let you know. Thanks so much!

Read Our First Classroom Corner Essay Contest Winner

Last month, we announced a new segment of the Newsletter and a contest for students, teachers and like-minded souls: Classroom Corner. For complete guidelines and information, please see the article here. Submissions have to be related to BookCrossing, reading, or the book/publishing industry. We are proud to announce our first selected winner: Rachel Tookey, who tells us she is 16, but who writes better than many adults we know. Her complete essay, The BookCrossing Society, appears in this newsletter. Be sure to read it, and be sure to submit your own entry for the contest!

Retiring the Red Pencil: Thank you Antof9

She's been our go-to girl for grammar questions. She's lassoed errant apostrophes into place and tamed the wild ellipsis. It's been her keen eye that spotted the convoluted and confusing, then helped turn those words into clear, readable text. She helped codify the BookCrossing lexicon, kept us consistent in our site text, and helped us be sure that our words and phrases match Internet standards. She's our editing hero, Antof9, who for the past 5 years has helped make Ron, Scott, Heather, Bruce, Ballycumber and hundreds of BookCrossers look good in print (or at least not embarrass themselves unintentionally). She's done all this voluntarily, while working full time "elsewhere" in one of those name-brand places of employment (we'd say where, but then they'd heap more work on her) and while maintaining an active and happy "real" life. In fact, it's almost a guarantee that any time there's been a typo or online error, it's been because the text hasn't been run by our number-one editor first. But now, our lovely Ant is taking a break from her volunteer work here at BookCrossing, so she can devote more time to the finer things in life like, well... books, reading, and BookCrossing! We will miss her humor and talents, but know we'll see her out and about online. Thank you so much for all you have done to help BookCrossing. May all your books be 'Crossed and all your participles be undangled. Pictured left: Antof9's profile picture, which was created by BookCrosser LeLoLai.

Blanco y Negro Colors Spain with Noughts and Crosses

On Saturday October 10, 2009 BookCrossing Spain freed over 1,000 copies of the book Blanco y Negro, the Spanish translation of Malorie Blackman's Noughts and Crosses. The release was a partnering with the mass media business MediaLive. Books were released in many cities in Spain that day, including Valladolid, Madrid, Zaragoza, Santander and Barcelona. In Madrid, 300 books were wild released in the la plaza de Oriente. There are photographs of that release here. A week later, 150 books were also released in Seville, bringing the total copies of books released in Spain to 1200. Many thanks to the seven Madrid BookCrossers pictured to the left (Andromeda23, MagadeVigo, Caracol-Osvaldo, Graze, Syria, Ayhesa and Loclien) and to the many BookCrossers who participated. Special thanks to Ayhesa for the pictures and all who wrote to help tell about the mass release.

El sábado 10 de octubre de 2009 bookcrossing España liberó 1050 ejemplares del libro "Blanco y negro" de Malorie Blackman (el primero de la trilogía Noughts & Crosses) regalados por la editorial Medialive en diversas ciudades de España (Valladolid, Madrid, Zaragoza,Santander y Barcelona). En Madrid se liberaron 300 libros en la plaza de Oriente de Madrid a los pies del León de WAM. En la foto los siete bookcrossers que participaron: Andromeda23, MagadeVigo, Caracol-Osvaldo, Graze, Syria, Ayhesa and Loclien).

The Lost Book has Found a BAFTA Nomination

Three interactive cheers for The Lost Book*, BookCrossing's favorite collaborative adventure in storytelling. The Lost Book is an online animated series which is written by whomever wishes to take part. Many BookCrossers have risen to the challenge by, for example, creating new twists and turns in the plot line and naming characters. And, The Lost Book charted even more new ground: it was nominated in the Interactive category of this year's Scottish BAFTAs. How cool is that? (The BAFTA Awards are kind of the British Oscars- the awards of the British Academy of Film and TV Arts. BAFTA Scotland is a regional offshoot.) For a list of all nominees and to offer your congratulations, click here. While they didn't win, they were still part of a truly amazing group of nominees. Congratulations for the well deserved recognition and for brilliant site.

