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March 16, 2005
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Thanks for marking your love

Image hosted by Thanks for all your great comments and votes for BookCrossing at You've kept BookCrossing #1 for almost a year now, and we love you for it!

Buried book rescued!

It seemed like an ordinary release when the alerts went out for Kranio's release of Moon...until you saw the actual location, pictured here!

Image hosted by

Add three feet of snow that fell between the February 11 release and the March 5 search and rescue by fannynatalie and you get a wonderful BookCrossing adventure. Her journal note says it all:

Das war für mich die aufregendste Bücherjagd seit ich Mitglied bei BC bin. Der erste Bergungsversuch mit bloßen Händen und Schistecken am 1.3. scheiterte noch, da ziemlich viel Schnee rund um die Telefonzelle lag und dieser auch noch ziemlich fest gefroren war. Außerdem wurde gerade in der Zelle telefoniert, und die beiden Burschen dachten wohl, dass sich eine Irre neben der Zelle zu schaffen macht, die den Schnee rundherum wegscharrt...

Am nächsten Tag kam ich mit einer Schaufel bewaffnet noch einmal an den Tatort, und mit männlicher Unterstützung beim Ausbuddeln gelang es mir schlußendlich das Plastiksackerl zu bergen. Was für eine Freude!!! Das Buch tauchte wohlverpackt mit zwei süßen Überraschungen auf. Ich habe es fast gar nicht glauben können, dass es tatsächlich noch dort war!!! Es wurden auch Fotos gemacht, die ich ins Netz stellen werde, wenn ich sie geschickt bekomme.

Vielen Dank, kranio! Das Erjagen hat super viel Spaß gemacht, und ich werde das Buch so bald wie möglich lesen!!! :-))

(And for those of us who have less than stellar German translation skills, Vargas has helped us out:

This was the most exciting bookhunt, since I became a BookCrosser. My first attempt with bare hands and skis on the 1st of March failed, because there was a lot of snow round the phone booth and it was frozen. And there were some guys in the booth, who probably thought I am a mad woman crawling around in the snow...

Next day I came back with a shovel, and with support from my friends we finally dug up a plastic bag. Oh what joy!!! The book was there with some sweets included. I could hardly believe, that it was still there!!! Some photos were done too. Thank you Kranio! That hunt was really fun and I will read the book asap!!! :-)))

For more photos of the amazing bookdigger at work, click here.

Announcing our very special 12th Edition bookplate

bookplate labels... In celebration of Bookaid International, artist Hannah Firmin has contributed her talents to the colorful new 12th Edition bookplate. Ms. Firmin has a long and esteemed list of clients such as the Royal Mail, Pentagram, Oxfam, OUP, Penguin Books, Time Warner, BBC Worldwide, the Express, Guardian, and Times newspapers. She also provided the artwork for the delightful No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith that has been enjoyed by a large number of BookCrossers!

The new bookplate label shows a reader relaxing in a jungle, busily engaged in a book, while colorful, exotic animals share in the reading fun. Stacks of books are piled up all around these whimsical creatures so they don't run out of reading adventures! Book Aid International ( will help provide you with an opportunity to enable a reader in the developing world! Click on over to our Supply Store now, as these fantastic plates are sure to be in high demand!

Deep in the Heart of Texas: US Convention News

Plans are moving right along for the 2005 US Convention in beautiful Fort Worth, Texas. Word has it that Ron (a.k.a. our hero, Reno), Bruce and Heather will be in attendance. A tentative schedule is posted in the Conventions and Meetings forum, as well as plans for a road trip to Booked Up in Archer, Texas, billed as the World's Largest Used Bookstore, owned by Larry McMurtry. This is a "once in a life-time" chance, as McMurtry recently announced he is closing the store at year end.

And, if you are an author planning on coming to the Convention, be sure to get in touch with mojosmom, who will be moderating a BC authors panel at the Convention. She is looking for published authors who are also BC members, and who would be willing to talk about the connection between their BC membership and their writing/publication. Other program topics include Release Techniques with PJLareau, Book Talk with GoryDetails, journaling with Chocaholic, and loads more.

For further information, check the Conventions and Meeting forum, visit the convention web page, TexasWren's web page or contact First-Noel or Sonora. Get your registration and hotel reservations in pronto to take advantage of special rates. Image hosted by

Creativity Corner

Image hosted by Creative kudos to D1MD2004 and the media students from Freiburg in Southern Germany. As part of an upcoming school project, they have created some fabulous BookCrossing designs. We've put one here in the newsletter to give you a sample, but be sure to click here to see the full set and then pop on over to the Announcement Forum to give your feedback. A++ in our books! Remember, if you know of a creative BookCrossing venture, send a message with "newsletter" in the subject to us from our Contact form(use the "feedback" option), and we'll try to feature your find in a future edition.

