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October 24, 2002

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new press coverage, new website feature

Since our last newsletter on October 4th, BookCrossing has been featured in over sixteen major media outlets across the world, including PC World Magazine in Germany (PC Welt), a German financial news site, the Seattle Times, the Financial Times in Germany, WGAL Channel 8 TV in Lancaster, PA, the Oregon Daily Emerald newspaper, national radio in the Netherlands, WISN Channel 12 TV in Milwaukee, KITV Channel 4 in Hawaii, Austrian national TV (ORF), the Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Gazette newspaper, Frankfurter Rundschau (a national newspaper in Germany), the METRO newspaper in Rome and Milan, Algemeen Dagblad (a large newspaper in the Netherlands), and Denver's Channel 7 news. We link to all the recent press articles from our BookCrossing Press page at

New website feature! Our BookCrossing online discussion forums at are more active than ever, and now thanks to a great new search feature, they're more useful than ever. You can search the forums for posts by certain members, or for certain content. More on that two sections down...

introducing mental_floss magazine

mental_floss magazine Have you heard about mental_floss magazine yet? The Chicago Tribune says "For the discerning intellect, mental_floss cleans out the cobwebs." The Washington Post calls it "a delightfully eccentric and eclectic new magazine." If you like books, I know you'll like it. More importantly, the publisher loves our BookCrossing movement, and so mental_floss contributes a portion of every subscription back to BookCrossing, and promotes us in each issue with a free, full-page ad! You can learn more at, and subscribe at It's also on the shelves of many newsstands and bookstore magazine sections, so next time you see it, make sure you pick it up.


meet the new BookCrossing Poet Laureate

Every newsletter a BookCrosser is awarded an item of their choice from the BookCrossing Store ( I try to select the member who did the most for the BookCrossing Movement since the previous newsletter. The member I've selected for this newsletter been on my radar for a long time, since he's been so active and prolific in our discussion forum for the last 7 weeks or so. (Hard to believe he's been a member since only September.) Without further ado, the award goes to:
robert-n-kate from Baltimore, Maryland USA
If you like poetry, you absolutly must read some of robert-n-kate's work. He's written a series of poems that is dedicated to celebrating great moments of BookCrossing--inspiring book releases, serendipitous book catches, humorous release locations, etc. Here is an example, which puts into verse the events surrounding a book released and found (by fate) in the frozen foods section of a supermarket (

Life Designs
(journeys, #11)

This story begins in a jewel of the hills
I fear in the telling you’ll feel some chills
For it seems a release site was carefully chosen
To lead to an aisle where veggies are frozen

Our heroine Pasty seemed rightly inclined
To recognize books as a food for the mind
And carried one into a grocery called Vons
Instead of the drug stores or beauty salons

I suppose she was thinking that there she would get
A more literate crowd than at Farmers’ Market
Whatever the case she placed on it with glee
A post-it note that simply read ‘open me’

Recalling an Alice whose tale’s well known
Some magic arose from this seed she had sown
And although the finder deemed it a bit eerie
She read through the book and her mood grew more cheery

If sometimes in life through trials you travel
And so much around you just seems to unravel
Still through it all know that this much is true
Life is more than just what happens to you

And too there are times when decisions you make
Have you wary of all the risks that you’ll take
But this little secret will help these align:
Within lies the seed of your own life design

By executive decree, I'm hereby naming him our BookCrossing Poet Laureate. I was curious about the exact definition of "laureate," so I did some research and found it most fitting: In ancient Greece the laurel tree was considered sacred to the god Apollo. He decreed that laurel would be the emblem for poets and victors. Hence, ancient poets who won distinction were crowned with a wreath of laurel, as were athletes who won contests at the Olympic Games.

With our new forum search feature that I mentioned previously, you can easily find all of his poems with this link:

Please help me thank robert-n-kate for his contributions, and congratulate him on his appointment, by sending him a nice private message from his bookshelf page at


win $250 by releasing Tina Wainscott's new mystery

Our newest Contest Book...