*The Lost Book is part of The Lost World Read 2009, a reading campaign that celebrates Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 150th birthday and Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday.

BookCrossing Anniversary Convention in Amsterdam: Looking Ahead to April 2010

Yes, it is time — tickets and t-shirts for the 2010 Anniversary Convention (April 16-18) are now on sale. There are 250 spots available, so get your registration in and make sure not to miss out. There's a wonderful location for the convention and the program will be diverse and loads of fun. But it's nothing without the main ingredient, which adds the sugar, the spice, the fun and good times: you! Read a bit more about it all here and then hop over to the website, order your ticket now and join in the party!


Snap up one of the 250 seats for the convention in Amsterdam now!
by Phoenix-Flight

Yes, it is time! Tickets and t-shirts for the 2010 Anniversary Convention have started to sell! We have 250 seats ava

[read it all at]

Or How BookCrossers All Over the World Raised Money and Had Fun
by LyzzyBee

Having seen other BookCrossers devote release challenges to particular charities, I decided to try a new way of helping raise awareness and (hopefully) funds for my favourite charity, LUCIA. LUCIA (Life Uplifted by Change In Africa) is a small charity, run by people I work with, that supports women and girls in Ethiopia. I’ve been supporting LUCIA for a few years, including raising sponsorship at running events, but the number of books I had in the house and the timing of Ethiopian New Year in September suggested an idea to me....

[read it all at]


by bobbarama

We choose our books for more reasons than a camel has fleas: reviews; recommendations; favorite authors; coin flips; buzz; good guesses....

[read it all at]

Oh please, officer, not me!
by T02S03B11D20

It was a beautiful day today! Sunny, and 65 degrees out, it seemed like a good day to walk around the neighborhood and drop off books for the Spooktacular Challenge I was participating in. After all, it was October 21st, and the weather wouldn't stay nice for much longer....

[read it all at]

Classroom Corner Winner November 2009
by Rachel Tookey, age 16 (BCNewsletter)

With kids these days becoming ever more likely to throw hardbacks at the local library than neatly check out a book, it seems something needs to be done. I believe I have the solution: we create a bookiety (the book society)....

[read it all at]


Want to write for BookCrossing? If your article is accepted, you could see it featured here in the next newsletter. What topics do we need? Anything about books, reading, or BookCrossing — tutorials, release and catch stories, well-traveled book stories, funny BookCrossing experience stories — you get the idea. Write it up, then submit it here:


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

"a true gift to strangers": I loved this geo-catch:
by GoryDetails

"It wasn't lost at all - it was found" - nice JE from an enthusiastic AF...
by geishabird

Awesome journal entry from an Anonymous Finder
by ResQgeek

All I can say is wow...

What an incredible entry from this new member. I teared up myself.
by jazzy7112

The book's title caught my eye...

Looks like this one was released... and caught as well!
by jazzy7112

"It was another rainy Sunday here in Finland.."
by Sobergirl

AF takes book from Hamburg (Germany) to Rhodos (Greece)
This Anonymous Finder didn't make a fuss and just took the (German-language) book to Greece 10 days after finding it.

Translation of the Journal Entry: "I found the book on an ATM in the post office at Hoheluftchaussee and freed it in Rhodos on Rhodos at the Hotel Semiramis, Metaxa Street, on Oct-14-2009, in front of the elevator. There are many Germans and Austrians in the hotel, and the book was gone within 20 minutes."
by LemmiSchmoeker

The Tin Drum: Excellent catch for MrSamsa:
by GoryDetails

Rescued book is really travelling!
by itpdx

New Member Finds a Buma Book, and a Real Gem in BookCrossing

This journal entry touched me so much in so many ways. When I've released some of her books, I wonder if they'll ever find someone who will love themas she did.
by bookczuk

Life's Little Annoyances in China
by mojosmom

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