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July 22, 2005
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Looking ahead to the 2006 Conventions

The round of 2005 BookCrossing Conventions (and UnConvention) are barely over, but we are already looking ahead to 2006. If you are working on the 2006 Convention in New Zealand, Australia, North America, the UK, or if you are planning the "first ever" Convention somewhere else, please contact our Newsletter team via the "This is just FYI — no need to reply to me" link here, and our erstwhile reporting team will gather your information and help get the Convention page updated. Thanks!

And The Shopping Spree Winners Are.....

Way back, when our BookCrossing in Times Square bookplate came out, we offered a chance for some lucky folks to win a shopping spree in our Supply Store. It's been a while in coming, but we've finally been able to determine the lucky winners! We've awarded one $100 shopping spree per month from June 2004 through November 2004, to a randomly-selected BookCrosser who joined in that month as a result of journaling a wild-released book. So a big congratulations and hearty "Woo Hoo!" to the following BookCrossers:

June 2004: Inmyownbackyard for this entry

July 2004: Retired-prof for this entry

August 2004: Bookbenshi for this entry

September 2004: Baila for this entry

October 2004: Elphif for this entry

November 2004: Bailey5 for this entry

If you are a winner, our Supply Store Elves will be emailing you your gift certificate shortly. Thanks to all who participated!

For a look at our current bookplates, click here.

To Spoil or Not To Spoil. That is the Question.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince had barely hit the hands of faithful readers when already spoilers as to who did what to whom were running rife in the media. While some people really love knowing it was Colonel Mustard with the wrench in the Library, others want to read and find out for themselves. Tips on how to handle this tricky topic in the BookCrossing World are offered here by GoryDetails:

Suggestions about spoilers in general, how to post and how to avoid reading...

In my secret identity as a BC Support Person, I can edit forum posts, and can add "spoiler" to subject lines (and move actual spoiler content out of them) if need be — though I'd rather not have to do this very often. But if you spot a blatant spoiler somewhere and the person who posted it hasn't responded to a request to edit it, you can ask BC Support to tidy it up.

BUT: No matter how careful we all are, there's no way to guarantee that somebody won't post something that's a spoiler, to Harry Potter or to any other new book. Folk who really hate having a plot spoiled for them may want to consider:

  • viewing the forums in condensed-thread mode rather than expanded, as that will at least restrict what they see to the subject lines, or (if you really, REALLY can't stand spoilers)
  • avoid the Book Talk and Chit-Chat forums (and newspapers, online blogs, message boards, and magazine reviews, and, where there are already hundreds of reviews, some with very explicit spoilers), and
  • possibly even going out in public, until they've read the book.(I know, it isn't fair, but you can't control the general public. I remember being in line for the second Star Wars movie and hearing somebody coming out say "So is Vader really Luke's father?" A homicide was only narrowly averted.)

Putting "Spoiler" in the subject line is definitely the kind thing to do when mentioning any spoilers (though for classics like Romeo and Juliet perhaps one might be forgiven for forgetting that not everybody knows how that ends yet!). But for brand-new books it's definitely helpful.

Remember to put "spoiler" in the subject line of ANY post containing a spoiler or asking a question that might inspire a response containing a spoiler; don't assume that because the thread's parent has "spoiler" in it that everyone who reads the forums will encounter that first. Depending on the method one uses to read the forums, the main post may not be the first part of the thread that somebody sees.

In the case of HP6, if you can post on TexasWren's site:, that would certainly allow you to discuss spoilers to your heart's content without risking distress to unsuspecting folk who haven't read the book yet. If you can't post there (I gather not everybody's browser will allow it) then being careful about what you say and including "HP Spoiler" (or any other book's title and the word "Spoiler") in the subject line (of *every* post, not just the first one in a thread) will be appreciated by the many who haven't read the book yet.

Video Stream Testing -- YOU can help!

Jfroebe has been hard at work, preparing to run streaming video at the next North American Convention! He is connecting us with software to download media files of video recorded at the BookCrossing Convention, which will then allow us to play it on our computers.

What can you do? He needs lots of people to test this system out so that at the next Convention, he might be able to stream the Convention live. How cool would that be?? :)) The BONUS of the whole affair is that you get to see a video of the 2005 U.S. Convention, with guest speaker GoryDetails, and commentary from WhiteRaven13, mojosmom, Tzurriz and even more lovely BookCrossing celebrities. Here's what you do:

  1. Go to this website
  2. Choose the right Operating System for your machine
  3. Download the executable file
  4. Install the executable file by clicking on it
  5. Download the .wmv torrent file via BookCossing Convention 2005 (Gory Details) Video Torrent
    • GoryDetails' Presentation
    • Miss-Efficiency's Presentation (info on 2006 North American BookCrossing Convention in Toronto, Canada)
    • Sonora's Presentation (Future North American BookCrossing Conventions)
    • Ron Hornbaker's Presentation (Plans and Future of BookCrossing)
  6. Leave Bittorrent running for file-sharing ease

Instructions provided by the ever wonderful YokoSpungeon . Isn't it great? Now you can have the fun of seeing some of the Fort Worth Convention and help test out the system for the 2006 Convention at the same time!

