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Amy Rawson

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Born in North Dakota and raised in Illinois and Iowa, artist Amy L. Rawson still talks like a midwesterner even though she's lived on the east coast since 2000. She's spent most of her life going in five different directions at once, earning a Bachelor of Music degree only to plunge into the visual arts after college. She hasn't yet decided if she's a painter, a sculptor, or a seamstress, so in the meantime she's all three at once. She currently works as a freelance artist, following wherever inspiration leads her. In her free time you might find her puttering about in her garden at her home in Danbury, CT, or out hiking in the mountains with her husband, who is a wildlife/nature photographer. On BookCrossing, she's known as DraigAthar, so feel free to say hello if you happen to bump into her!

She painted "BookCrossing in Times Square" specifically for BookCrossing.com to use as a one of their limited edition labels, and has a few comments about the work, itself:

"When trying to come up with an idea for a painting for BookCrossing, I thought a great deal about what BookCrossing actually is. I realized that it's as much about the people as it is about the books. I once read an article that suggested that if you were stand in Times Square in Manhattan for long enough, you'd eventually bump into every person you'd ever known, because just about everybody visits Times Square at least once in their life. Anyone who has ever visited Times Square can certainly attest to the fact that it's always packed with people, coming and going. It seemed to me that this would make Times Square the 'Ultimate Crossing Zone', which became the inspiration for this painting."

BookCrossing In Times Square
16x20 Oil on Canvas

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