BookCrossing Label Artists

Janice Marie Phelps

Janice's love of books was first evident when her father picked her up from a secondhand book sale at age 14, where she was waiting at the curb with two full cardboard boxes. She has been involved in the business of publishing for nearly 15 years. Since 1999, she has designed covers or interiors for over 100 books, illustrated four, and has been Production Editor on many titles. One of her favorite projects has been the "Will Turner's Flight Logs" series by British author, Chris Davey. Janice did the ink drawings of... view »


Hazel Kahan

Hazel's background is as varied as her artwork. Born in India, raised in Pakistan and schooled in England, she has lived in Australia and Israel but now calls Long Island, New York home. After earning a PhD in psychology and working in the corporate world, she left to live a simpler life in the woods. Being in the woods has given her a very special connection to trees and their leaves at several levels. Being surrounded by them has allowed her to see the individuality of each leaf, to follow the first appearance in the spring... view »


Kathy McCartney

At the age of three Kathy McCartney’s family had the good fortune to live in the town of Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii. Her first childhood memories were of the breathtaking white beaches and warm turquoise colored waters. Growing up in this vibrant, tropical setting captured this young girl’s heart and imagination. The McCartney family did leave the Hawaiian Islands long ago; however memories of Hawaii never left the young artist’s thoughts and today continue to be her source of inspiration.

Kathy started drawing at the age ... view »


Kami Blood

Mermaids have long been a marvel of feminine mysticism and sensuality. For me part of their allure and magic lies in their ability to be neither good nor bad. I first began to paint mermaids in my early twenties and found of particular interest their bold curiosity and mischievousness. "How to Catch a Sailor," depicts a particular species of mermaid characterized by their flashy red tails. They are a most curious fish amongst sea-maids in that they are rarely spotted in the sea. Rather than cajole and otherwise &quo... view »


Anton Octavian

I was born in Ploiesti, Romania on April 10th, 1986. At the age of six, I was inspired by painting, and my parents encouraged it. They eventually enrolled me in the High School of Art where I learned about painting, sculpture, drawing and design. I graduated in 2005 and am studying at Timisoara's Faculty of the Arts. I have won numerous national competitions and include my work in personal collections around the world. “2002's Creation Camp” in Sinaia and “2003's Sculpture Camp” in both Busteni and Cluj-Napoca are just some o... view »


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