Now You See Me Now You See Me
by Tina Wainscott
Paperback, 384 pages
Published by St Martins
Reviews of this exciting paranormal mystery/thriller can be found at
Contest Prize: $250 Book Shopping Spree
Contest Rules: In honor of the heroine's guide dog, Stasia, release a copy of Now You See Me at any dog-related location, such as humane societies, pet stores, or pet sections of supermarkets, and on your release notes journal entry, submit a picture taken at that release location. The picture must clearly show the book cover, and some identifying background from the location. Having you in the picture would be nice, too, but isn't mandatory. We will choose a winner at random from the qualified entries on December 15, 2002.

And like always, to get this off to a fast start, we have 12 copies of Now You See Me to give away FREE! We can only mail these free books to the continental U.S., so if you qualify, we'll give the first 12 members who send an email right now to "" with a subject line of "Please send me Now You See Me by Tina Wainscott". NOTE: you MUST include your full name and mailing address in the body of the email.

Continuing Contest Books...

The Thief Lord The Thief Lord
by Cornelia Funke
Hardcover, 352 pages
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Published by Scholastic Inc.
Could The Thief Lord be the next Harry Potter? They share the same publisher, so don't be surprised. Reviews:
Contest Prize: $250 Book Shopping Spree
Contest Rules: Release a copy of The Thief Lord anywhere you like, but submit a picture of yourself releasing the book AND WEARING A MASK. (You'll know why a mask is important after reading the book.) We will choose a winner at random from the qualified entries on or about December 1, 2002.

Vlad Dracula Vlad Dracula: The Dragon Prince
by Michael Augustyn
Paperback, 310 pages
Published by Vasso Press
Meet the real Dracula in Augustyn's well-researched historical novel. Reviews:
Contest Prize: $250 Book Shopping Spree
Contest Rules:Release a copy of Vlad Dracula at any location or event involving Halloween, and on your release notes journal entry, submit a picture taken at the release point. The picture must clearly show the book cover, and some Halloweenish-type things. Having you in the picture would be nice, too, but isn't mandatory. We will choose a winner at random from the qualified entries on or about November 1, 2002. (NOTE: Amazon and the other booksellers have low stock of this book. Vlad Dracula can be purchased directly for $11.50 (includes shipping) by sending check or money order payable to Vasso Studios, P.O. Box 11129, Philadelphia, PA 19136.)

Full contest details, and all the current entry pictures, can be found at

Past contest books and winners can be found at


how you can help the movement

These tips will always be included at the bottom of our newsletter. If you have something to add to this list, please reply and I'll include it next issue.
  • Use the Tell-A-Friend feature at the website: to quickly tell one, or one hundred, friends about BookCrossing by email.

  • Help support BookCrossing financially by buying books from our bookseller associations - we make a small commission, and every dollar helps to keep memberships free, and keep the site banner-ad free, forever. Just start your book-buying sessions from our Buy page which has search forms for,, and

  • Forward this Newsletter to your friends, along with a personal request that they join.

  • Tell your local coffee shops and used bookstores about BookCrossing. The best way is to print out the new Crossing Zone signs/flyers at and leave several with them. Have them contact me for details on becoming a featured Crossing Zone, since we'll be listing those on the site in the near future.

  • If you know anyone in the media biz (radio, TV, newspaper, magazine, publishing, etc.), make sure to tell them about BookCrossing and encourage them to feature it. Stress to them the nobility of our cause, the grass-roots growth efforts, and the warm fuzzies it will give their audience.

  • If you've got a website, make sure to grab one of our eye-catching logos and link code from the My Bookshelf page: and put it on your site.

  • When you talk to your friends who love books, be sure to talk to them about BookCrossing. There is no influence more powerful than personal word-of-mouth.

  • Finally, the most obvious way to spread the word: release your books into the wild, or share them with friends! Each one is a little mobile billboard for BookCrossing, and will help convince others to share in kind.

Thanks for reading this far, and until next time, Happy Crossing!


Ron Hornbaker
Founder and Editor,

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