In The News

Our UK friends have let us know that BookCrossing once again is being touted by the BBC, this time via their clickonline site. Not sure how long the link stays valid, but check it out whilst you can! Many thanks to Mastulela for letting us know and spike1972 for digging up the link for us to post.


BookCrossing Meets Experience Art for a Release Event
by Amy Theisen (aimlesst)

Our local BookCrossing group meets regularly, but it seemed to me that we were in a bit of a rut: meet at Borders, have some coffee, trade some books, enjoy talking books and release techniques with other BCers. Not that there is anything wrong with this and I really look forward to the meetings, but it seemed to me that it would be nice to try for something to get us out of the coffee shop. I teach at Milwaukee’s High School of the Arts. My school, like so many others, has been caught in budget crunches. Given that we are the High School of the Arts, you know what programs are NOT going to be cut. To try and raise money to support the arts programs, my school held a fund raiser this spring, “Experience Art” on the Milwaukee Riverwalk. This seemed to me to be a golden opportunity for a BookCrossing event....

[read it all at]

Lucky Seven
by WistfulDragon

She asked me if I was all right;
I didn’t know what she meant.
And so I answered that I was fine
Except for some small complaint.

The café had the radio on
And so I heard the news.
A power surge, a bus explodes –
Just enough to confuse.

I spent the next few hours in hell
Trying to reach their line
And every call that I received
I answered, I am fine! (……which kind of confused the market researcher!)

For each ok, a name recalled
From whom no-one had heard.
The fear set me to shaking
Until I felt absurd.

But I just couldn’t take it in
What man had done to men.
Tsunamis, earthquakes, floods – all right!
I can comprehend them;

But what can make a man decide
To kill a fellow being
That doesn’t know the why of it
- and has no chance of seeing.

Why they should die, be maimed, or hurt
At some mad stranger’s whim.
He claims he does it for a cause –
But his cause reviles him.

So I don’t want to know his name
Race, creed, or other excuse.
I won’t give what he wants from me –
Fear, hatred, and abuse.

I’m scared, but I won’t let him rule
My life by giving fear.
I did that once too many times
But now my sight is clear.

And so I stand upon my right
To live in this fair city
With head held high, friends on all sides –
And for him, only pity.

Editor's note: This poem was submitted not only by the author, but by two other BookCrossers from the UK, after WistfulDragon shared it with her fellow BookCrossers there. July 7 found the forum and other places BookCrossers haunt, such as the Yahoo! Groups and LiveJournal, crowded with BookCrossers determining if our friends in London were safe. WistfulDragon also added the following when she submited her work:
A lot of people from around the world have expressed their fears for us, and their love for us. With the love we can face the fear. As long as the love grows, the terrorists lose. Thank you for the love.

[read it all at]

A Challenge to release at least 138 books for Canada Day succeeds
by gypsysmom

It all started with a post from amambaw challenging all Canadian BookCrossing members to release books for Canada Day (July 1) and thus push for more Canadian BCers. She thought that we should give the Brits a run for the number of new registrants because they consistently outrank us (never mind that they outrank us considerably in population too)....

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

"Much to my surprise and delight..."
Nice catch for a newbie:
by GoryDetails

My second catch this week!

And it seems this little book will be traveling to Canada: )
by Sunshinedreem

this book has been two years in the wild after releasing on the beach
gave it to some women on the beach back in 2003! and here it is again, travelling to Kreta in a short time.
a book about forbidden love affairs: -) it's my 17th catch from the wild. *smiling a big smile*
by Elefteria

AF book travels the USA

One anonymous finder has taken this book on quite the trip.

"from Louisiana to Texas,...Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, ...Maryland"

I wonder if it was by train?
by Vysion

Nice sequence of journal entries and last picked up by a waitress
by owlet

THIRTY-THREE months later . . .
by mojosmom

'thought it was a set-up and that someone was going to follow us!'
by Mastulela

I had 5 of my vacation releases journaled.
Last week I traveled from Ohio to Ontario, Canada. I dropped off BC book on the way there and back. Five of them were journaled. Mackinac, MI must be a good place to leave books. I left three there and all three were journaled. I had a digital camera with me, so I got to take pics of the releases.
Here is my favorite:

Here are the links to the other 4:

by guinaveve

31 months from release before this catch was journalled
and this classic travelled from one side of USA to the other. great catch for Deborah909.
by meganh

This finder made me laugh out loud!
I forgot to make release notes on this book, but someone with a very good sense of humor found it today in Penn Station.

by annulla

My book goes loo-hopping!

This is "Stupid White men" by Michael Moore in Swedish. The journal entries are in Swedish and Finnish. I left it in the loo at a depertment store last August, and now it's been caught in the loo at the University Library!

by Sobergirl

Caught and appreciated
My book released "In memorium" for 4-lele's daughter was caught, journalled and appreciated- my favourite kind of wild catch by someone who gets the whole BC idea.
by bluenoser

Random acts of kindness galore
This guide to random acts of kindness was picked up the moment my friend and I left it on a bench in the train station. It was a lot of fun to see who picked it up and how he started reading immediately. The next morning I got this sweet message:
by mette72

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