Lights! Camera! Books! BCUK turning Pages with Page Turners

I know, I know, it should be "action" in that title, but the BBC’s idea was to capture the spirit of a BookCrossing Meet-up so the books quite rightly took centre stage. However, that’s not to say that some media stars weren’t in evidence when the March 7 meet-up of London BookCrossers was filmed for the new Page Turners show!

JemimaJ reprised her sophisticated and relaxed style last seen on The Terry and Gaby show and made the whole interview look ridiculously easy. WistfulDragon has a new career, I’m sure, as a BookCrossing T-shirt model, though even she admitted to a little concern when the camera-man asked her to point out the words in the logo emblazoned across her bust! Diomedes was positively statesmanlike in fashionable bow tie, with obligatory glass of red wine to swirl meaningfully in close up shots, and UrbanSpaceman is this season’s new discovery. Articulate, intelligent, good-looking, and with that indefinable ‘something’ that makes him a natural in front of the camera. It’s so easy to go off people, you know.

And your erstwhile correspondent? Well, I managed to answer the interviewer’s questions after a fashion, but having, as the cameraman agreed — a little too readily I thought — “a good face for radio”, I’m resigned to ending up on the cutting room floor. I did learn from the experience however, that I have ‘expressive hands’, and spent some minutes having them filmed in a variety of gestures, including the red wine swirling. (What is it with this, anyone know?), and the most natural of actions for a BCer, reading! So you never know, I may yet sneak in to the end title sequence.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe rest of the meeting was filmed in long shot, wide-angle, close-up and many other technical terms that somehow I can’t now recall (remember all that red wine swirling, I was telling you about? Well we couldn’t waste it now, could we?) The London BCers, including some brand new members for whom this was their first meet, together with our hosts Chris and Roland of the Stamford Arms OBCZ(pictured), put on a marvellous show and I hope the BBC make this a longer feature than the twelve minutes or so currently allotted. In fact, the cameraman let slip that BookCrossing has taken a much higher profile with the producers since the recent flurry of media coverage here in the UK. Maybe an entire season of shows beckons for our UK BookCrossing stars? Maybe I could get a job as a hand model? Maybe I should come back down to earth and get on with releasing some books? Without a doubt a fascinating experience for me and the London BookCrossers, and you’ll be able to judge for yourself how we got on when the programme airs in four weeks time.

Page Turners will be shown on BBC1 from 3rd April. The schedule will be published on the show’s home page here:

This report is from our Fleet Street representative, Netstation.

Viva Dutch BookCrossers! In the News again!

The Dutch magazine Viva is aimed primarily at young(ish) women. It is well-known and very popular throughout the Netherlands. And Dutch BookCrosser Owlet managed to get exposure for BookCrossing in the magazine! She submitted herself for a weekly item called 'Open Podium', a spot for readers of the magazine to tell something about themselves, something they do or a cause they support. Owlet was interviewed and a very nice action picture was shot, in which we can see the lovely Owlet releasing a book in an automated self-service cafeteria! The two-page article has generated a lot of interest in BookCrossing and a visible spike in Dutch member stats. Great job, Owlet, we're proud of you!

Het tijdschrift Viva richt zich vooral op een jong, vrouwelijk publiek. Het is bekend en geliefd in heel Nederland. En Bookcrosser Owlet kreeg het voor elkaar om dat blad aandacht te laten besteden aan Bookcrossing! Ze gaf zich op voor de vaste rubriek 'Open Podium', een plek voor lezers om te vertellen over zichzelf, hun bezigheden of een zaak waar ze zich sterk voor maken. Owlet werd geinterviewd en er werd een prachtige actiefoto gemaakt, waarop we de charmante Owlet een boek zien vrijlaten in een automatiek! Het artikel van twee pagina's heeft veel belangstelling voor Bookcrossing gewekt, en een zichtbare piek veroorzaakt in de Nederlandse ledenstatistieken. Mooi werk, Owlet, we zijn trots op je!

One City, One Story books going wild

Today's the day! And so is next Saturday and the Saturday after that! If you are in the right place at the right time in Pasadena, California, you might find a copy of Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini. Local BookCrossers are doing mass releases of this novel this month, starting today. The book is being read as part of the One City, One Story project. Pasadena's One City, One Story began in 2002 with the selection of Mark Salzman's The Soloist. The inaugural program was enthusiastically received and was followed in 2003 with Leif Enger's Peace Like a River. If you are interested in sending your copy of The Kite Runner to participate in this project, contact Ryuku. The event was reported in an article in the Pasadena Star News. (You'll need to scroll down to the second article.)


Fotos von Vargas und 5Schwammerl; (English by Sti)
by 5Schwammerl

Lakota-Sioux, seines Zeichens Tierpfleger im Wiener Tiergarten Schönbrunn, hat uns, wie bereits in verschiedenen Threads angekündigt, bei seinen Vorgesetzten, Herrn Direktor Pechlaner und seinem Stellvertreter Herrn Kasbauer, zwanzig Freikarten für uns Bookcrosser besorgt. Am Samstag, dem 19. Februar 2005 war es dann endlich soweit....

