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November 22, 2005
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BookRelay Passes the 50,000 Mark

Many moons ago, BookCrosser Extraordinare CasualReader pulled together BookRelay to add to our BookCrossing pleasure. To quote from the BookRelay site FAQs, The idea of Relay is that there are lists of books that people want to send to new homes and interested readers. Each list has its own theme or restrictions, and only the book at the top of the list is available for trade...If you see something you like in the relay index, click on the relay name to see the full list for that particular relay. Then pick a book on your BookCrossing bookshelf that you'd like to offer in trade. You can then accept the offered book, and your offer goes to the top of the list. This way there's always something at the top of the relay's list that needs a new home.

Congratulations to all the Relay Readers on making the milestone of 50,000 books passed. That's a lot of good reading going on!

German Support Site in the Semi-Finals for DBS Award. Vote Now!

Wyando has let us know that now it is time for the semi-final round for selection of DBS-Award! (DBS or Die bessere Seite translates as The Better Page) finalists. The German Support Site for BookCrossing has made it this far in the competition sponsored by German speaking Internet radio, with your help, and made it to the finals. On Saturday, November 19, 2005, the voting begins. Here is a direct link for voting as well as a link to the thread in the Announcements forum). Get your vote in before the November 26 deadline, please!

The four winning websites go on to a final round, which will take place November 26, 18:00- 20:00 GMT+1 and the voting for the "DBS-Award" will take place during the broadcast only! The link for that vote page will be added in Announcements Forum on that date.

If you live outside Germany and need help calculating the time difference for voting on the 26, here's a link that may help. Good luck!

Now That's a Travelling Book!

We think this might be a record! When booklover released A Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing, in Sacramento, California in October of 2001 (before we even had Release Notes!), she probably didn't think it would take over four years for the book to check in again. But it did, and it has. The book turned up over 400 miles away in Portland. That's one hundred miles a year, unless the Portland mentioned in the journal is actually Portland, Maine, not Oregon. Then it would have travelled the length of the US. Congratulations booklover! It's as good as ET phoning home!

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In The News

The Webbys and BookCrossing made the news at Yahoo!, while The Wichita Eagle over at let readers know about BookCrossing. Why not leave a book?

Serbianbook has let us know of two articles on BookCrossing in the Serbian newspapers. One article is published in Politika (, the oldest newspaper publisher in the Balkans — founded in 1904. That aricle is printed in the Cyrillic alphabet and not available online. The second article is printed in daily newspaper Danas; and you can find it here.


or, a BookCrosser borrows the super rescue suit
by Earthdance

I have been awed by book rescue stories in the past, such as White Elephants's amazing efforts to provide over three thousand books a safe haven, but I never expected to find myself in a somewhat similiar situation! ...

[read it all at]

OBCZ on the beach closes for the season.
by Stoneshop

booket brigade signOn Sunday October 23, a rather extraordinary BookCrossing meeting was held in OBCZ De Albatros, Castricum, Netherlands. This OBCZ is located in a beachfront restaurant, with a flock of holidaymaking visitors during summer. But in the winter the only steady visitors would be wind, rain and waves, and so the restaurant, like many others, not only closes but is disassembled and stored elsewhere. Likewise the books and the bookcases (minus the disassembly, that is). Those had to be moved to another restaurant, De Jutter, some 100 meters away. ...

[read it all at]

My book Returns to its Source
by Ken Finn (t3spiritz)

Thank you Motsamot for releasing my book in Cambodia!...

[read it all at]

A Canadian/UK Meetup
by Bookgirrl

Before the end of the year, I wanted to tell you about a WONDERFUL meetup experience last May. It all started innocently enough, when I emailed a London, UK BookCrosser looking for the right link to a BBC Radio story on 84 Charing Cross Road. (If you haven't heard it - listen -- it is a wonderful piece!)...

[read it all at]

The exhibition - Who, Why and How!
by 5Schwammerl

In the Spring of 2005, sand artist Veronika Junger had an idea for an art exhibition. The theme would be BookCrossing and the pictures would be displayed in the local OBCZ - Cafe 'Zum Schwammerl' in Vienna, Austria. Veronika Junger, or Vroni for short, is not an active BookCrosser. However she visits the cafe frequently and always donates her old books to the OBCZ as she has always been interested in and supportive of BookCrossing....

[read it all at]

Months after this launching, BC-Mexico expands its goals and horizons
by BookCrossing Mexico / Libros Libres (guadalajara)

Last April, the company of cultural diffusion Mor & More ( had the idea of promoting BookCrossing in Mexico. The City Council of Guadalajara and the newspaper Público supported this idea and these institutions organized a big celebration in which they freed - with the help of the institutions and the citizen participation - more than 20,000 books. Since then, BookCrossing Mexico has not stopped. ...

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

[caught] Message after almost 2 years and 7 months...
One of my first released books has send me a message today:

OK, it is by anonymousFinder
OK, somehow it has been traveled from Cologne to Aachen

But the "ups" (german for "Oops") tells me, that someone has taken the book with him/her and found it back after a long time and did now make a journal entry- maybe he/she is already a bookcrosser, but to embarrassing to do this under his/her bookcrossing name due of the long time this book is being with him/her.
However- it's a message and I'm happy :)

by Wyando

another catch for kz4ufo mass fall festival release! ;-)
you go girl...and all your helpers too!!
by zizzr

Saved from the rain, then hopped across the Channel
by Cpetersky

My 60th wild release that has been caught and journalled- - - -
I have now had 60 wild releases caught and journalled. I actually saw the book get picke up, but was still surprised by the journal entry a few days later. And the finder joined and was happy to be introduced to a new author and genre.
The Wives of Henry VIII: The Sixth Wife by Jean Plaidy
by guinaveve

2 wild catches in 2 days for the same book
This was in a box of books I got from Kleptokitty (via Netstation) at
the first Cherry Tree meet in February. I'm still trying to release
the books and left this in the post office on my site (near Oxford, UK) 3
months ago.

It was journalled on Wednesday as it was rereleased and its been caught
already and is apparently going to South Africa in the near future.

Plus both catchers joined.
by akg

2 yrs 10 months, personal best for me

Never give up hope.
by Sonora

Londonmet's 40th birthday challenge
I'm 40 in December. To mark the occasion, I'm releasing a book a day in the 40 days leading up to my birthday on the 17th. Each one first published in the years 1965-2005 in sequence, and all books I've read. Started on 7th November.
I've just had my first catch (and a new member)! Book published in 1971, released on Sunday 13th November.
by londonmet

LIRR cleaner is glad he found the book

Sometimes they're NOT thrown out by the cleaners!
by MaryZee

Finder didn't like book as much as I did, but that's OK!
It's one of the few wild releases I've had journalled, and the finder joined BC.

=^.^=, reminds self that even if book is not journaled immediately after release, that doesn't mean it won't be eventually.
by watchcat

Book with rought start gets good home!
I am sorry to say that I am the one who gave it a bad start (I left it in a park in the rain, in a bag, and left it there for a few days, assuming somebody had taken that book and the others I left there). Anyways, I brought it over to Seattle with me this Sunday and left it in a bathroom and it was picked up!
by Buffheart

Not a record, but a nice 2 1/2 year catch

by MaryZee

Valuable contribution to the world!
by KarenZero

Book appears - after 4 YEARS!
by KarenZero

Touching journal entry
by boreal

"I'm going to be just like Amelie and do good deeds. But with books! "
A very excited new member has a good idea.
by meganh

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