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November 21, 2008
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Notes from Idaho

BookCrossing turns another page

It's been an interesting time in the life of BookCrossing and I am grateful for your continued patience as we move forward. The first major change you will see launched within the next few weeks is a new storefront. This long overdue change will allow us to introduce new products and better serve our members across the globe. In addition, all you iPhone users will be in for a pleasant BC surprise before the end of the year.

It was great to see familiar faces in Charleston, and I am looking forward to seeing and meeting many more BookCrossers in '09. Your voice is being heard and the changes and requests are in development. I am very confident you'll like what's coming.

Lastly, for those of you who haven't signed up for Members Plus, we encourage you to do so as we continue to expand the value bundle. Thank you for your continued support,



Be a Part of the 2009 BookCrossing Convention

Don't miss your chance to be a part of all things BookCrossing! If you couldn't get to London in 2008, now's your chance to join in the festivities for the 2009 BookCrossing Convention in Christchurch, New Zealand, April 17-19. You'll find registration information and lots of other great news at the Convention website. BookCrossing Conventions are a fabulous opportunity to talk books, laugh a lot, meet online friends in real life, explore the world and have a lot of fun. If you're looking for meetings a bit closer to home, check our Conventions and Meetings forum for other local events, including 2009 gatherings in Vienna (Austria), Larisa (Greece), Edinburgh (Scotland) and Kansas City (USA).

What Are Your Top Ten Reads?

Ever wonder what are the favorite books on BookCrossing? There is a way to catch a glimpse of some of them via the unofficial BookCrossing Top 100 list, that this year is being coordinated by stinalyn. (The project began back in 2004 thanks to grover3d and WhiteRaven13.) If you wish to participate, here's how: instructions are up in the survey at Survey Monkey and enter your 20 most favorite books (or series). The voting deadline is 11:00 PM (US Mountain), December 15, 2008. Have your say, and then sit back, wait for the results and see how your picks compare to those of other participants.

Go Green, Show Some BookCrossing Flair and Some Skin!

Even though we're getting ready to redo the store, we do have a couple of new items for you to try out. While supplies last, we're offering BookCrossing Buttons, Temporary Tattoos and some earth-friendly Shopping Bags. (These items were a smash hit at the North American UnConvention in October.) The buttons are 3 inches in diameter (1.62 cm) and perfect to pin on shirt, jacket, or tote bag, and, you can "Go Green" and use these buttons as recyclable name tags for your next BookCrossing gathering. (Print names on the tags with a permanent marker.) The Temporary Tattoos are 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) and stay on for approximately 2 weeks pending amount of exposure to soap, water and chemicals. (Note: Tattoo "wears" correctly, but shows as reversed when not on skin.) And the shopping bags, though not green in color are green in concept. They are flat bottomed and sturdy, perfect for carrying all your groceries. A great way to spread the word to "Read, Release, Recycle" and tote all your needs as well. Bags are 13x15x7 (33x38x17.75cm). We have limited quantities available in black or natural. See you at the store!

Supply Store Savings and Coming Attractions

Keep your eyes on the prize (or rather; on our Supply Store.) We're revamping and renovating. Soon you'll have a whole new BookCrossing Supply Store to answer your reading, registering and releasing needs. As we redecorate, we're paring down some of the products that tended to linger on the shelf too long, so it's a great time to stock up, while supplies of many items last. Once our clearance items are gone, they're gone, (though we do reserve the right to run a special limited edition in the future.) Shop early and shop often. Free shipping will end when we shift to the new store (which will be before the end of November).

When the changes are done, the store will be something to shout about. Next time you're burning for a bestseller, pining for a Pulitzer prize winner, or looking for a Booker, BookCrossing will be able to help you out. We're going to make it even easier for you to access all your media wants and needs. Through a service with one of those big guy booksellers, BookCrossing will be able to offer books, movies and music directly through the BookCrossing Supply Store. If you're browsing on BookCrossing and find a book that interests you, you'll be able to simply click the "Buy Book" button, and go straight to our store to purchase it. And best of all, your purchase will directly support BookCrossing. No more having to remember to click through — it's all right there. When the need for more reading and visual entertainment comes knocking, come to BookCrossing.