[read it all at]

First release jitters
by MyopicMeringue

Wild releasing. It’s almost second nature to me now - bringing a labelled book along with me when I’m out and about, and finding an empty bench on which to place it surreptitiously. And as a matter of course, I always return an hour or so later to check it - and always get that same thrill when I discover the book has gone....

[read it all at]


Senior Bookcrosser - ein Abenteuer; (English by Wyando)
by charlychaplin

Ich bin alt. Ein Senior. Objekt für viele Menschen, die mir immerzu helfen wollen. Oder besonders laut sprechen, wenn sie mich anreden. Mich ungefragt an die Hand fassen wollen, wenn ich den Bus verlassen will. Mir ins Ohr brüllen: Da kommt deine Bahn, Opa. Die Bank winkt ab, wenn ich einen Kredit will - zu alt....

[read it all at]

Letter to Ms Michael at HarperCollins
by Laura Thomson (laura0141)

Note from the newsletter team: Last week we reported on an article in the Guardian which referred to BookCrossing as publishing's "potential Napster crisis". This article is still generating discussion in the forums. Here is one BookCrosser's response to the author of the article....

[read it all at]

We just can't live without 'em!
by Heather Pedersen (heather)

With over 500 support questions per month, hefty project lists and deskloads of details, we 3 Founders (Reno, Bruce and I) want to profusely thank The BookCrossing Volunteer Support Team -- this support quartet I refer to internally as "The Fab 4"....

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

"It was a dark and stormy morning..."
And a new member, too!
by starbookz

woo hoo! my first catch and new member of 2005!!!

would love to release more books there, but this is one of 6 already released in this post office; i'm nervous about those b/c i hear they get thrown away....maybe i'll try again just to see....
by surfenkitten

BCer spikemadrid has a 50% catch rate - after only a year and a half {grin}

[Nice catch- I just hope that spikemadrid gets the journal alert!]
by GoryDetails

Yet another catch for Dogs of Babel!

"and to think, it came from a bench!!!"

hup hup hup
by jblueafterglow

I just got a catch on a book I released almost a year ago!!
I can't believe it!

And she joined!!
by jessibud

"I'll leave Amy & Isabelle on the shelf "
"Thanks for leaving the book and letting me discover bookcrossing."

Bookczuk adds a little yeast to a new business!

Pete, rising to the bait
by Skyring

My wild release is going to the Virgin Islands! WooHoo!
I needed a good wild release catch! This one was left at my kid's pediatrican's office, caught, a new member joined and it's going to the VI... YES!

Candy, who gets a thrill from wild catches: )
by candieb

*i caught the book when we were stumblin around drunk in yass*
Great catch for BookFairy65 in Yass (small town in Australia, about an hour out of our national capital, Canberra).

At least he wasn't so drunk he forgot to journal (unlike me).
by peggysmum

'I found it and I believed in magic'
Look at this great catch Elj got for Secretariat's March release challenge!

I thought the journal entry was so poetic. ..
by Antof9

From Minnesota to Jerusalem--THE Jerusalem?

Too bad there isn't a little more information here.
by kiptrix

LOL at this great entry - "the book is terrible"!
Really funny catch for peaceangel! Glad the 'trashy' book hasn't put AF off BookCrossing though!
by Anne-Elliott


Stuck in a bookcrossing rut? Seeking guidance for your next wild book release safari? Here are some fresh ideas posted by members in our Release Challenges forum to whet your adventure appetite. And if you can think of other timely or unique challenges, post them to the forum and you may see them here in the next newsletter!

Celebrate the beginning of spring: release a book in a park.
by iiwi

New Challange: Bookcrossing Anniversary
by Jas330

I can't believe I did this!
by siriradha

Totals are completed for Valentines Challenge. Total books released were 1255.
by maggiemuffet

updated...offical, and with PRIZES!! CHALLANGE!! - Taking the lead from the BC newsletter
by princess1984

Wow...I'm starting a Challenge *giggles*!...Saint Patrick's Day Challenge!!!!!!
by Hearth-Crafter


Our forums offer hundreds of new topics each day. Here are a few recent ones you don't want to miss... jump right into the conversations!

Re: What are you all doing for St Patrick's Day tomorrow?
started by onesmartcookie in Chit-Chat

How old were you when you first read to Kill a Mockingbird?
started by lucybrown in Book Talk

She joined yesterday and already released FIVE books!!! --- And..... :9)
started by keister in Site Watch

Fort Worth VIP's are a definite!!!!
started by First-Noel in Conventions and Meetings

Which novel's ending disappointed you the most?
started by MyopicMeringue in Book Talk

BookCrossing is publishing's "potential Napster crisis".
started by Netstation in Announcements

I've found a message that improves my catches!!!
started by appaloosatb in Release Techniques

2005 Registrations In
started by Sonora in Conventions and Meetings

Only 3 weeks until the New Zealand Convention, Easter 2005
started by FutureCat in Conventions and Meetings

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