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Tallulah Cunningham

Tallulah Cunningham is a young Australian artist studying Natural History Illustration. She hopes that her artwork will inspire others to see the natural world as she does - fragile, fascinating and worth going out of the way to protect. Surprisingly, the artist hated reading until the age of six when, in Africa, her mother introduced her to the worlds of E. Nesbit, Narnia and Wind in the Willows. Since then she has spent most of her life in libraries, especially fascinated with a combination of zoology, cryptozoology, mythol... view »


Elisa Ristuccia

Elisa Ristuccia was born in Sydney and has been drawing, reading, and daydreaming ever since she can remember. Elisa earned a Bachelor of Arts (with an emphasis in Fine Arts) at Sydney University, and after overseas travel to Europe, southeast Asia and the southwest Pacific, she decided to set out and explore the Australian outback.

Over more than a dozen years, Elisa’s adventure took her through southwest Queensland, the Northern Territory, resorts at Kings Canyon in Watarrka National Park, Alice Springs, Kakadu Nation... view »


Roberta Ragona

Roberta Ragona has been drawing and painting since she was in preschool and became a serious artist by the time she entered college. Her favorite mediums are acrylics, china ink and watercolors but she also uses several different mediums together to reach the result she desires. Roberta was born in Cagliari, Italy. She currently lives in Cagliari and is working on her degree in Anthropology from the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of Cagliari. She has had numerous exhibits in Cagliari and Rome. She also has an alter-ego,... view »


Denise Sutherland

Denise Sutherland was born in Melbourne, Australia, and has lived for most of her life in Canberra. She has lived for some time in the USA, including New Haven CT, Tucson AZ, and Boulder CO. She is married to the lovely astrophysicist Dr Ralph; they have 2 teenagers and 1 chihuahua.

Denise has a background in Science, and a degree in Graphic Design. She loves creating recycled art - partially because it's environmentally friendly, but mainly because of the inherent fascination in turning something discarded into a work... view »


Janice Marie Phelps

Janice's love of books was first evident when her father picked her up from a secondhand book sale at age 14, where she was waiting at the curb with two full cardboard boxes. She has been involved in the business of publishing for nearly 15 years. Since 1999, she has designed covers or interiors for over 100 books, illustrated four, and has been Production Editor on many titles. One of her favorite projects has been the "Will Turner's Flight Logs" series by British author, Chris Davey. Janice did the ink drawings of... view »


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