BusyBC-Summer of 2008
by Ametisti

The Finnish BookCrossing community has been extraordinarily active this summer. In addition to the annual summer meet-up, the activists around the country have gained visibility and media coverage in all possible forums. The Finnish community is growing steadily, currently holding more than 5400 registered members. That is one thousandth of the whole Finnish population! ...

[read it all at]

The tale of a GPS unit and her BookCrosser
by KateKintail

Starting destination: Northern Virginia (with a short stop scheduled in DC)
Final Destination: The Pour House, Westminster, Maryland...

[read it all at]


De verleiding van een losgelaten boek
by Neuskleuter

Het boek ligt eenzaam in de vierzitter naast me. Een scherpe bocht naar links. Het boek schuift mee in de stoel, richting het gangpad, maar het blijft liggen. De bus mindert vaart. Er stappen nieuwe mensen in. Ze kijken, maar zien niets meer dan de vrije plek die ze willen bezetten voor de komende 18 minuten. Een blonde jongen neemt schuin tegenover het boek plaats....

[read it all at]

Adventures in Literary Magnetism
by melydia

There are currently seven copies of Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns on my BookCrossing bookshelf. I have a bit of a strange history with this book. When I received my first copy in 2005 as a birthday present from theory19, I'd never even heard of it. In time I read it and found the story reasonably enjoyable, if not especially memorable. I brought this copy to a local meet (back before we'd coined our current moniker), and zaraibelle grabbed it for release in Hunt Valley, Maryland. I figured that was the last I'd hear of Cold Sassy Tree. The end, right? Not quite....

[read it all at]


by calcedonio

Saturday October the 8th, 2008, at the caves 'i vucculi' at Murro Lucano, I've had the proper conclusion of an adventure that I lived attending the course of caving organized by GSS (Speleological Group of Statte (TA)). To make it a memorable day, I brought with me a book registered on the BookCrossing site, properly sealed into an envelope to be released in the cave. ...

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

Themed Released Book Travels: Ohio, Boston, Turkey, Italy

I live in Ohio and I released a book about Shakespeare at a free "Shakespeare in the Park" presentation in Boston Common at a Bookcrossing meeting and it was found by someone from Turkey who plans to release it in Italy!

by Thursday5

A new personal-best longest-catch: 5 years, 10 3/4 months later:

I've released a lot of books at that post office book-swap shelf, and while I don't get many catches, I know that people are taking and reading the books. But it was great to not only get a catch but to get one on a book that's been unheard-from for so long. [I'd like to think that somebody's read and enjoyed it in the interim, but even if it's just been spending the last few years bumping from one book-sale to another, I was glad to hear from it!]

I do hope that the finder reconsiders the "leave on a coffee table in a bookstore" release option, though; even though this particular book's unlikely to be on sale anywhere, I'd rather not risk peeving any bookstore-folk.
by GoryDetails

Making a traveler happy!

by Bascula

Love this one!
by bookseekerAT

Journaled 2 years after release, new member buys more books
by solittletime

Very nice entry from AF

I released the book up a church tower. Over a year later, it's been found, and could be going to Germany. (Which makes sense, since it was a Lutheran church)
by PDB11

Great catch for Pippercat!

"My Fiance brought the book home from work one day because it was lying on the table for free. He thought it looked like my kind of book, I didn't start reading it right away, but thought the idea of a traveling book was really cool. Once I started to read it ..."
by annulla

This book has been some places!
by bookseekerAT

Never give up
Five and a half years between release and catch:

Just goes to show you should never give up on hearing back from your books!

^ ^
by FutureCat

Detailed review by finder
almost makes me feel guilty for only managing to write one sentence in my review.
by swan-scot

Hopping the Globe ...
I hadn't heard from this book since the Kensington event last April. .. imagine my surprise when it checked in from London through Syria.

by crrcookie

Bakery Catch - and a man who admits he doesn't know where he is going.
by KarenBC

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